Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


11. Anxiety

Tired, and breathless, we head inside for the interview questions, made by fans.

"So Louis,and Harry." The interviewer asks. "This  wants to know if you and Harry are in a relationship." I gulp, we're not even a minute in, and were allready getting that questioned.

"Well." I begin. "We get that asked quite often, genuinely I'll answer "

"But if he gets tired sometimes ill take the lead." Harry chimes in.

"So next question yeah?" I ask.

"But you didn't answ-" Liam cuts him off.

"Where on a tight schedule Jake, we can only answer so many." Jake sighs, and puts the slip a paper down, grabbing for another one.

"Niall, this one's for you." He clears his throat. "How does it feel to be the only one in One Direction to play an instrument?"

"Well we all 'play' one, whether it's staged or not is a different story. I enjoy it tho, something that I love to do. And with my song This Town, it really worked out well, but genuinely most of the time our band plays the music whist we do the singing." Niall finishes and smiles. 

"And how is your album going?" He asks looking at me, I assume the fan questions are over...

"Good, I guess, I'm in the works of song number two, I would assume you heard 'Just Hold On' yeah?" Jake nods.

"Brilliant work my laddy." His Irish accent getting even thicker. Harry moving uncomfortably in his seat, I look over at him and he just looks jealous. All over his face him calling me Larry must've done it, or maybe him begging ignored. 

"Wait when is Dunkirk being released?" I ask.

"Ah..yes..How was your first real acting job?" Jake says half-heartedly and not caring much.

"Fun!" Harry smiles. "Though I did get Pissed quite often... I threw breadsticks at people, but when Liam was visiting, he put an end to that breadstick business." 

"You could've hurt somebody!" 

"They are damn breadsticks Payno, be glad they weren't rocks."

"True, but still." Liam says crossing his arm, and focusing back on Jake.

"SO! Zayn,  we heard a newest song,  the collaboration with Miss. Swift, uhm, do you have any idea when album 2 will be out?"

"No, not YET. I've been busy with my modelling and my artistic sh-" 

"Dont swear on T.V. Zayn." Liam's voice says, taking over the speakers. Zayn rolls his eyes.

"We've got a Bradford bad boy going on here!"  I snicker.

"Shut up Tomlinson." Zayn laughs. "I haven't said that since our second album."

"Oh sure."


Back on the bus, I lay on my bed, scrolling though Twitter, seeing hate being thrown at me, mostly about my mum...which hurts a ton...but there are a lot of supporters which I appreciate.

"Hey baby, the lads and I are going to the pub, care to join?" Harry asks me.

"No thanks Haz, I'm really tired."

"Alright boo, see you in the morning." He picks my lips and walks out of the bus, leaving me in heavy silence. I don't really wanna continue looking at hate, but my eyes keeping on looking and my finger keeps on scrolling. Each one is hurting me more and more, but the support rises me back up. 

                      Run for your life, my love


The radio plays in the background.

"No I am strong enough." I say tho the radio, shaking my head. "What the hell, why am I talking to it."

I get up and turn the radio louder, singing along to ' The Fray' as I do, I make myself some food, while after settling on the couch to watch a film. With Christmas in 5 days

 (2 days before our Christmas hiatus, which stops after New year's day) 

I decide to watch the classic, funny comedy- 'Elf' I remember watching this with Harry last year, on a date, before he asked me out on New year's...ITS ALMOST OUR ANNIVERSARY..AND MY BIRTHDAY..I'm turning 25....shit I'm old.

I state at the clock, wondering when Harry was gonna be back. It's almost one AM

(time goes fast when your 're telling some shit)

He's still not back. I'll try to sleep, but I doubt that I will actually fall asleep. I crawl into my bunk and I face the little hall, waiting to hear the door open. I keep on 're fluffing my pillow to get more comfortable- but it's not working at all.

                  'Everybodys got their demons'

I hear, quietly, from the 5SOS's true...

"What if Harry is cheating on you?" My inward demons growl in my head, so loudly that in echoes in my head until it no longer can be heard.

"Where are you?" I say to myself, getting impatient- annoyed and very tired..I'm like a girl on her period..ugh. " Harryyyyyyyyy...." I hear the door creak open, then it being slammed closed.


"'s me." I hear Zayn's voice as he comes into view.

"Have you seen him?" I ask nervously.

"No..." Zayn begins "I haven't..sorry Lou..."

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