Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


8. Another band


We walk into 5SOS's tour bus, and I see two younger girls conversing with Calum and Michael.

''Guys, uhm just saying were leaving now, i dont know if your coming on our bus or not..'' Michael responds, taking his eyes off of this one girl.

"Were gonna take ours, I'd be to crowded with all of us." I simply nod and grab Louis's wrist and, we walk to our bus.

Michael's POV

Brooke, who has long brown hair with red tips and cute dimples laughs at Cal's sex joke, whilest Alayna, a girl with light freckles, long brown flowy hair and the most beautiful eye colour, stares at her with annoyed written all over her face.

"Can you please shut up, your distracting me from my game..." Alayna says, putting her phone down in which i see is call of duty.

"No, and besides who the hell plays COD on their phone?"

"I do.." Alayna and I say in sync, causing her to blush a soft shade of pink. It doesn't take very long to arrive at the first studio where the One direction lads, plus Zayn, are being interviewed. Alayna, Ash, Calum,Brooke, Luke, and I walk backstage, getting read to watch.

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