Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


7. All the good times, all the bad times

It's morning now, and since we gotta hit the road by 10 so we get to the place by 4pm, i have to go wake Haz up, oh god this will be hard. I put on my jumper no hide what i did last night, and i slowly work my way up the stairs. The bedroom that we shared was a cream coloured theme. The ceiling was slanted with two crystal chandeliers hanging down, on each side of the head of the bed. The headboard was padded with diamond shapes, with small-mirrored drawers at the bottom. The walls were painted grey, with brown brick accents. The room had a cosy feeling, of warmth perhaps, with sunlight casting ghostly shadows on the furniture. The room was silent, except for the soft steady breathing of Harry, who was wrapped up in blankets, just barely covering his head.

"Harry." I say opening the door. Nothing. "Harry?" I say again a bit louder. "Harry!" I yell, with him, still not waking up.

"LIAM ZAYN NIALL IF YOUR STILL HERE I NEED YOU!" I yell down the stairs after i shut the door, with all of them running up to me worried.

"Ni, when did you get here?"

"What do you not want me here, hah, and like last night, my mum was out so i didn't want to be home alone, and Whatcha need?"

"To wake Harold up." They boys smirk and Niall pulls out his guitar that was lying in the closet that we were standing next to.

Its time to get up, in the morning in the morning. In the morning, Got McDonalds breakfast for you. Just for you. Alternatively, any other brand... we drove 2 miles just to get it. Therefore, you better get up and eat it. Do not want to be a selfish lazy (crazy) boy... (Harry)

The boys begin to jump on MY bed, on MY Harry, but it is funny.

Therefore, we must get up! (Get) Time to get up! Its time to get up! Its time to get up. ITS. TIME. TO. GET. UP. Its time to get up! (Time to get up) IT IS TIME TO GET UP! IT IS TIME! Its time to get up- Its time too... SHH! Get up. Its time. Doobie doo awake (get) UPPPP...

Harry then responds "Its time to get up"

"Yay!" Niall laughs. Harry pulls me down on top of him.

"Lads could you please leave for a sec?" They nod and walk out, Harry still having a tight grip on my waist.

"What's happened last night, I know you were crying so don't lie to me." The knot in my stomach comes back and it twists and turns, letting nothing but air out of my lungs. "Boo, you can tell me."

"It's my mum," I say with a crack in my voice.

"What about Johanna? Hun is she okay?" Harry asks me worriedly.

"No. She died Wednesday night." My face falls into his chest, tears falling, and my body heaving up and down shakily.

"Oh my god Louis so sorry." He engulfs me in a hug tightly, rubbing circles on the small of my back. "I am so, so sorry babe."

Harrys POV

I pull Louis closer to my chest, and I feel his cold tears hit my de-clothed chest. I run my fingers through his unbrushed hair and I kiss his back of his head, trying my best to calm him down. "Shhh, its okay, im here, Harry's here, and he will never leave you." Louis chuckles.

"Why are you talkin in third person?"

"I really don't know, I thought it be more, like, I don't know how to put it."

"I don't either, so I can't help you." Louis looks up at me and sniffles, but cracks a smile, with yet another, small tear running down the left of his cheek. I wipe it away with my thumb, and press my lips against his, he has no clue how badly I want to say I love you, but I just do not think he's ready. I move him next to me and I pull him into my body.

"Harry, we have to go to the bus..." Louis mumbles. 

"Stay" I ask, grabbing his hand and sliding it into my much larger hand.

"Fine, but we have to be up by 9 and leave by 10? You didn't even shower yet."

"Ugh do I have to shower."

"Yeah we have that interview today on the One Direction reunion."

I smile, knowing the band is gonna be back together for a good year, we decided to do e reunion tour, which would also involve Zayn, and the band 5 Seconds of Summer to opens us, which is easy, since were good friends and they can easily share the tour bus with us. 

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