Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.



***Your POV

I stared at him hopefully as I asked him to help me find my mother and he stared back at me. But he looked unconvinced over my plea and his scarlet effortlessly cruel gaze bore into mine.

"I'll find her with my own reason." He replied and looked to another direction. What he said made me felt a little downheart so I looked down planning to allow my tears, but before I could cry he spoke again. "However, I will also be needing help in this mysterious world. And you can do that, so I'll give you a credit for that." He seemed to be hard on saying the word help after saying the whole sentence that I think I saw a hint on his face that he didn't want to say either.

He was pretty weird for a man who just got hit by a car earlier. And astonishingly speaking, he heals so quick and rather independently having his scratches closed for an entire night.

But when I accidentally saw him blended with the people observing and I was actually behind and seeing his outfit and wand, I remember the people who came here and took mother away from me. And that was a hint that he might've known something from those abductors.

And from what he said, hope filled my eyes. "Thank you! I really, really, really appreciate it!" I said in delight.

He looked at me with a bit weird face. "You're such a brat aren't you?" He said.

"I'm not." I protested as I placed my hands on my waist as I observe him on his position. "You need a change of clothes rather than a dirty weird silk that you are wearing last night." I suggested as I cringe on emphasizing the word silk which I am not even sure if it was. Now, he was actually topless revealing his bare body that had made me feel uncomfortable ever since he sat down and let his blanket slid down till his waist.

"Now that I've noticed that this world really is uncommon to us in the way of dressing." He said thinking deeply as he placed his hand on his chin which made him look like a charismatic and intelligent man.

The way his eyes looks bored are pretty attractive and his slight grumpiness and irate appearance gives him the mysterious impression. He fits the life of a boring businessman.

Quickly I went to the closet at the left corner of the room and opened it. I slightly ducked over to check on the hanging men clothes that have been stored in there for a long time now since this room was actually an extra. Its not a guest room either since its far from the hall and the guest might get lost and fail to find the exit. This room wasn't that big and not small at the same tome. It was painted grey and black colors that matched the dull design of the room, it had not been used since the house was probably built twelve years ago. And since I decided to put him here, I got it all dusted. But the obvious scent of the old woods and dust remained allowing anyone who enters, have knowledge that the place wasn't really used at all. And why did I chose this room for him? Probably because I don't want him escaping easily if he won't accept my deal or if he try to run.

Since I think he's not the kind of person who has a colorful life. I desided to pick up a black shirt and jeans. As I searched the closet more, I suddenly remember that when he came here he's not having anything else. That made  me  blush after thinking that surely, he doesn't have any underwear at all. So I pulled a drawer below the closet and took a folded underwear.

"By the way, what's your name?" I asked as I walked towards him carrying the clothes I picked out from the closet.

"Judar." He replied.

"Where are you from?"

"Al Thamen."

"What's that?"

"A powerful thing that destroyed the world of Solomon." He looked unconvinced. "Well, not entirely destroyed. But it managed to kill everyone."

I nodded interestedly as I sat on the side of his bed and lie the clothes on the bed beside me. "Why do you have a wand?" I asked.

"Because I'm a magi." He replied, showing a load of pride and proud aura in him.

"What's a magi?"

"We are a creation made most powerful than any magicians alive. My job is to choose a king by helping them conquer a dungeon." He explained.

I picked up the shirt first and helped him wear in his body. "So, what exactly is a dungeon?" I asked as I pulled the shirt down to his tummy.

"A dungeon is a high tower that possesses a dangerous quest that was made by the djinn and once we reach the treasure room, we are given the privilege to conquer it and the djinn will be a part of my king candidate and will become his power." He explained.

"Your world is complicated." I sighed.

"Speak the world who have a lot of weird things in it." He replied back rolling his eyes.

I giggled over the fact that we see each worlds differently. "Well we are just humans here so we use our knowledge and skills to build a developed industry. High buildings, technology, machineries and artificial foods. This place is also noisy." I said.

"That is true." He replied.

"Now wear these pants." I picked up the pants and wave it in front of him. "Oh yeah, before wearing the pants, you must wear an... Umm underwear." I took the brief in my other hand and rose it in front of him.

He took it and stood up while I looked back at him to avoid being perverted. "So... What's a djinn?" I asked.

I could hear that he's beginning to unwear his weird looking pants.

"A djinn is a creature made to grant a wish." He replied.

"Like a genie? Wow, I only read them on books. I wonder what its look like to be in your world. Can you take me there someday?" I asked.

"No." He replied without a second thought. "There may be goi in that place. But you don't belong there." He replied.

I pouted. Man he's seriously serious. "But I just want to see it." I said.

"Once you get there, you'd wish you didn't even ask me to take you." He said. I heard him sighed. "I'm done. You may look." I turned around after he gave me permission but I quickly looked back, face red and embarrassed.

"Close your zipper!" I said.

"What's a zipper?" He asked, a puzzled voice manifested.

"The o-open one i-in your pants." I said, my voice stuttered a little.

"How?" He asked. "You should teach me how to do it so you should do it."

My face gotten more red from what he said. "No, you should do it." I shyly said.

"I don't know how." He said back.

He jumped down and faced me. I squealed to avoid screaming as I covered my face with my hands. "Just pull it up."

"How do I pull it up? I don't even know what a zipper is." He said. "Now you do it, and next time, I'll do it on my own."

I groaned in complain as I finally removed my hands from my face and looked up at him. He was seriously looking at me. Then he suddenly poke me cheeks.

"What are you embarrassed about? Have I did something offensive?" He asked.

"N-no..." I said. "And okay, I'll do it for now. But the second, third and all the times, you do it." I confirmed.

He nodded and still blank about the zipper thing. I knelt down to reach the zipper and shakily held the middle of the pants as I heard him inhaled sharply.

"So that's the zipper." He said a bit uncomfortable.

I nodded and pulled it up as I  victoriously closed it and quickly removed my hand because surely, I touched it. My face turned red again as I sat in the bed in full weight. He sat beside me and the room became awkward.

As the silence took more than  a minute, I glanced at him and it came to me that he has long hair so I took that opportunity to speak. "Y-your hair." I said.

He finally looked back at me and scooped his tied hair. "What about it?" He asked.

"It needs to be cut." I said  taking it from his hand and combed it in my fingers tenderly. "Wow, what a soft hair." I praised.

"I don't want it cut." He demanded.

"But its too long." I said back.

He didn't reply, instead, he stood up and walked towards his wand, picking it up as he whispered something and suddenly, his hair was actually running small until it became a messy dark hair. I stared at him mouth wide open as he run his fingers at the side of his hair.

Wow. He's handsome.

I shrugged over the thought and cleared my throat as I stood up. "Maybe we should head out and eat. Its already breakfast." I said.

He nodded so I lead him the way...

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