Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.


13. Twelve - Confessions

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"Judar!!!" I was almost running while I tried to catch up with him along the way.

He has been walking non stop following another set of rukh and I've been just behind him running. How could his legs be so long and fast?!

"Judar!" I complained by calling his name as he finally stopped and turned towards me.

"What now brat?" He asked uninterested.

I finally caught up with him as I panted holding my knees to support myself. "Can we... Rest?" I hardly said as I gaze up at him.

"We can't." He said. "We're going to lose the pack of them." He said in finality and looked back at me to start walking.

"Then you go on ahead. I'm so tired." I said and finally slumped on the ground and watched him walked away. "I'm going to wait for you here." I said again and pouted.

Judar stopped halfway after I said my final words. He turned back at me and started to approach while I watched him with wonder. "You really look tired, brat." He said making his back face me as he knelt down.

"What are you doing?" I asked bewildered.

I heard him grunts and sighed heavily tilting his head towards me as he pulled both my hands and slung it around his shoulder that surprised me.

"What are you doing?!" I asked surprise.

"I'm going to carry you. Isn't that obvious brat?" He said, holding both my limbs and pulled me up to have a piggy back. And I swear I am blushing hardly that time and a bit uncomfortable with us this si much close.

"I'm not a brat..." I complained digging my face between his shoulder and neck.

"You are a brat." He said back.

"Judar, tell me... What do you think of your home?" I asked softly as I fixed myself behind him.

"My home is the palace, maybe. One quiet place that's been expanding for years and years, conquering, colonizing and engaging in war. So I think my home is all bloody." He admitted as he finally stopped.

"What is it?" I asked.

"The rukh led us to nowhere." He said as he put me down into the grassy ground.

"Wow..." I uttered selflessly as I looked at the place. We were on top of a hill and I could see the city from here. The near sunset was running down slowly behind the buildings.

"Its beautiful isn't it?" He asked as he sat on the grass.

"Y-you know... About... This place." I asked.

"I want to show it to you. To make it up from what I did this morning." He said.

I felt my blush from what he said. I didn't know he could be this thoughtful. "B-but... We're suppose to be following the--"

"My search isn't always the priority, y/n..." He said. "You're more important than that..." He whispered something that made me turned to him.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing." He looked up at me with a smile... I was taken aback by the smile of his. It was something light... So sweet that I can't help but admire him more and more each time. "Sit here." He said grabbing my hand to make me sit beside him.

We were silent for a while as we watched the peaceful view from below us.

"Umm... Judar..." I called.

"Hm?" He asked in response.

"Why do you think I'm a brat?" I asked.

"I just know you are a brat." He said as he patted my head.

I pouted. "Seriously?"

"Yeah. Seriously." He said, hanging his arm on my shoulder that made my head lean on his chest. I could feel my blush burning my face again realizing the distance that we have.

"Y/n..." Called out now.


"Why are you so nice?"

"I don't know that I'm even nice."

"You are so pure. Its killing me to see it."

From what he said, I felt all confused as I looked up at him. "Why?" I asked.

"Because you're totally the opposite of me." He said when he looked down at me making our face closer.

My blush came harder but I didn't have the gutts to look away. "R-really..?"

"You're rukhs are the purest whatever anyone try to do with you. You never grew hate inside of you. I can't help but to feel protective." He said pulling me closer to him that made our nose stick together.

"J-Judar..." I called out nervously.



"Let me take care of you while I'm here." He said.

"H-huh?!" I stuttered surprised from what he said. 
"I don't want anyone, staining your purity. Let me protect you to keep it that way."

I stared at his serious eyes trying not to blink while our contact was this close.

"But... Y-you don't have to... Do that..." I said.

"I will do it... Whether you like it or not. Because you're a brat."

"I'm not a brat!" I complained but soon lost my confidence when reality about our distance came out rushing through me that made me blushes harder. Why is he so close?!

"I already told you to stop blushing too much. You're already adorable." He said, putting one of his hand on my cheek. "You're so warm."

I blinked twice and felt my heart already racing faster and faster. Its almost giving me an uncomfortable feeling and my stomach getting unease.

"Are you scared of me?" He asked.


"Sorry." He said letting his arms loose.

"I'm not!" I said. "Its just that... I'm kind of nervous because... Because--"

"Because what?" He asked.

Oh Judar, don't do this to me!

"Tell me, what?" He asked a bit impatient but he doesn't want to show it.

"Judar... I... I..." I shut my eyes close as I gasp for the final air of bravery and finally let out what I think unexpectedly. "I like you." After saying that, my eyes rounded surprise as I looked away and covered my mouth. My tears started to escape my eyes and I covered my face.

"I'm not scared of you. I'm just afraid that you'll stay away if you would know what I feel." I cried folding my knees up to cover my face with it.


I stared at her in disbelief while she cried. She feels the same way as I do. All this time I thought I would just conceal this to myself. This disobidience, but now that she confessed... I could feel the happiness inside of me.

I hugged her kissing her hair while patting her head. "Don't worry, you don't have to be afraid of that." I whispered.

She turned towards me as she started crying, sobbing hardly as she dug her head on my chest. "I'm scared." She said shakily inbetween her sobs.

I cupped her chin up to make her look up at me. "You're so warm." I said smiling as I ducked to claim her lips.

She slowly closed her eyes touching my cheek with her soft palm. The sweetest taste that I couldn't resist. I wish she would be all mine.

We departed after a while catching our breath. "You should not be afraid. I won't make any step to hurt you." I whispered as I kissed her again.

Now I have totally become disobedient to the queen and my service has totally had a glitch.

I don't want anything anymore but her. I want to give it all up for her love...

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