Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.



I wiped my lips with the napkin as I felt that some sauce from the food sticked up to the side of my mouth. "So, you say that mother can do what you can possibly do?" I asked as one of the maids poured some juice on my glass.


"Yes. Surprisingly, the queen told me she's outstanding and strong." He said as he scooped his spoon into the food and placed it to his mouth.

"Yeah. She has a pretty strong mouth." I said as a matter of factly, reminscing the times when she use to nag me about my teenage rebellious days wherein there are times that I used to sneak out of the house, but weird enough, because she always caught me on action of climbing the high fence of the house.

"That's not what I literally mean." He said. "I mean to say is that, she's powerful." He corrected me.

"Yeah. I get the point. I just happened to remember her motherly actions." I agreed. "Anyway Judar, why did they sent you here?" I asked.

"Haven't I said that I'm here to collect Helena." He replied back.

"Yeah. But why you? I mean." I said back.

"Probably because I'm stronger." He said in confidence. "I can see the slightest trace of rukh that can at least point where she is."

"What's a rukh?" I asked.

"Possibly in this world, a rukh is a spirit of everything."

"Then why would they point where mother is?" I asked back.

"Rukhs are a part of magi. They are the source of our magoi so that we can use infinite magic." He said as he waved his spoon from side to side like a wand.

"That's cool. What do rukh looks like?" I asked.

"Butterfly." After saying that, he drank on his glass of juice and continued his meal.

"If you find her, how will you convince her to come with you?" I asked.

"I don't know." He shrugged his shoulder.

"You came here without any plan at all?" I asked unconvinced.

"What do I do? The queen just ordered me to go that same day when I came. How can I think of something that urgent?" He said back.

"What will she do to mother anyway?"

"She wants her help to pull Al Thamen to the current world."

"What does Al Thamen do?" I asked.

"You don't want to know." He said taking another spoon of food.

"Is that something bad?" I asked.

"Perhaps for others it is but for us its not." He replied.

"Is it really important?"

He leaned the spoon on the plate as he seriously looked at me. "If it weren't, I wouldn't be here wasting my time to search and have challenged king Sinbad into battle. But I'm here searching for her because that's the order I have been given to." He said.

"You're challenging a king?!" I aked surprised. "Why would you challenge a king? Do you want to be a king?"

"I'm a Magi I choose the king. And I challenge Sinbad because he's a strong man." He said and rose his spoon to level it to his face. "You see, I'm the first Magi that lived in this generation. And being a man who has infinite source of power makes my life boring. But with warfare, I pretty enjoyed my life. Until meeting Sinbad. A strong man... Unfortunately, I didn't have time to challenge him."

I gulped after hearing his explanation. Wow. He seemed so strong that I can't imagine what happens to his enemy once they crossed path. But quickly, I shrugged that thought away and drank some juice. "Warfare is scary." I said.

"Perhaps it is. But for me its a little entertainment that happens once in a while. My source of power is a black rukh and that's where I get stronger." He smiled and that smile he showed manifested amusement when he saw that I was scared. So I just looked down and put my attention to the food in front of me.

Imagining a warfare in my mind, I could come up with the ideas that a lot of corpse slumber down the ground with big deep wounds and severe damages to every infrastructures that may have been the cause of bombings and different weapons scattered on the ground with traces of blood.

My knees trembled from thinking how brutal it will look if that would also happen here every now and then. Its cruel...

"A-anyway... When do you want to start searching?" I asked.

"Today." Judar plainly replied while chewing. Then he suddenly stood up and approached me. "Now let's get on to business." He said pulling my hand to follow him outside.

"Wait. We're suppose to be in the car." I said pointing to the black vehicle that parked beside the house.

"We don't need that anymore." He said back showing me his wand.

"Then how are we supposed to get ro town then?" I asked.

"Simple matters, darling." He smirked and suddenly made a folded carpet popped out of nowhere.

I blinked twice in shock with my mouth wide open. Where the hell did that thing came from?!

The carpet suddenly straightened and Judar hopped in while I froze in my common ground. "Come on!" He called out grabbing my hand again that pulled me. But I wasn't prepared from what he did, causing for me to trip in the flying carpet as I landed on his hard chest.

I quickly distanced and bowed. "S-sorry." I apologized as soon as I got back to my senses.

"Its alright." He said and slumbered down on the thing. "I suggest you sit." He told me so I obeyed. "Buckle up!" He shouted amused now and the carpet started to levitate.

I gasped. Looking for something to hold on. But before I could even grab something, the carpet suddenly sped up that I almost slipped and fell. Good thing Judar was able to pull my hand, making me sit right next to him.

"Oh you're hopeless." He said in disappointment as he run his arm around my waist.

I felt my blush. "S-sorry." I mumbled looking down on my knees.

"Oh don't be, darling. Just enjoy the view above and feel how high you are." He said.

For a moment I glanced at him and gave a short nod before looking over the view he mentioned. As the wind gushed up in the way that lifted my hair up and waved like a river but some strands are disobidient enough to scatter or my face so I brushed it off and clip it to the back of my ear making my sight clear and better. As I looked down, I could see the high building's roof and down the street were the innumerable cars and people that moves like little ants and beetles. It was like I am a mere giant!

"Wow." I mumbled selflessly as I flash a sight to everything that's down there.

"Your world is like a city of steel." Judar spoke that made me face him. "Its perhaps beautiful... But its so boring." He made his hold from my waist tighter that caused me to be more close, making me umcomfortable at the moment.

I was kinda struck by his red eyes and the way it looked sheepish on looking down there, but at the same time it attracts me. But actually, he's been handsome for me ever since I met him, and his features that I just noticed now was actually adding up to what makes him a lot more attractive.

He sighed and suddenly gave an unexpected turn to me that made my heart jumped in surprise when our eyes met. It wasn't just that, but our space were also limited. I could tell that it was just two inches far. And that, every time his breath brushes with my skin, I could feel myself cringe and my tummy getting untamed. My heart began to run rapidly when he made the space between us more stiff and I could feel that I couldn't breathe at the moment. And he made it closer again, looking down on my lips and back to my eyes. And now, our nose are sticking together as his lips nearly touching mine. And automatically, I closed my eyes and waited.

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