Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.


11. Ten- Fly

Judar told me that he'll just be watching me somewhere. And I assure you that its not comfortable. It felt like a bit hair raising ever since he said it, I was feeling creepy. It feels like he's really been watching me from somewhere I do not know.

This afternoon, we were finally called for PE and I had no other choice but to go there where hell's waiting. Randy had been glaring at me at the moment and I couldn't bare the eye contact so I used the window as an alibi to look away from him. He's not a good enemy for he's been a bully who wants me to be his girlfriend in a wrong way of courtship. I don't understand why he has to be so mean and I couldn't bare the idea that he likes me but he's not giving the respect.

I sighed and went out of the locker room after I've changed my uniform into a shirt and jogging pants. The choosing had come and I'm sure I'm one left on the loser side. Nerd team to be called by the girls in the other hand, and wimpy jocks in the boys' perspective on how they see us. 

I honestly admit that we're the weakest team in class but it's also true that we're nerds and we're actually achievers at the same time. So, we have prepared for the game and the other team has it. My classmate, Erika who stood across me was already trembling. The game had left her a good bad memories, started when she had her nose bleeding when the ball hit her face and I feel sorry for her. The way I tried to doge was actually safe from hitting the face, I'd look back and somehow, my shoulder would always be the one getting shot but it would leave me bruises and sometimes, I get more that five scratches from my knee, elbows and hands.

The game had started and the other team threw the ball that hit Jenny in the first shot. She screamed shortly  as the ball hit her belly that made her sat, hitting the floor with a thud. We went towards her to make sure that she's okay before our male teammate grabbed the ball on his right hand and we all went back to our positions. He threw the ball towards the other player and it hit the girl's knee. I could hardly notice that she didn't even feel pain on the ball since my teammate threw it lightly... since he's a weak nerd like anyone of us here.

"I'm scared Y/n." Jenny told me shakily.

I looked at the person who picked the ball up. It was Randy, still glaring at me as he postured and pointed the ball on the girl beside me. My heart raced. When it comes to throwing the ball, Randy was a cruel one. He's the one who make a lot of us throw up in the clinic beds for fractured bones and such. It's all the same thing. No PE day that one of us didn't run banging a clinic door.

I faced Jenny and smiled. "You'll be fine, Jenny. I promise." I softly said as I turned towards Randy again. He was ready to throw the ball and he finally released it. I watched as the ball dashed towards Jenny as I ran to block her with myself. I shut my eyes close and waited for the pain to hit my head.

"Such a brat you are." The same voice surprised me that made me open my eyes and just to see a hand in front of me who caught the red ball. I followed the hand until my eyes met his red bored orbs staring at me.

"W-what are you doing here?!" I asked surprised as I noticed how the class paused and looked at him with wonder.

"I'm your classmate silly." He grinned and winked at me before  holding the ball tightly as he postured himself throwing a ball to made a rebut to Randy.

"How?!" I asked again.

"How?" He chuckled. "I'm a magi remember?" He said throwing the ball as I heard the gush of wind passed me and the ball dashed towards the other team, straight to where randy had stood. Surprisingly, he was hit by the chest as the ball bounced somewhere and hit another person and both fell on the floor.

My jaw dropped open from the event. "You... you just hit two people." I said in disbelief.

"I believe that it's better to hit two birds in one stone." he said.

"That's unfair losers!" Randy exclaimed in rage as he went toward's our direction. "You're not a part of the class!"

"I am." Judar plainly said as he tilted his head towards the PE teacher. We looked at the teacher and he nodded as he waved his hand to tell that Randy should get out and continue the game.

Unwillingly, Randy left and left us a glare.

"I told you I am." Judar said in finality as the game continued.

Almost all the shots are solid when it comes to Judar that it scared the life out of the ladies and the backed out. We won and for the first time in our team, we were able to  win and make a rebut from all the hits we had the passed PE days. Like prisons in freedom, we rejoiced and I jumped in joy as I hugged him happily.

"Such a brat you are--" 

He wasn't able to finish his little remark when the team have approached him and gave a tap on his back. "You rock dude!"

"What's your name? You a transferee?"

"You're so cool!"


All regards were positive and I think it made Judar overwhelmed and flattered that it made me laugh as I watched him.

"You're Y/n's boyfriend right? I saw how you protected her from Randy at the canteen earlier!" Jenny blurted that the class had begun the teasing. Making me blush as I looked down. I can't give any argument because of my embarrassment that I almost hid behind Judar to hide my face to my classmates.

For some reason, I liked it when they say that we're couples. And at the same time confusing because I don't understand why I should feel that way.

Judar patted me on the head that made me looked up at him. "You should really practice how to protect yourself. You little wimpy brat."

"Hey! You're so mean!" I said back as I lightly punched his arm.

"You really are a wimpy brat." He laughed and pinched my cheek. "Don't blush too much, you're already adorable." He seriously said that made me wonder if he's teasing me or not.

But one thing is sure, I blushed harder because of the compliment. "Stop teasing me!" I complained.

"Such a brat you are."

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