Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.



†*† forgive my brain, its not helping me to get a good theme. But I'm trying my best though>^×^<


Y/n banged into my door this morning. She was a bit in a hurry that I wondered if there's something bad that had occurred.

"Yes!" She replied without a second thought.

"What?" I asked to have further information.

"I'm going to be toast!" She complained stressed as she scratched her hair.


"Today is that subject again..."

"What subject?"

"Dodge ball..."

"What is that?"

"Well." She sighed. "Its a sports activity we do every Wednesdays and I swear its the worst activity of all. It will surely bring me good scratches after this day."

I stared at her with a little misunderstanding. I didn't kno what she's trying to say since I dont even know what dodge ball is.

"By the way, I came here to say that I can't come searching with you today." She announced.

"Why not?" I frowned puzzled.

"Because I have to get back to reality. I still have to go to school and face the day of stress."

"Why do you have to face it then?"

"Because its my way to make a good future. Every human is."


"Because education is the bridge for dreams of nations!" She said like I was a child who was being taught about preaches.

"I'll come then." I said in conclusion from all the whys that I asked.

It made her stop and observed me wondering. "Judar... That's a good idea. I need you today!" She said and ran towards the closet and searched over the hung clothes again and soon pulled up another clothes going back towards me. "This is the school uniform. For them not to notice that you're an outcast, you have to wear it." She said waving me the new set of clothes again.

I sighed and picked it up as I stripped naked in front of her. I'm used of showcasing my body anyway. Its never been awkward in my side that I have to remove my clothes since I know that I am semi named in the first place back when I was in the other world. It was normal.

But it seems to me that its not that normal here. "Judar, we're not in a nude beach! You should've let me get out first so I could give privacy!" Y/n yelled embarrassed as she covered her eyes with her hands.

"Conservative." I said sarcastically as I rolled my eyes.

"Don't give me that!" She complained.

I scoffed and made a smirk. I kept myself naked as I approached her. "Y/n, you're being naive. It won't kill me even if you see me naked." I said.

"That's not the point, Judar. We don't walk around stark naked in public! You will lose a face!"

"Really. I think I was to try it right now." I said emphasizing 'now' as I stomped towards the door to let her hear that I was planning to get out. I touched the knob and nearly opened the door when I heard another steps running towards me until Y/n pushed the door close and pressed her body into me.

"Just don't. I don't want you walking around being laughed at. What are you? Kyle XY? Walking naked around city?" She scolded. "And nudity isn't displayed that way. There's a right time and place if you do that in public."

I stared at her. Her eyes shined with determination and plea. What's with her? I'm only joking around... She was grasping my arms and her body remained close to me that made me feel her warmth.

"Okay, I'm wrong." I said defeatedly as I wrapped my arms around her that made her grasp let go.

"H-hey." She said, her face turning red. "Judar, what are you doing?!"

"You're so close. I just couldn't help it." I ducked closer and whispered huskily in her ear. I'm trying to teas her. As my mental state was laughing hardly, while my physical was acting solemn.

She tried pushing me with her hand on my chest while I held tighter. "This isn't funny. Let go!" She yelled, trying her best for me to lay off.

"Just this one." I whispered seductively.

Soon she frowned and I felt a sting appeared in my left cheek as I unbelievably stared at the girl who slapped me. My hold loosen and that gave her opportunity to distance away.

"Jerk." She coldly addressed and left me in the room.

Now I felt guilty all the sudden. I didn't thought she would take that seriously-- in other matters, since I thought she would bite the bait.

I stared at the door that she shut closed. And then her eyes and tone of voice dashed back to my memories like a record. The way she glared at me accusing and her cold voice that pictured anger, it felt... Sad.

Quickly I slid on the clothes she had required me to wear earlier as I ran going outside the mansion but only found the servants busily doing their own chores. Soon I got tired of searching and just asked where Y/n is.

"Oh, the mistress had gone off to school a couple of minutes ago." The lady who was watering the plants said.

I thanked her after that I pulled my wand out and summon the magic carpet as I jumped and it appeared below me as I flew up to search her. I looked around but failed to see her on the roads.

Giving up on my search, I glided back to a mountain and planned to return to the mansion to apologize to her there. However, although the glass was a little tinted, I saw y/n riding in a transportation material. The thing she pointed out for us to use but I insisted and we rode on the carpet instead.

I followed that thing and watched her face leaning on the glass and watching the outside view. And as I watched the face, I felt more guilt from how I made her so upset. I really should make it up to her since we're helping each other out.

And somehow, her rukhs never failed to amaze me. Its still pure and clean. Even though she's that upset to me, she's still not angered by what I did.

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