Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.




The flash of light had been my company for almost a long time now. It was blinding and all I could do to cope with it, is to close my eyes, but still my skin was suffering the strange feeling that it was burning.

Of course it hurts.

Its like a palm rubbing each other nonstop. That's the sensation that spreads through my skin that I cannot help but to bear with it while I'm making my way to the far side of the outer world. I heve been transported here by the help of the Empress and her priests. I do not know what incantation and sketches they made while I stood, but when Gyokuen had finally said the word 'go' that was when the strange light devoured my being.

I was also warned by the blinding light, but wasn't informed about the pain it would inflict. It felt like I was turning into a crisp, roasted in the fire of Amon's flames.

Wait... What did I say?

I shook my head over the thought of my journey. How did I even came up with an idea that a djinn was doing that to a magi? A stupid thought, I say.

Suddenly, the blinding light disappeared. So does the pain I had been trying to be patient with. But the atmosphere subbed into something else, noisy... Yes. Its so noisy.

I slowly opened my eyes. Clenching the wand I hold in my left hand as finally, the reality of this world had slapped me to make an impression.

This world is messy.

I can see people everywhere. The industry had gotten enourmous and there are some strange magic mirrors attached to high buildings. I could hear roars from The hordes of strange transportations running in synchronise with four wheels with them and inside were humans that must be manipulating that strange gigantic things.

As my eyes filled me with information further, I could see goi walking in the sides of the area, seemingly that they were giving no concern about the strange transportation. These goi simply walks in this side and trying to avoid leaving the boundaries.

Now I moved and join the crowd who walks. Trying to blend with humans, but I guess my action had taken further attention. Or perhaps it wasn't me and was the clothes I am wearing as of now. So again I stepped aside and observed the people around me. Even women wore pants, but no man wore dresses I ought to notice.

After further observance, I used my wand to change my appearance. However, my attempt fail when I heard a girl spoke.

"Mister, you alright?" She asked as she stared at me.

"Should I not be?" I rudely remarked at her.

"This night was so cold. It gets chiller every now and then since the year had changed. Don't you feel cold?" She asked with concern and didn't even pay attention to what I have said earlier. Tss. Goi are such weaklings.

"I can manage. This is my body, lady." I replied meanly at her.

She stood quiet for a moment. Thinking of something that I have no intention of caring at all. I started walking away from her, using her thinking as an opportunity to leave unnoticed. While making my way or anywhere far from her, I heard her shouting behind me.

"Mister! That's the road. You shouldn't be crossing, that's illega--"

I felt the shocking bump hit my body and like a lifeless doll, I realized that my body was rolling over the hard ground. Then it stopped, finally. It almost like I'm totally numb. I can't move a muscle nor can I feel a bone in me. Its all a wrecked pain. A pain that I felt when I fought that brat's djinn. Aladdin's djinn.

"Oh no! Oh God! What should I do, what should I do?!" The girl panicked beside me as she sat and frustratedly looked around her. "Ambulance. Right. Ambulance!" She said over her confusing ideas. Taking out something from her pocket. A black square shaped stone? Or a void?

She quickly clicked it with he fingers and then placed it to her ear. "Oh God! Help me, someone got bumped by a car!" She says. I noticed that there are people beginning to surround me. Why? "Oh please. He got hit and run. Please come here as soon as possible." Now the girl ended putting the square shaped void aside and worriedly faced me.

I felt my throat rose and I started coughing.

"Oh shit, hold on mister. The ambulance is coming. Just stay with me... Don't stop breathing." She said.

Urgh. What is this girl talking about? And I'm sorry about your request lady... It feels like my body doesn't want to breath anymore... And my eyes are turning heavy. I think I cannot hold much longer. I feel like the darkness wants me to be with it for a while.

"Mister! Mister!" Like a voice going farther and farther, her voice faded like an echo in the mountains and the futile call was like a lullaby that put me into an eternal rest...

I woke up.

Still my eyes were closed and my mind was trying to find my senses. I feel weak and useless for the moment and this thing had never happened for ages. When this happened to me, I actually heal quickly with the help of the ruks.

Unfortunately, I realized that this was a world created specially for goi and not for both non and magical. So it would mean that the number of ruks would be limited.

Now, slowly I tried to open my eyes as a blurred silhouette sat beside me. I blinks twice now to clear my sight until the image cleared. It was the girl I met yesterday. Her eyes was showing anticipation as she watched me stare at her.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked. My voice unexpectedly croak when I asked her that.

She quickly stood up and went into a table, taking out a glass of water when I suddenly realized that I was actually thirsty. She sprinted back to where I laid and helped me sit up, scooping me from the back of my neck and the other hand supporting me from the belly as she raise me up. I never really felt this useless. When I finally get the chance to sit, she picked up the glass of water again and placed it to my lips. I took a sip, or more specifically, I drank it thirstily until I finished its content.

"How do you feel?" She asked.

"How should I feel?" I asked back.

Now she poured childishly while she support me from sitting. "Why are you so mean?!" She asked in whining tone.

I rolled my eyes over her complain and toured my eyes around the area. I'm in a wide room painted with grey and black. "Where am I?" I finally get to ask.

"I ask dad to take you here in the house since you seem to be out of mind when I talk to you." She said with a little doubt in her tone. "So, while you're no feeling better, I'd be happy to keep you company."

"Why are you doing this?" I asked.

She paused and thought for a moment before she replies. "Well because... Of that." She said pointing over to a certain direction so I followed her gaze. When I turned to it, the first thing I saw was my wand. "My mom used to hold something like that before she disappeared." Her words rang into my ears.

"Your mother? Helena?" I guessed in order to confirm.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "How did you know?!" She asked.

"I'm looking for her in the queen's name. We need her help." I honestly answered.

And from that moment, she now raised an eye brow. "Queen? What queen?" She asked in disbelief.

"In the other world. To an empire called Kou."

Her face showed a questioning look. "World? Is there such thing as that?" She asked.

I sighed. "Of course you wouldn't believe. Goi here can't understand  anything about us since this place is specially made for the powerless. But dont you have any queen here?" I asked interestedly.

She laughed a little. "We're in a democratic country. There are some place for monarchs but its only few." She replied.

I nodded reluctantly. "That's a helpful information." I said in appreciation. "But you're still not telling me the real reason why you took me here." I seriously said emphasizing the word real.

She inhaled sharply preparing for a reply. "Okay... I'm y/n and when I saw the wand your holding, it came into my mind that you know where my mother is. So please... Help me see her again!" She said in determined voice.

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