Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.


10. Nine- Knight in Ironed Uniform

***your POV

I rose an eyebrow as I looked at Randy who just came in the school canteen. His nose was aided and he looked angry. He doesn't have his friends with him as he joined the other jocks who was his team mate in a varsity of basketball.

"Beat up by one man aren't we?" The team captain laughed and the other members joined him. In the other hand, Randy ducked his head and seemed to be embarrassed.

"I heard three of you got injured..." The captain continued. "Who's this guy that beat you up?"

I listened them chat as I pretended to be listening to a song in my earphones and was disguising myself that I am reading a book. I am just behind them and I could actually hear all gossips they talk about. But I didn't really mean to sit here, its just that this is the only table available.

"He's a new face." Randy replied. He was my classmate physical education. And unfortunately, he's the reason why I have to suffer in that game. He always told me that if I become his girl, I won't get to have myself hurt.

But I still feel sorry for him because he's hurt. But for some reason I just wish he would change after his karma.

I still felt bad about Judar though. I didn't know he could be as tempting as that. And its too embarrassing to have him naked and so close. I just wish he didn't do that because he scared me. But in the other hand, I want to apologize for calling him a jerk. I hope he won't get offended from what I've said if ever he understood what it means.

I finally stood up and started to walk away when I heard Randy's loud voice called my name. "Y/n!" It was so loud that the canteen silenced and it made me stop and looked at him. He was looking at me in a very not nice way. And it made me uncomfortable as I gulped and composed myself not to get scared of that face of his.

"Randy." I said in recognition as I looked at the other direction to avoid eye contact.

The whole varsity was looking at my behavior that caused me to be even more uncomfortable. "So... You feeling okay?" I said casually as I glanced at him quickly.

"Awww! Dude she's concerned!!!" The captain teased as he elbowed him and laughed soon after.

"Come on missy! Give our little Randy some kiss!" The teasing continued.

"Well, I'm fine y/n. Don't you worry." Randy smirked now and stood to approached me, but I quickly stepped back that made him stop.

"Uh... I... I still have some reviews to make. See yah." I reasoned out and I now I was never a good liar.

"So, you're reasoning out now?" I heard him said before I turned back and was about to walk away but a hand grabbed me by the arm and who did that was no other than Randy himself. 
The grip was painful and certainly unfriendly. "Randy, it hurts!" I complained.

"You must be laughing at me right now. Huh?!" He asked me furiously.

"Hey, calm down bro!" A friend of his tried to say.

"You think I'm such a wimp now?!"

"I don't!" I protested.

"Who would believe a bitch!" He pushed me all the sudden that it made me sat on the wall and I accidentally hit the table with my shoulder.

"I'm not." I felt my shaky voice and realized that I was crying. My heart was feeling seized and I could feel shame about the people around me. Its simply unbearable.

"Acting so vulnerable now, y/n?!" He went near angrily and grabbed me by the arm to stand up and I was helplessly following wherever his hand would pull me.

"Randy, she's just a girl. Stop it." His comrade had tried to remind but he was blinded with fury.

"Let go already." I cried as I somehow tried to struggle.

"You heard her, didn't you?" One familiar voice spoke behind me.

Randy seemed struck over from what he saw, making his grip turned loose that freed me in no time. So I used it to wipe my tears and turned towards Judar's direction.

He was looking at me seriously but with him around, I felt safe now. "Such a brat you are." There he goes with his taunt again as he walked towards us.

"Who the hell are you?" Randy seemed uneased by Judar's presence that made me and his friends wonder.

"Nobody." Judar replied less actively as his bored eyes stared at him. "But I'll be your worst nightmare if you keep hurting this little brat here." He said in warning as he finally reached me and pulled me behind him.

"What are you now? Prince charming in a badass appearance?!" Randy mocked.

"I'm no prince. Maybe you're the princess here. Must I be a gentleman for you?" Judar said back with the same tone.

Randy's face contorted furiously as he pounces Judar that made his back bumped into me and firstly hit my nose.

"Oh, sorry." Judar apologized to me uninterestedly-- as always.

Then he turned the favor back to Randy as he kicked him from his stomach and he... Unbelievably... And surprisingly, sprung away like a soccer ball.

The whole cafeteria gasped and dropped their jaws in amazement. "You still want to go against an importand soldier?" Judar asked with a hint of something proud in his tone and his posture was boastful at the same time. How could he be anyone?

I help him by the arm as I looked at him pleading for him to stopped. I was done crying and that's all I know so what Randy did doesn't matter anymore. Judar stared at me for a while before he sighed and turned back to looked at Randy again. "I think its unforgivable." He said out if the blue.

"Judar..." I called his name in complain.

"Listen. You maybe a nice person, but I'm not." He said.

"Please just don't. I don't want anyone get hurt because of me."

"Then blame yourself not."

"Judar just stop. I'd blame myself on what'll happen if you keep your head hard."

"Why are you so nice?" He asked with his face a bit disgusted.

"Because I don't want to hurt anyone."

He sighed defeatedly as he began to walk away. Hands on his pocket and his hair messed around his head as if he was just awakened. I turned back apologetically at Randy before I followed Judar until we got out of the cafeteria and travelled the corridors until he finally stopped and turned to me. "Where is the exit?" He asked with his expression questionable...

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