Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.



I shut my eyes closed as I waited for him to seal off the kiss. I could already feel his warm lips into mine like a warm air crawling in my skin that tickled me.

But unexpectedly, the carpet waved aggressively that surprised the both of us that made us quickly went back to our senses managing our space better and looking away awkwardly from one another. But his arm still was around my waist to secure me safe from falling.

And after we had separated gazes, I finally get the chance to breathe. I was hardly blushing unknown of what to do since the two of us are alone in a flying carpet and its really awkward. I never even thought I'd get caught up by that... Or should I say, its the first time someone was that close to me and I ended up being stupid of what to do.

Now I mentally panicked and felt more embarrassed. I wanted to say thanks to the carpet for stopping it, but somehow I wanted him to kiss me. But why? I just met him so why would I want it? Because his attractive?

I gasped when that moment flashed into me. It almost felt like I was even hopeful... Why am I desperate?


Damn carpet! Who would have thought that this damn thing will ruin everything?!

I glanced at her over my peripheral vision and saw her blushing hardly. What am I doing? Why am I disappointed that I failed to claim her lips? I'm a Magi! Why would I want a goi? Why would I want her?

For the moment I mentally argued with myself before destroying the awkwardness and putting an end to the mistake that I did earlier.

I looked at her and inhaled deeply. "Hey... I apologize. I know both of us didn't want that." I said with my straight tone.

I saw her eyes manifested shine of pain before smiling back to face me. "Y-yeah. I guess you're... Right." She said trying to avoid my stare.

Now who am I kidding? I actually wanted that. And I think she also did, but I'm not quite sure. She looks innocent so I think she wasn't ready for that either. I glanced at her lips before I moved my eyes away and looked down to watch the pink rukh that surrounded both of us. I tried to shove it away but it just doesn't seem to get off.

"What are these?" She suddenly asked that mad me look. Y/n was looking around and watched the rukh that scattered around.

"A rukh." I answered. "It my source of magoi." I explained to her.

Soon that I get the chance to calm down, the pink rukh began to disappear and the black ones appeared.

"What's a magoi again?" She asked still the amazement in her eyes didn't disappear.

"Power, energy... Something that's stored in our body. Its our life." I tried to explain briefly.

"Then I also have something like this?" She asked and poke the rukh in front of her as she giggled amuse everytime it bounce away.

"I'm surprised that you can see the rukh for magicians are the once gifted enough to see those things anyway." I said.

It seemed surprising that the atmosphere suddenly turned light.

"Mother said its normal for anyone to see it but I never thought what she meant wasn't really the real meaning." She sadly said its that made me looked at her. "I never thought it would cause the difference..." She whispered.

"The difference that took your freedom away. Took what you are away from you." I uttered.

"Exactly... Have you... Experienced that, Judar?" She faced me sadly as I stared back. But the distance now is different. Its farther and comfortable than earlier.

I remained silent for the moment, feeling the anger that corrupted my way of thinking. The rukh turned ominous, making the surrounding darker and darker. "They cannot be contented with one single thing. They didn't care about anything at all..." I grunted angrily not noticing that my hold from her waist turned tighter.

"I'm sorry." She whispered from my ear that made made get back to my she senses and let my hold loose so she could be comfortable.

"What for?" I asked wondering at her word.

"I apologize in behalf of those poeple who caused your rage." Y/n answered.

I looked down sadly, trying to calm myself. "You shouldn't apologize in behalf of those monsters." I uttered.

"But apologies would make you rather feel ease." She said smiling lightly.

The guilt ran down into me as I stared over that little smile. I wouldn't expect to feel that from a girl that was meant to die.

"You don't understand." I sighed looking down over the  high buildings and different structures from below us.

Looking down over the scenery, I felt her hand landed on my shoulder that made me felt that she made a closer gap to me. The uncomfortable wind ran down my spine like a block of ice as she made that. "I would understand the feeling. But I don't understand what happened, Judar. The feeling of pain is like a thorn in a wall of rose that we keep our hands on to move it out, it may be easy, but the thorns it has is account and its roses blooms but still the thorns are in it." She said softly. Her voice rang like a song of a deadly melody into my ears that made me love to hear her say my name.

"And in order to feel ease, sometimes we have to put our hands off and give it a rest before pulling it off again... that's why I'm apologizing in their behalf, because it's the only way for you to let go for a while. You'll need someone to pull you out temporarily before you run back holding those thorny stems again." her voice whispered into me like an echo that repeatedly spoken by yonder. It may be a quiet talk, but the voice streamed down like a shout into my ear and my brain spoke it again and again.

"It's not easy, Y/n... It's not simple when in your lifetime, you've been touching the thorns. And ones giving it a let go, it would hurt more..." I uttered. Her hold to my shoulder tightens. 

"It may not be as easy as that, but you have the time to enjoy..." She said out loud and clear. "Now that they're not around you... at least try to be a happy and free man!" Now she shouted the words into the air.

I don't understand...

"Just shout with me, Judar! It's fun!"

"Y/n, you're being loud." I said with irritation. "And what will I get if I shout?"

"Because I'm afraid of height I want to freeze and grasp tightly, It's really scary and I don't want to look down..." She said. "But I still did because I trust you."

I was taken aback from what she said. I gulped a little not to be obvious as I stared at her eyes.

"Now trust me... just shout at the top of your lungs and it will ease you..."

I held her waist a little tighter. Saving my range in my lungs that had prevented me to speak or reply... I was thinking that this was absurd and so unlike myself.... but her voice 'trust me...' her voice rang into my head as I grunted eagerly to stop thinking... and so I shouted out a long letter: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" at the top of my lungs that had stored all anger that stilled in my heart. The anger that gave me a hard time breathing, and the uncertain feeling that I felt for trusting a human girl. Everything I've got was brought out by the loud voice that doesn't even say a word... an absurd shout that disturbed a flock of birds and destroyed their flying, a shout that I felt stupid and crazy, but a shout that suddenly eased me... 


I panted a little after losing some breath while she giggled and tapped my shoulder. I looked at her and frowned. "Did you make fun of me?" I asked denying the fact the she was right... that shouting would ease me.

"I'm not!" she denied waving her hand and shook her head. "All I said was true! I'm just happy that you trusted me." She admitted blushing as she looked away.

I hissed... but inside I was pleased... "Such a little brat." I uttered annoyed.... even though I was fund of her actions. I looked away from her too hid the little smile that formed into my lips...

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