Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.




I landed the magic carpet down on a crowdless area. The carpet was a feet away on the ground so I assured Y/n that its okay to get down.

And like a kid excited to play on a park, she suddenly stood up careless that the carpet was levitating in the air yet, making her sway from left to right like a drunk man.

I rolled my eyes and quickly caught her from an anticipated fall. I stood behind as her back landed to my chest sealing both her shoulders with my hand to support her stand. "At least try to be careful." I suggested helping her down with me as the carpet automatically disappeared when I have my wand waved with a single rythm upwards.

"Where are we going to look?" She asked turning a face towards my direction.

I looked around, following my feet as I scan the surrounding before facing back to the girl. "We're going to follow every rukh in the count of more than thirty in account or so..." I shrugged my shoulder as I explained our 'easy to say but hard to do' plan.

She nodded attentively at me and looked around too. Her eyes widen as she pointed a pack of rukhs flying together as she suddenly pulled me from my left wrist making me run with her. "There it is!!! Let's follow it!" She informed so late right after she pulled me to tail those white unseen butterflies.

"Slow down!" I said in the other hand. "Those things can't fly that fast so at least relax."

"But I'm excited to see my mother! I don't wanna slow down!" She happily said that was almost a wierd scream to me.

"Listen, it doesn't mean that if we follow that one, we'll see her already. There are a lot of packs here that we have yet to follow." I reminded her.

She simply smiled back at me while we walk that made my expression wonder over that little smile that she gave. "That's why we must hurry. So that we could find her already." She said back nearly walking halfway towards the crowds beside the roadside.

I just sighed and let her drag me while she looked up and follow the first batch of rukh that we spotted. We reached an uncertain structure entering a wide dark gate. It was a public area as observed from the people around it. There were kids playing around different ways, some are family sitting under a tree having chit chats, couples walking around the grass holding each others hand and bystanders alone with different businesses with them.

The place looked like a garden. It was covered with green grass and some tiles lined up to make ways and directions and in the middle of this garden was a lake. There are people boating, fishing up around the area. The trees are also well planted aligned with each other like they are soldiers standing up to guard the empire back in Kou.

"What is this place." I asked Y/n.

"This is a park. People use to come here to bond." She explained but her eyes were still settled above the flying rukhsShe looked serious about this.

"Why would they build a park?" Again I asked.

"To have fun. Enjoy. Have a place to go when they are bored or something." She shrugged her shoulders as she explained.

"Then it would be useless following that pack." I finally said.

She stopped and looked at me with wonder. "Why?" She asked.

I scratched the back of my neck with the hand she's not holding before giving a disappointing answer. "Those rukhs followed happiness. Its destination is in this place only to join with the other ones." I replied. "They do not head to an specific person but they follow a qualified location where they will find no corruption." I explained.

She really pouted disappointed, sighing heavily as her shoulder lowered. "We have a first failure search." She said letting my wrist go.

"You give up so easily brat." I said back grabbing her hand as I pulled her now. Change places, I'll be pulling her next. "We must hurry. So stop slowing down."

"Hey! Are you trying to put me in reverse psychology?!" She complained.

"I do not understand your question. But I think I just did."

"Oh come one Judar! Don't give me that!"

"Give you what?"

"I dont know."

I just chuckled over her complain. "Such a brat you are."

"Why do you always call me brat? I'm not a brat!"

"You are a brat."

I heard her grunted defeatedly behind me, sensing that she must've pouted again. "I'll hate you for this, Judar." She uttered.

"Don't worry, I accept hatred." I replied back.

"Don't take it seriously!" Now she followed with my phase and walked beside me still our hands are entwined with each other.

"I don't." I said.

"But you seemed to be." She protested.

"You're noisy."

"I'm not..."


I wasn't able to speak up when a kid suddenly sprung up from nowhere and blocked our way. He has his clothes ragged and he was obviously dirty. He was staring up at us with his brown eyes and his smile was wide and creepy.

"Shame on you, big brother!" He shouted. Still the grin on his face wasn't erased.

"What?" I raised my eyebrow as I wondered over his little 'taunt' on me.

"I said shame on you, big brother!" He repeated.

"Why?" Now I was surprised from what he said.

"Taking your girlfriend empty handed is not romantic! Shame on you!" He said.

"Huh?" Both me and y/n wondered in unison.

"Oh oh. Don't worry beautiful big sister. I will save big brother for you." He rose his fist beside his shoulder level. "Wait here!" Then the boy started running somewhere.

"Girlfriend? He thinks we're friends?" I asked as I looked at y/n who was blushing.

"Uhh..." She uttered and sounded nervously.


I looked at the boy's direction when I sensed him coming. He was dashing towards us holding something from his little hands. One that I recognize was a blue flower bundled with a red silk knotted as ribbon. And in the other hand was a red heart shaped.... What is that?

When the boy had reached us, he was panting hardly that he held on to his knees to catch his breath. We waited until he finally have his breathing back. "There you go, big brother. A flower that had bloomed two days ago, and a balloon I just pumped this early morning!" He proudly waved the items he mantioned in his hands.

"And... What am I supposed to do with that?" I asked.

His smile disappeared now. He shook his head in dismay as he clicked his tongue disappointedly. "Tsktsktsk... Big brother... Shame on you... Really." He said

"What did I do now?"

"Big brother... You are suppose to buy these!!! It will make big sister happy!" He said like I was the stupid one here.

"Why would I want to make her happy?" I asked.

"Its natural! She. Is. Your... Girlfriend!!!" He said deprately.

"Girlfriend?" I don't really understand what the boy was trying to say. I just looked at him questionably as he made a distressed face.

But after His distress face disappeared, he suddenly became shocked. "Don't tell me... You're still courting big sister?!" He exclaimed. His beaming smile came back to his face and looked at me creepily. "You're such a naughty big brother." He said.

"What are you talking about?" I understand about the courting but I don't understand why I became naughty.

"You're already holding big sister's hand even if you two aren't couples." He said smartly that made me looked at our hands entwined together still.

"Oh this?" I plainly said raising it between our shoulder. "I'm holding her hand so she won't disappear in my sight." I explained.

"J-Judar..." Y/n stuttered shyly.

The boy who was listening suddenly laughed. "Oh big brother... You really are a naughty one. And since I liked you so much, here. Give it to big sister and you'll make her happy!" He said handing me the flower and balloon.

"Umm... Thank you for these?" I said unsure.

The boy pulled me with him, making me duck down until I reached the level of his head. "Big brother... Shame on you. But I think you and big sister will make a good couple so... Good luck." He whispered and winked at me before he ran away.

I watched him go before his words processed within my mind and I felt that my face flushed. Damn that kid. How dare he say that?!

"Judar are you okay?" Y/n asked beside me that made me a bit more embarrassed.

"Ah... Uh... Yeah." I replied, gripping her hand tighter. Then I looked at the things the boy had placed in my other hand. Make her happy!!! The boy's voice rang into my ear as I stared at those. Sheesh... What is that boy's problem?

After staring at it, I sighed helplessly and handed it to y/n. I cleared my throat awkwardly before speaking; "For you." I said feeling that my face was flushing again.

"W-what? Why?" She stuttered embarrassed also.

"Just take it. I don't like holding things." I reasoned out.

"O-okay t-then..." She hesitantly took the items from my hand.

When she got it, I suddenly heard the boy shouted not far from us. "Big brother! I'm proud of you!" He shouted happily. "Happy Valentine's day!!!"

Y/n was surprised from what he said that made her looked at the boy who stood from one of the bench, waving a hand at them.

"Now that's another brat." I said shooking my head to hide my fund of the little boy as he blushes a little obvious now...

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