Magi and Me (JudarXReader)

The empire of Kou had been ruled by the witch, Gyokuen. And now in Judar's service she's searching for the other descendants of magis that followed the king Solomon in other worlds. Now he's in human world and met... You.



Ahem* ahem* hi readers who reached this chapter. I think this chapter focuses on Judar's big mind. Haha. Since the conversation here isn't that major.


Y/n went down in an infrstructure that also have accountable people in it so I decided to land myself down on the top floor and sneak inside the area. Now I understood what she meant by being an outcast about having no specific uniform. I looked around and saw teens who wore the same clothes and it was the same with the ladies. They wore the same thing y/n was wearing awhile ago.

I scanned the surroundings and the nature of this area. An alarm suddenly rang and it made me feel confused as I stared over the crowds who began to rush in every door and some had even bumped me by the shoulder.

One man stopped and glared at me. "Watch it, loser!" He said and startrd to run again. So I remaimed observing until all of them disappeared into the corridors. I looked around confused as I walked from left to right on to whom should I follow or where should I go and what door to enter.

Tired of thinking what to do, I decided to tour around the place to make a map in mind so I won't get lost unless I'd come back here again. And also to find and apologize to that brat.

I didn't really meant what I did back then. I don't intend to hurt her or anything. It really felt guilty.

I started to choose directions as my state of mind registered that I havd been walking around the maze. I almost have my neck broken by turning it from left to right. The doors have glass windows beside it, probably to see what this people are doing inside. And through my observation, I managed to come up with an idea that these people inside who are seated are students. And the one who stood in front who projects some images using some kind of light was the professor. Were these people nobles and royal bloods? I didn't know there are a bunch of them in this world that they all seemed to decide to be together in one facility (Base on perspectives..haha... I only think that the ones who are nobles is the ones who have undergone education like in the ancient times).

As I observed them, I realized that y/n could be in one of these rooms so I started to search around the glass on every room to see if I ever find her in this big place. Feeling that I disturbed some students that made them look at my direction, I ran looking for my way back to the roof but among the turns I did, I failed to find my way back. I have tried to trace my way back but my sense of direction isn't as helpful as I think it would be.

After a while of Strolling around, another spring of bell started ringing and the doors from each room opened as the students began to get out.

I started getting bumped up again until a hand grabbed me from behind until I helplessly let myself get pulled. We reached a less crowded area and as my mind went back to my senses, I realized that there are three large figure that stood in front of me. I was pushed by the shoulder that caused my back to hit the wall. They were three men with wide grins. I could see their black rukhs flying around them, giving me hints that these boys isn't good to be with so I waited for what is to come right after.

"New face here aren't we?" One man who stood in the mifdle said. His hair was blonde and brushed in one direction.

"Yes. I'm new." I said in declaration as a reply.

"Oh. How brave you are man!" They all laughed in mockery as I remained blank of what was funny about anything they are saying.

"Pardon?" I asked a bit... Politely?

Another man grabbed me by my collar that made me tiptoed to reach up with his arms. My feet almost getting off the floor. And this moment had given me something that I love to do. To fight.

I smirked over what he did as I looked at his eyes. "Are you certain that you want this?" I asked in amusement.

"You've got some bones!" They mocked and tossed me fiercely out of the corridor. Some stopped in surprise when I landed down on the shiny floor. The three men dashed towards me so I quickly stood up to welcome them in my special treat... Pain...

One of them was thrown out of the line that caused the two others to stopped. I just kicked him with my effortless sway of feet and now he's down? Weaklings.

"Come on, who's next?" I asked in a boastful manner as I provoke those two who was getting over from what I did to their comrade.

And I victoriously have them in rage as they sprung towards me that caused me to trip down. The man above me gritted his teeth in desperation to crush my head. I felt excited over his barbaric actions that boiled my blood as I tripped his knee to make him lose his balance that made me exchange rounds with him and I was the one above now. I punched him on the jaw that made his head tilted sidewards. But the other man locked me by the neck that pulled me off the other whom I hit on the face. I struggled from his strangling arms as I stood up and tried to shrug him off behind me. Damn he's heavy!

I slammed his back on the wall and tried to loosen his hold. Unfortunately, the other one stood up and fully recovered now that he punched my stomach hardly that surprised me and I coughed out blood. The three of them assembled and they've began to team up on beating me. Two of them had locked my arms up and the blonde man was the one who punched me hardly. But it almost felt like I'm used of his punches now even though I could still taste the blood produced inside my mouth.

He was about to give me another his however I used my free feet to kick him off. He lost his ground and he tripped on the floor leaning his back on the wall. I smirked again and soon used my knee to break a leg. The man holding me from the left grunted in pain as he let me go and writhed in pain on the floor, rolling like a ball as he hold his broken leg as I used my free hand to punch the other one on the face that caused his nose to bleed.

And I stood victorious as I watched them all down, looking at them in finality before I walked away and the other teens had made their way for me.

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