Now I Only Want You Gone- Homestuck Highschool AU

Karkat Vantas would literally die if cheesy romantic movies, novels or musicals were taken from his world. Although when he writes, he hates using cliches- he LOVES them. And honestly he can't get enough of them. Especially when his whole life is a cliche. He's gay, a teen, he's in love with 2 *LOUD GASP* boys one of which is his best friend and one is his former bully (WOW KARKLES LOOK AT YOU GO.) He's extremly awkward- yet extremley loud.
What happens when the biggest cliche of Karkats life decides to take play? And what will that cliche be?


1. Karkat

My life is an endless shithole of cliches. I hate writing them of course- but I can't help reading them and watching them. They consume my waking soul. They keep me up at night. They make me who I am. Who am I? Oh shit, don't send me into another one of those fucking existential crisises, because i'm just not in the mood.

My name is Karkat Vantas. I know- my name is weird. Almost alien-like. But I don't remember asking for your opinion. I don't know how tall I am exactly, all I know is that i'm short. That or all of my friends are giants and therefore they are the freaks and not me. I have black hair, and it shaggy as hell. Unruly. Run for your lives! I LIVE in a black sweat shirt with a weird symbol on it because I don't bother to wear anything else. I also live in skinny jeans. Don't judge me, asshole. I live with my brother, Kankri and his boyfriend, Cronus in an apartment by their campus. My parents were fucking monsters, so once Kankri was old enough to get me in his care, we moved away. But who fucking cares about that. No one. Back to my life and the endless fucking shit hole of cliches it is. - Lets go down the list. 

1. I'm gay

2. I have 3 best friends, Rose, Kanaya, and Dave. (Rose and Kanaya are dating but im the 'gay best friend' stereotype kill me now.) 

3. I have a bully (wow no one else has THOSE.)

4. I have a crush on Dave and the bully (what a fuckING trainwreck.)

5. I get embarrassingly shy around said crushes which pISSes me off (like most things.)

6. I'm an emotional teen

And so on. I go to Skaia highschool, and honestly it's filled with IDIOTS. Especially the principal. Mr.Hussie. He's dumb. He once had a fight with a kite- and the kite WON. How the hell is he my principal. 

Thats about all I have to say about my life, (which is an endless black hole of fucking cliches.) 

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