Treat You Better [Student/Teacher Love Series 1]

Cover photo creds Juliette_Aurora

"I'm so sorry Scar. I'm glad you told me." He said kissing the top of my head.

I pushed away from him, "Why do you care so much about me?" He's a teacher, of course, they need to care but for some reason deep down in my heart, I want it to be a different reason.

"Because I know I can treat you better." He blurted out.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling brave.

"Mr-Adam what are you saying?" I asked my heart beating faster.

"Exactly what I said. I know this is the worst timing and that you're my student but I honestly don't care. I really like you, Scarlett." He said gently placing his hand on my cheek like he did in the classroom. I couldn't speak, his words stun me.

"Adam?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Be with me, Scarlett Rose."

Scarlett Rose sees nothing wrong with her wonderful (abusive) boyfriend Ray Monroe but Mr Watson the new Math teacher can't stand the


5. That's Not Love


Getting back into teacher mode I used my cell phone to call Scarlett's house.

"Hello?" A woman answered. 

I cleared my throat, "Hi, this is Mr Watson calling from the high school, is this Mrs Rose?"

"Yes, how may I help you?"

"I'm calling to set up a meeting for tomorrow after school to discuss what actions you want to take to help your daughter for my class. Would that be okay?"

"Is she in trouble?"

"No ma'ma. The meeting will be held in my classroom."

"Okay, we'll be there. Goodbye now."

We hung up. 

I stood grabbing my bag figuring it was time for me to head home. I turned off the lights and locked the door behind me. I got into my truck driving to my apartment.


As I got home Mom walked out of the kitchen. My eyes went straight to her neck there were two big hand prints like someone choked her and I knew who exactly it was.

Noticing my starting she started rubbing her neck, "Your teacher called." She said as I closed the door.


"Mr Watson."

I got nervous, what if he told her what happen in the hallway?

I kept calm, "What he want?"

She walked back into the kitchen I followed her.

"Something about a meeting."

I was relieved.

"I'm going to start on dinner." She mumbled.

"Okay," I said heading upstairs and laid on my bed. Lacy was at dancing class, Dad took her. 

I grabbed my phone and started texting Dawn.

(D-Dawn S-Scarlett)

S- Are you still mad...?

D- I'm just hurt. I know you love him babes but I know that he's causing you harm...

S- He's just not himself right now. Anywho Shelly threaten to make my life a living hell

D- Gezz over what?

S- __ ______

D- Guessing game? Oh boy! Lets seeeee Mr Watson


D- LOL I wouldn't worry about her ass. I g2g ttyl babes. KISSES!!


(End of text)

"Suppers ready!" Mom hollered.

I changed into my pjs and Ray's hoodie smelling his cologne on it.

I came downstairs and sat at the table with Mom, Lucy, and the bastard. I normally avoid supper time with him but I don't tell Mom no.

I looked at Lacy, "How was dance class?"

She smiled, "Amazing!"

"Honey," Mom looked at Dad, "We have a meeting to go to tomorrow at 3 at the high school."

Dad looked at me, "The hell did you do!?"

Mom opened her mouth to say something but stopped knowing she'll meet the back of Dad's hand.

"Dad not cool," Lacy mumbled.

I looked at her scared for her, would he hurt his darling angel?

He smiled at Lacy, "I'm sorry baby. Your sister gives me a lot of trouble." 

I rolled my eyes and stood to put my plate in the sink.

"Hey!" Dad yelled to get my attention.

I looked at him, "What?"

"That boyfriend of yours won't be around forever."

"Whatever," I mumbled.

"You-" Dad stopped himself not wanting to show Lacy how he really is. Instead, he stood grabbing my arm jerking me upstairs.

"Let go of me!" I screamed.

Dad slapped me hard drawing blood. He brought me to my room slamming the door.  He picked me up tossing me on my bed. Is he? No, oh god no.

My head hit the backboard of my bed making my vision blur.

I watched him lock the door.

"Don't worry I wouldn't touch you even if you were the last woman on earth." He said walking over to me taking my pants off. I was too dazed to stop him.

"Stop," I whispered crying.

"Oh shut up." He rolled his eyes taking off his belt, "This will teach you to behave."

He whipped my legs with the belt, over and over. I screamed each time my voice going hoarse.

I eventually passed out.


I groan as the smell of blood hit my nostrils. I slowly sat up hissing at the pain from my legs. I looked down nearly crying out.

Dried blood was everywhere. The lashes started from my thigh all the way down to my ankles. I closed my eyes looking away the sight made me sick. I slowly got out of bed my legs hurt so bad. I barely made it to the shower letting the hot water clean the dried blood.

I dressed in my normal outfit but adding black pantyhose. I grabbed my phone texting Dawn.

(D-Dawn S-Scarlett)

S-You gonna be at school?

D-Mhm(: I'm picking you up!


D-I'm getting ready now! See ya soon sis(:


(End of text)

I grabbed my bag slipping my phone inside. I heard a car horn, it must be Dawn. I crept out into the hallway making sure the coast was clear then slowly walked downstairs. I hurried outside to Dawn's car, I opened the passenger side door sliding into the car; she had Eminem blasting through her speakers.

She looked at me, "Ready?"

I nodded.

She pulled out of my driveway and took off.

"You ready to see your sexy man." She joked poking at my leg.

I nearly hissed from the pain, "Who?" I knew she couldn't be talking about Ray.

"Mr Watson!" She winked.

"Good god Dawn, really?"

She laughed, "You cannot deny them looks! You couldn't tell me that he's not."

I shrugged.

Dawn pulled into the parking lot and I saw Ray talking to some redheaded girl. I felt myself glare at them. She parked and we got out of the car walking over to Zac. Ray finally notices me and made his way over.

He smiled at me, "Hey." He said pulling me into a hug.

I didn't want to hug him but if I didn't he would hurt me, "Hey."

"So I was thinking do you wanna come over after school?"

"I can't. Mr Watson is having a meeting with my parents and I have to be there."

His lips turn into a frown.

I was tempted to ask about the redhead but he would just dismiss it.

He pecks my cheek and whispered, "I don't like the tights. You have amazing legs babe." 

The bell rang causing everybody to walk inside. I kissed Ray then Dawn and I went to first.

Dawn and I got to our seats before the final bell rang; I open my sketch pad and started drawing.

"Good morning class!" Miss Ashlynn greeted.

Then class began. Soon the bell rang and Dawn busted outta there. I laughed silently to myself, she hates Miss Ashlynn probably cause she tried getting Dawn into serious trouble.

I got to class and Mr Watson was sitting at his desk while kids were taking their seats. Shelly was already drooling over him.

"Miss Rose, come here."

I walked over to his desk.

"Your parents are coming, right? I called your Mom, I just wanted to make sure."

I nodded, I couldn't speak. He looked really good today, he wore a red tie but it was a little lose. His top few buttons were undone showing some chest hair and he rolled his cuffs up to his elbows. I noticed he finally shaved. 

"Miss Rose, did you hear me?"

I snapped back into reality, "I'm sorry. S-say that again?"

"Is your parents coming? And after school come to my room. This is where the meeting will be held."

"Yeah they'll be here and okay," I said walking to my desk sitting down.

Dawn lean over and whispered, "I think I saw someone drooling."

I blushed and shot her a glare as she giggled.

"Okay, class." Mr Watson stood up, "Ready to learn?"

Some boy said, "Nooo."

He laughed, "Sorry kid."

He turned to the bored and started teaching.

I put my cheek in my hand just watching him hardly listening.

The bell rang. It was my turn to bash outta class. 

Dawn was behind me, "Yo Scar! Slow down chick!"

I started slowing down she caught up.

"Damn girl." She shook her head.

"Hehe, sorry."

I felt a hand grab mine. I turn around and it was Ray.

"Got a min?"

I nodded while Dawn went to class before giving me a worried look.


I sighed pulling more at my tie, I wore it for Scarlett's meeting. I made a mental note to fix it before 3.

I couldn't help but think it was cute when Scarlett was drooling over me earlier with Shelly it's just too creepy. I was slightly disappointed to see her in pantyhose, she never wears them but why did she today? 

I stood and left my room. I walked down the hallway turning the corner but stopped when I saw Scarlett and Ray talking I backed up and hid behind the corner listening to their conversation.

"Are you cheating on me? He asked.

"What no never. You're the one with a girl." She snapped, I peeked around the corner catching a glimpse of disbelief on her face. 

He beats her then accuses her of cheating? 

"Are you fucking kidding me Scar? Stop being so damn jealous; I can talk to whoever I want."

She scuffed, "Me be jealous? Now, are you kidding me? Get real! You hurt me repeatedly because you're so scared of losing me!" She yelled in his face.

I heard a banging sound; I peeked around the corner again.

He had her pin against the locker, "Don't fuck with me. I know you're screwing Mr Watson! Shelly told me!

Screwing me? Shelly, why?

I had to put a stop to this, "Hey!" I yelled running over to them. Ray looked at me an ran. I looked at Scarlet she had her arms wrapped around her with tears in her eyes.

I wanted to beat the shit out of him.

"Miss Rose." I spoke softly.

She glared at me, "Leave. Me. Alone!" She ran off.

The bell rang. The students filled the hallways.

I sigh running a hand through my hair.

"Everything okay Adam?"

I turned around to find Miss Ashlynn.

"Yes, Miss Ashlynn."

She smiled, "Please call me Maria."

I nodded, "Of course but excuse me I have a class to teach."

She nodded but looked disappointed, "You are a busy man."

I walked back into my classroom preparing for my next class.


After school I walked to Mr Watson's room, I was super nervous. I saw him leaning against his desk going through papers probably about me. I knocked gently on the opened door getting his attention. 

He looked at me smiling, "Miss Rose, please come in."

I noticed he button up the rest of his shirt and fixed his tie. I walked in feeling awkward from what happened earlier and praying he won't bring it up. I sat down at a desk in front of him.

I brought out my sketch book and started drawing. I took glances of Mr Watson; he seemed to be studying me.

"Do you want to talk about what happened earlier?"

"No," I said hard.

He walked around the desk and got down on his knees, "Look at me," I looked at him, "Scarlett I know. I heard everything."

I was taken back I thought he just got there like perfect timing, "K-Know what?"

He slowly brought his arm up tracing his finger from my collar bone down my arm to my wrist, "I know he's hurting you and he accused you of cheating with me." Goosebumps formed where he touched, not bruises goosebumps.

"What I want to know is why are you still with him." He said holding my hand, his hand is so soft.

"I love him." 

"Scarlett, honey." He let go of my hand placing his on my cheek, "That's not love." I placed my hand on his loving the feeling of his gentleness.

"W-why do you care?"

"I just do." I could tell he wanted to say more but he dropped his hand; I already missed his touch. He stood walking back to his desk as Mom and Dad walked through the door.

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