Treat You Better [Student/Teacher Love Series 1]

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"I'm so sorry Scar. I'm glad you told me." He said kissing the top of my head.

I pushed away from him, "Why do you care so much about me?" He's a teacher, of course, they need to care but for some reason deep down in my heart, I want it to be a different reason.

"Because I know I can treat you better." He blurted out.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling brave.

"Mr-Adam what are you saying?" I asked my heart beating faster.

"Exactly what I said. I know this is the worst timing and that you're my student but I honestly don't care. I really like you, Scarlett." He said gently placing his hand on my cheek like he did in the classroom. I couldn't speak, his words stun me.

"Adam?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Be with me, Scarlett Rose."

Scarlett Rose sees nothing wrong with her wonderful (abusive) boyfriend Ray Monroe but Mr Watson the new Math teacher can't stand the


1. Rough Morning

"You dumb whore! How hard is it for you to cook?!" I heard Dad shout in the kitchen.

I blinked a few times at my canvas, I've pulled another all nighter. I can never sleep with that monster in the house.

"I'm sorry." I heard Mom reply back.

I did one more stroke with my paint brush then set it down getting off my stool to glance at my clock, it was time to get ready for school. I took a quick shower, I got some of the paint off my hands and arms. After the shower, I got dressed in my plaid skirt and a white long-sleeved blouse. I stood in front of my mirror barely looking at myself as I brushed my naturally straight brown hair. I normally would add a light touch of makeup but I know Ray wouldn't approve of it. I slipped on my knee high socks placing my black flats on.

My bedroom door opened, "Sis?"


I watched my 9 year old sister walk in the room looking down.

I frowned at her, "What's wrong?"

Dad stomped in the room about to say something then stopped when he saw Lacy, "Baby, what did I tell you about being around Scarlett?" He said glaring at me.

I returned the glared, "She's my sister, what's your deal?"

"Lacy get your backpack, I'm taking you to school," Dad said politely.

Lacy hesitated before leaving my room. She's his little angel and he hates me with a passion, never understood why.

"Go on kiddo." He said sweetly to Lacy, she ran out of the room.

"Little bitch." Dad spat pushing me hard into the window, "You're lucky you've got that boyfriend of yours! I wish you were dead! Stupid whore!" He raised his hand to slap me but stop knowing it would leave a mark instead he grabbed my hair and slammed the back of my head back into the window, I heard it crack.

The back of my head started throbbing instantly.

"Get your ass to school," Dad ordered spitting on me.

I nodded grabbing my bag and the jacket with the school's symbol sewed on to it running out the door. Ray just pulled into my driveway.

I fake a smile as I saw Ray get out of his car. He smiled at me showing off his cute dimples. He shook his head to move his bangs out of his caramel eyes but failed as they landed back in their place. His dress shirt as usual was unbuttoned at the top and the sleeves rolled up.

I ran a hand through my hair making sure Dad's spit isn't there.

"Don't you look beautiful as always." He kissed me.

Really? Can't you tell I have a throbbing head because Dad just smacked it against a window? Oh not to mention there's spit somewhere on me.

I fake giggled, "You don't look too bad yourself."

Ray made me promise to tell him if Dad hurt me in some way but here lately I haven't told him anything because he's still working through his parent's divorce.

He walked me over to the passenger door opening it for me, I slid in the seat placing my bag on my lap. Ray closed the door walking around to the driver side. I examined my shirt noticing a wet spot on my blouse, probably the spit. I quickly placed my jacket on buttoning the middle button.

Ray got into the driver seat starting the car. Ed Sheeran started playing.

He pulled out of my driveway smiling at me gently grabbing my hand, I slightly tense at the action, "So this weekend is our one year baby." He looks at my hand noticing the paint on my fingernails. 

I nodded, "You remember?"

He laughed, "Of course I'd never forget such a special day."

He pulled into the school parking lot and parked; he turned off the car and exit first. I prepared myself as I waited for him to come around to my side to open the passenger door for me to get out. I put on my best acting as we walked hand and hand to my best friend Dawn.

"Scar!" She beamed when she saw me.

Her bright purple hair blew gorgeously in the wind as she chewed on her lip ring.

"Red eyes today?" I asked noticing her red eye contacts.

"Of course, gotta freak out these teachers babes you know me." She winked.

"Boo!" Zac scared Dawn as he poked her sides.

"Holy shit!" She cried out, "You scared me!"

We laughed expect for Ray, he barely likes Dawn and hates Zac. I never understood why.

"Zac!" I slightly smiled going to hug him but Ray wouldn't let go of my hand then squeezed really hard that nearly made me cry out, it'll bruise later.

"Hey, Scarlett. Ray." He nods in Ray's direction.

"Hey, Zac." Ray mumbled, "C'mon babe you don't want to be late." Ray said dragging me away from my friends.

"See you later guys," I mumbled.

Once inside we walked to his locker.

"What the hell was that about?" He hissed opening his locker.

"What was what about?"

"You know I don't fucking like him!" He growled slamming his locker shut. He grabbed me by my shoulders shoving me against his locker.

I wasn't surprised by his actions, he started having random outburst like this a few months ago. Since the divorce, he's been more jealous and worries I'm going to leave him like how his Mom left his Dad for another man.

He stared at me hard, "Don't think for a second he wants you. You're a little slut! No one wants a slut!" He yelled moving his hands down squeezing my forearms, hurting the bones.

I felt a little hurt by his words, how could I be such a thing when Ray is the only person I've ever been with?

I nearly cried out, "Ray, stop!" I hiss and like a switch, he came back to his senses.

His eyes soften as he let go of my arms, "Oh god baby I'm so sorry," He cradled my face, "Please forgive me. I get so jealous, I-I just can't stand the thought of you with someone else. You're my baby, my only one." He let go of my face wrapping his arms around my waist then buried his face into my neck. 

I felt so numb, except for the pain from my arms, "It's okay, I promise I don't want anyone but you." I whispered.

He lifted his head to kiss me, "Good."

The bell rang.

I sigh in relief, time for class.

"I'll see you after second."

"Okay." We kissed one more time then departed to our class.

I lifted my sleeves on both of my arms, sure enough, two hand print bruises marked my skin. This is why I always wear a long sleeve shirt. I quickly pulled my sleeves down just in case someone were to see.

Dawn was waiting by the door for me.

"Did something happen? That jag off looked pissed."

"No everything is fine." I fake smiled.

Dawn found out a week ago about Ray hurting me. She saw where he punched me repeatedly in my stomach. I had no choice but to tell her everything.

I can tell she can see right through that lie.

"When will you stop with the lies?"

I walked inside the classroom taking a seat, "What lies?"

She followed behind me taking a seat beside me, "What lies? You're so full of-"

I gave her a look.

"Fine whatever but what happened to breaking up with him?" 

I sigh, "I'm working on it." I lie.

I can't break up with him, he's my everything. I couldn't image being without him. I brought out my sketch pad waiting for class to start. 

Hiya guys! So this was called "Too Close" I deiced to change the story up a little ^-^ so thank you, thank you for the reads and votes!! 

Have a nightmare of a day<3 

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