Treat You Better [Student/Teacher Love Series 1]

Cover photo creds Juliette_Aurora

"I'm so sorry Scar. I'm glad you told me." He said kissing the top of my head.

I pushed away from him, "Why do you care so much about me?" He's a teacher, of course, they need to care but for some reason deep down in my heart, I want it to be a different reason.

"Because I know I can treat you better." He blurted out.

Looks like I'm not the only one feeling brave.

"Mr-Adam what are you saying?" I asked my heart beating faster.

"Exactly what I said. I know this is the worst timing and that you're my student but I honestly don't care. I really like you, Scarlett." He said gently placing his hand on my cheek like he did in the classroom. I couldn't speak, his words stun me.

"Adam?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Be with me, Scarlett Rose."

Scarlett Rose sees nothing wrong with her wonderful (abusive) boyfriend Ray Monroe but Mr Watson the new Math teacher can't stand the


2. Mr Watson

"Good morning seniors!" Miss Ashlynn chimed as everyone continue to take their seats, "I hope everyone had a lovely weekend."

I looked up from my sketch pad as I watched Dawn open her notebook, rip out a piece of paper and wrote on it then waited till Miss Ashlynn turned to the board to pass it to me.

Someone got laid!!! Haha xD

I tried not to bust out laughing, I know she wrote it to make me feel better and it was working. I took a deep breath and crumpled up the paper before Miss Ashlynn notices.

Dawn laid her head in her hands (probably going to sleep) and I continue to draw while Miss Ashlynn was drowning on about some time in history. Before I knew it, the bell rang.

"Is that Ray?" Dawn asked peeking at my sketch pad.

I stood up and gathered my things, "Yeah it is." I've been drawing Ray since we met but I've noticed my drawings become darker and honestly it scares me, my drawings mean the world to me and to have them be tainted is awful.

Dawn grabbed her notebook and a pen she brings every day, the teachers throw a big fuss saying she has to have more items than that but it's Dawn.

We walked down the hallway behind two preppy girls.

The blonde one named Shelly with bright red lipstick was talking to her best friend Jasmine, "So did you hear we have a hot new math teacher?"

I looked over at Dawn as she looked at me wiggling her eyebrows, I stifle a giggle while playfully rolling my eyes.

We arrived at Math class walking inside, the teacher still hasn't made it yet. Dawn and I sat beside each other in the middle row. Sadly, Blondie sat in front of me.

Immediately I opened up my sketch pad and started drawing Ray's dark eyes, they get that way when he's hurting me.

The bell rang as I heard the classroom door close.

"Damn." I heard Shelly say under her breath.

I rolled my eyes, how could one think a teacher is actually attractive?

"Good morning class." He huskily spoke.

I've never heard such a sexy sound before, I tore my eyes off my sketch pad looking at the new Math teacher.

I blinked a few times, damn indeed.

He had short brown hair; there was a shadow on his face from where he hasn't shaved in a few days. His eyes, his beautiful blue eyes you could easily suck you in and get lost at sea, and trust me I did. He wore a white dress shirt tucked in his black dress pants.

I looked at Dawn and she looked at me. We were both thinking the same thing.


"Well, class I'm pretty sure you all knew I'm the new school Math teacher Mr Watson."

Shelly raised her hand, "Is there a Mrs Watson?" She asked in a flirty voice.

He chuckled, the sound made chills go down my back.

"No Miss Lynn there's not."

I can imagine the smile on her face.

"Now let's get started." He turned around and started writing.

I didn't pay attention to a thing because I was watching his butt, once I actually realized what I was doing I tore my eyes away ashamed of myself; I'm with Ray I shouldn't be staring at other guy's body parts.

Eventually, the bell rang causing everyone to rush out of the classroom. I was still gathering my things as Dawn waited on me.

Shelly walked up to Mr Watson's desk, "Can you give me extra tutoring? Pleaseee?" She begged in her flirty voice.

He smiled, "Sure what you need help with?"

She faked a dramatic sigh, "Everything."

I rolled my eyes and left the classroom with Dawn.

"Damn I think I'm liking this new teacher." She winked.

I laughed, "Such the sex!" I played along with her.

We stopped at her locker.

"Hey, baby." I felt Ray's arms snake around my waist, I relax against him.

"So, Thursday I gotta stay after school. Do you care to walk home?"

"No, that's okay."

"Hey, no PDA in the hallway Mr Monroe and Miss... Rose?" Mr Watson warned us and sounded surprised to see me as he walked over to us.

Ray let go, "Sorry sir."

"Miss Rose just the girl I wanted to see." Mr Watson smiled gently.

The look on Ray's face scared me because I knew I was going to hear about this later.

"Um, yes?" I asked nervously.

Ray was glaring at Mr Watson.

"It's about your math grade or I could talk to your parents about this." Mr Watson said warningly.

I quickly shook my head.

Mr Watson gave a quick nod, "Follow me then."

I walked away from Dawn and Ray following behind Mr Watson to his classroom. I took a peek over my shoulder; Ray was glaring at us.

When we entered his classroom he sat on his desk as I stood in front of him, "Now Miss Rose, I was looking at the reports from your old teacher and it seems you have a hard time with math."

I nodded, really nervous. His beautiful blue eyes stared into my brown ones.

I broke the eye contact, "Yes, um, he had me staying after school." I said awkwardly rubbing the back of my head but wincing from the bump; I forgot about what happened.

I glanced at him knowing he noticed, concerned flashed across his face, "I'm going to talk to your parents about this. I don't want you failing."

"Why would you need to talk to them?" I asked nervously, that monster I call a father is not going to like this...

"To see if they would want to continue to have you stay after school, which I really hope they do want to."

"Oh, um, what about Shelly?"

"I can find her a different teacher. Between you and me I can tell she's got a crush on me." He chuckled as I smiled at him, he's too cute.

"Scarlett, you done?" Ray asked standing by the door.


"I'll write you an excuse note for your class."

He scribbled on a sticky note and handed it to me.


"Wait, Miss Rose one more thing." I stopped walking to Ray turning back to Mr Watson.


"Have you been getting enough sleep?" He asked concerned.

My hand instinctively touched the bag under my eye as I heard Ray scuff.

"Let's go Scar." Before I could answer Ray grabbed my arm making me leave the classroom.

He walked to me to my next class, "What the hell was that about?" Ray asked pissed off.

"Um, he was checking in with me about my math problem, he's a new teacher."

Ray grabbed my wrist jerking me to a stop, "It looked like to me he was checking you out and you acting all innocent; do you think he would want you knowing you're a little whore?"

I opened my mouth to say something but he shoved me against the wall making me whimper.

"Why does he even care at all? You're nothing, who the fuck cares about your sleeping habits?!"

"Please stop," I begged, wanting to say more.

His eyes were full of fury, "Stupid bitch. Your mine!" He growled placing is hands on my shoulders squeezing the fire out of them.

I was blinking back tears, "Baby please I know." I said gently placing my hands on his arms trying to push him away.

He suddenly stopped and walked away.

Dawn came bouncing around the corner with Zac, they must be skipping gym again. She saw me as Ray stormed away, her face hit with worry.

"Oh my god Scar, honey." She ran over to me hugging me, "He did it again?"

I nodded into her chest hugging her back.

"Finally admitting to it?" She whispered.

"Hey Dawn, she okay?" Zac asked.

"Yeah, I'm going to take her to the bathroom." She said walking away with me still hugging her.

Once in the bathroom, she locked the door then checked the stalls to make sure we're alone.

"This is the second time today, isn't it? I don't know why you're putting up with it Scar! Why does he even keep doing this? You promised me." She sternly but I could hear the worry in her voice.

I wanted to tell her everything but she could take him away from me and I couldn't deal with that.

I put on my best fake smile, "He didn't do anything and I didn't promise anything." I lied, I did promise I'd leave him for her but I can't.

She gave me a stern look, "This is bullshit."

I looked down at my flats, "I love him, Dawn." I whispered.

I heard her angrily sigh, "That is NOT love."

I shot her a look, "What the hell would you know about love?!" I snapped at her.

The bell rang ending school. I shot out of the bathroom knowing I hurt Dawn bad.

I walked to Ray's car, he stood there waiting for me.

He smiled at me, "Ready to go, baby?"

I nodded, "Yeah."

He drove me home constantly repeating how sorry he is and I keep telling him I forgive him. I kiss him goodbye then walked up the steps to my house opening the door. Lacy sat on the couch watching Wonder Pets.

She smiled when she saw me, "Sissy!"

I smiled back closing the door behind me, "Hey beautiful, where's Mom?" I need to make sure she's okay, I know that monster is at work. 

"In the kitchen." She went back to watching her show.

I walked into the kitchen seeing Mom make tonight's dinner, that I probably won't be eating.

"Mom, how are you?" I gently asked placing a hand on her shoulder. She tensed up quickly turning around.

"I'm fine dear, why do you ask?" She said emotionally. 

I hugged her, "Mom, please leave him." I whispered.

She awkwardly patted my back, "Don't say such things! Think about your sister!" 

I let go of her, "I am! And you too! He's-" 

Mom slapped me before I could finish my sentence, "Don't you dare say it! Now go to your room!" She ordered.

Tears formed in my eyes as I dropped my head with a nod. I left the kitchen heading upstairs to my room changing into sweatpants and a black long sleeved shirt.

I changed the canvas on my easel with a blank one. I sat on my stool grabbing my black pencil I started drawing a set of eyes, a warm caring set. I put down my black pencil picking up a blue one I started coloring in the eyes. 

Before I knew it I drew Mr Watson. 

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