Story Time

True stories about my life.


2. First Story

So to start this off we'll start with a short story. Maybe a gruesome one, it depends on the person. When I was about 5 years old I lived in a two story house. Both of my half brothers stilled lived with us, and the younger one (still older than me) got rid of his childish bed. My dad was putting together his new bed and some pictures above the headboard (btw I don't care if I spell anything wrong). I was standing at the side of the bed watching, my dad had a drill, and was drilling in screws for pictures. He went to drill a screw and it wasn't in the notches all the way. The drill slipped off the screw, bounced off the wall and hit my dad in the forehead. Immediately he started bleeding. I ran into my parents to tell my mom, then cowered in a corner. My family friend ended up coming over and watching us kids, while my mom drove my dad to the hospital. He ended up getting multiple stitches in his forehead.

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