Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


9. 8

I woke up in an unknown bedroom. It was night time now.

"You're awake. I patched up that cut on your cheek." Dad said sitting on the bed.

I sat up and felt my left cheek feeling a bandage on it, "Where's Leon and Theodore?"

"Leon's in the kitchen with Laura and Theodore is in the other bedroom resting up. He's bad off. Lilly sure had her way with him," Dad shook his head, "Come downstairs, you need to eat then we will talk." He said leaving.

I quickly scrambled to my feet not wasting another minute. I need answers my whole life my father was dead but here he is alive. I saw the crime scene photos how is this possible?

"Hello, Miss Aqua how are you feeling?" A woman, I'm assuming is Laura greeted me as I walked into the kitchen the smell of pancakes hit my nostrils. My stomach growled loudly.

The woman giggled, "I figured you would be hungry please have a seat." She gestured to the bar Leon sat at it.

"I made extras for your bodyguard whenever he wakes up," Laura informed me.

I sat on a stool next to Leon, "Hey." I gave him a small smile.

"Hey baby," He kissed my forehead earning a disproving look from dad.

I couldn't help my mind to think about what he said to Lilly about having me fall in love with him just to break my heart. I'm sure it was just to fool her but...

"Here you two go." Laura placed two plates of pancakes in front of Leon and me. She set out syrup and butter.

"Dad, can we talk now?" I begged I have to know.

"Yes of course." He stood on the other side of the bar facing us.

"A few months before Lilly killed me I went to a protection agency that's where I met Laura," He gestured to the woman that made the pancakes, I was so right, "She was assigned to protect me. I never told your mother because I didn't want her to worry, I felt that Lilly would try something stupid. Just days before I went to that concert Laura found out about an electric liquid that you inject by a syringe. The electrics liquid goes into your blood stream after you die it pulses your body back to life. The only way that it pulses is if someone is pressing a button."

"But I saw the crime scene photos you had died! How did anyone not know? Why didn't you come back sooner?" I asked finishing my pancakes as Leon placed his hand on my knee giving it a gentle squeeze.

"He went into a coma for a few years then when he woke up he had amnesia but I let everyone think he was actually dead, as his protector I felt that was the extreme need." Laura butted in, "I'm sorry for any harm that was caused by me not saying a word but my job came first. The only reason why he remembered because he saw your picture on the news when you were kidnapped he started to slowly remember everything."

"Wait you just remembered me days ago?" I asked I couldn't believe he just remembered me!

"Yes, I'm sorry Aqua.." Dad looked down sadly.

I wanted to flip out mostly at Laura, how dare she keep him a secret from his wife and child. What if he never remember me? Even if I wasn't kidnapped I doubt Laura would help jog his memory.

I stood stomping angrily upstairs with Leon behind me.

I walked into the bedroom I first woke up in. I paced the floor rubbing my temples.

"Talk to me Aqua," Leon asked reaching out his arms to grab my shoulders.

I smacked his hands away, "I can't even think straight!" I blew up at him, my mind was a jumbled mess.

"You sure do have your mother's temper," Dad remarked standing at the doorway.

"Yeah and sadly I have my father's looks." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Aqua you don't mean that," Leon mumbled.

"Did you know I went to the graveyard where your supposed to be body is buried? I went there every day after school talking to you!" I yelled stomping around, I'm beyond mad.

"Aqua please calm down. Laura thought she was doing what's best for you and your mother." Dad said softly as if I'll break at any moment.

"Hey now what's with all the yelling?" Theodore asks making his way into the room. A bandaged covered the lower half of his stomach. 

"Bullshit! You were protecting yourself! Screw this shit I'm going home!" I pushed past Leon, Theodore and dad running downstairs and outside. Not caring that I have no shoes or jacket on and snow still covered the ground and the fact I have no idea where I'm at didn't stop me.


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