Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


8. 7


"Mrs Reed please start from the beginning." Detective Fletcher spoke taking a seat in front of me in the small interrogation room.

I took a deep breath trying to steady myself from all the crying. The cops around here don't know anything the only people that knew was Alexander and his people.

Oh god Alex. My poor brother...

"Mrs Reed the faster we know the faster we can help." Detective Fletcher said impatiently.

"Detective have you heard of a pop star named Adam Lambert?"


"Aqua? Please wake up!"

I stirred awake trying to move but I'm stuck. I slowly opened my eyes in the dully lit room seeing that I'm chained to a wall standing on my tippy toes.

Leon is across the room tied to a metal chair.

I groaned, "Where are we?" I asked still waking up.

 "I-I don't know. I think we're in a basement." Leon sounded scared.

I hear a door open, I stared at the stairs hearing footsteps coming down them. 

"Ah look who's awake!" Lilly smiled at me reaching the bottom step. Her smile doesn't reach her eyes.

Seeing her in front of me wakes me fully up, fear took over my tiredness. I started struggling harder against the chains around my wrist. I hiss at the pain.

"Where's Theodore?!" I yelled at her.

"Don't worry about him he's having fun," Lilly smirks turning on a better light.

  "Fun? If it has anything to do with you it sure as hell isn't fun!" I snapped at her. 

"Why are you doing this?" Leon asks.  

"Rosalie deserves this! I told her to stay away but nope." Lilly walks over to a table filled with knives, a gun, and other harmful weapons.

"If Rosalie is the one you want then why not simply hurt her?" Leon asked causing me to turn my head to him, "She deserves what she gets." Leon continued staring at Lilly ignoring me.

"Leon!" I hiss, that was my mother he's talking about yeah she isn't perfect but she's my mom.

"Ooo do you not like her either?" Lilly asked amused turning her attention to Leon.

He snorted, "Nope. She's a bitch! She slept with my dad a married man and took him away from my mom. You should go after her not her offspring, trust me it doesn't feel the same."

Lilly looked between us, "You hurt Aqua?"

Leon nodded, "Bullied her for three years. I'm on the football team I convinced them to go after her too."

I couldn't speak, why is he telling her all of this? Is he going to join her side? My heart broke at the thought.

"I think I like you kid but tell me why are you changing all of a sudden? I thought you and Aqua had a thing?" Lilly asked picking up a knife.

My heart sped up as Lilly walked closer to me taunting me with a knife.

"We all have a plan." He smirked at her. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, silently praying he was acting. 

"Plan?" Lilly walked over to him crouching in front of him.

"Well, I was going to make her fall in love with me then break her heart, really, really bad." He chuckled, "It was a good plan but we got kidnapped."

"Well I'm sorry kiddo but my plan has been around longer than yours." Lilly stood walking back over to me, she cut my cheek with the knife. The cut was a little deep and it burned.

"Wait, let me hurt her to prove to you that I am on your side."

Lilly turned to him, "What are you going to do?"

"She shared with me that she's a virgin, catch my drift?"

I gasp, he's talking about raping me?! I knew he was doing anything to get on her good side but little did he know I actually am a virgin!

Lilly turned to me when I gasp, "Oo seems like someone doesn't like that idea," She brushed a few stray hairs from my face, "That must mean it's a perfect idea!"

I shook my head, "No!"

"Boss! You might want to come upstairs." A guy yelled down into the basement followed by gun shots.

"Shit!" Lilly mumbled running upstairs pulling her gun out from the waistband of her jeans.

I heard more gunshots.

"Are you mad!?" I hissed at Leon.

Leon looked at me, "I want to keep you safe! You had sex before so it wouldn't have hurt all you had to do is act like it hurt. I just don't want that crazy bitch to hurt you anymore, okay baby?"

I was about to tell him I've never had sex but the fact that he called me baby threw me off, I stared at him waiting for him to correct himself but I can see it in his face that he was serious.

The basement door flung open and Lilly stumbled down the steps her blue shirt stained with blood. Her face was pale white like she's seen a ghost her eyes wide.

"No no no no." She repeated over and over.

She stood in front of me with her gun ready for the intruder. I heard heavy footsteps as the person came downstairs.

"You were supposed to be dead!" Lilly screamed visibly shaking.

The intruder stop at the bottom step staring at us, he was wearing all black with a black bandana covering half of his face his eyes showing along with his black hair.

When his blue eyes met mine all the fear I had faded away because I've been looking at those eyes in pictures since I was six.

"How dammit?! How!?" Lilly yelled as he walked over to her placing a hand on her gun making her lower it.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He spoke shooting her multiple times in the stomach, "I hope you rot in hell Lilly." He hissed letting by her body drop to the ground.

He looked at me and I couldn't help as a sob come out, "D-dad?" I whispered in between sobs. Leon must've not heard me because he was struggling to get free thinking the intruder was going to hurt me.

He walked to me, "Don't fucking touch her!" Leon ordered.

"Calm down. I'm here to help." He said undoing the chains around my wrist I fell into him.

"Is it really you?" I asked wiping away my tears looking up at him I untied the bandana. I stared at his face that I've only seen in photographs. He's aged a little like mom has but he's still very handsome.

He smiled at me, "Yes it's me. I know you have many questions but right now we have to leave can you walk?"

I nodded to stun to say anything, my father, Adam Lambert is alive.

He settled me on my feet, "Let's go."

"Wait!" I said grabbing a knife off the table walking over to Leon I cut the ropes that tied him to the chair. Leon stood pulling me to him crashing his lips with mine.

I froze from the act.

"Just in case something happens," Leon mumbled against my lips.

Kissing him made me forget everything, the fact that a crazy woman kidnaped us and the man that came to the rescue is my supposed to be dead father.

"Let's move before more come," Dad said slowly making his way upstairs with his gun out.

Leon bent down in front of me.

"Leon I can walk."

"Get on my damn back."

I sigh feeling really tired to argue with him, I climbed on his back then he made his way upstairs behind dad.

On the way to dad's car, we ran into a few guards of Lilly's. Leon gently let me down to crawl in the backseat of the car with him right behind me. 

"Theodore!" I gasp.

Theodore was panting and badly injured he clutched his stomach in pain, "I'm okay." He looked at my cheek, "Is that all she did?"

"Yes," I replied settling in between Theodore and Leon.

Dad got on the driver side. He drove like a mad man to wherever we are going.

"Where are we?" Leon asked pulling me to him. I laid my head on his chest.

"Isn't she your step sister?" Dad asked glancing in the review mirror.

It was slightly embarrassing that dad knew that.

"Yeah so?" The tone in Leon's voice was asking for a challenge.

Dad sigh, "She brought you guys to Hollywood. I'm going to bring you at the house I've been staying then we will think of something."

"I have questions!" I stated pulling out of Leon's grasp.

"I know sweetheart. Take a nap for now than when we get home you three need to eat then I will answer your questions okay?"


"Aqua." He said in a fatherly tone.

Feeling defeat I laid back down on Leon's chest falling asleep to his heartbeat.

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