Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


5. 4

"Aqua!!" Luke yelled across the student parking lot as I got out of Leon's car.

His Dad declared him to bring me to school I try to protest but nothing.

I rushed over to Luke leaving Leon behind, ever since I challenged him he's being upping his game. Right now the score is one for Goth girl and two for the Jock.

"Hey, Luke," I said walking up to him but he was more focused on what's behind me, I turned it was Leon.

I ignored him by turning back to Luke, "Let's go." I grabbed Luke by his arm dragging him away.

I let go of his arm when Leon was out of sight.

"Aqua, what the holy hell is going on with you two?! He's not bullying you and the football team finally backed off!" He was excited.

I rolled my eyes.

I told Luke what's been going on and the whole challenge thing as we ate breakfast.

He died laughing, "I thought those panties would be good for something!"

Luke thought it'd be funny to get me those neon pink panties for my birthday since all I wear is black.

"Yeah, whatever."

The bell rang and we all hurried off to class.

All I could think about was the panty thing, the way Leon was looking at me.


I felt my phone buzz in my second to last period.

(L-Leon A-Aqua)

L- Hey Aqua it's Leon. I've been thinking about this all day and I think I should tell you

I quickly texted back trying not to get caught.

A- Um, okay but how the hell did you get my number?

L- Your mother and I know who your father is

I felt my face go pale as I quickly put my phone away, how does he know?

As I walked into my last class Leon was already sitting in his usual spot, he looked at me I couldn't read the expression on his face as I sat in front of him.

"Aren't we going to talk about this?" Leon whispered as the other kids started coming in, he didn't want to attract attention.

I turned to him glaring, "Talk about what?" I angrily whispered.

"Your father is Adam Lambert." He whispered back.

"Do you want an award? There's still some shit you have to tell me too!" I whispered catching him off guard. That's right buddy boy.

I turned back around, signaling I didn't want to talk about it but SOMEONE didn't get the message.

"Let's get this out in the open then." He waited for a reply, I ignored him, "Hey brat I'm talking to you." He whispered poking my shoulder gently.

I continued to ignore him.

I felt my hair being move feeling the air hit my exposed ear that's when I felt his hot breath fanning my ear, "You win again goth girl but this conversation isn't over."

I shudder at the contact as Jasmine finally arrived sadly for her we have a sub.

The sub was clearly annoyed with her, "I'm glad you finally decide to join us."

Jasmine nodded pulling down her very short skirt and fixing her shirt as she rushed to her desk.

There is no telling what look Leon was giving her because it was obvious she just did the do.

After class ended Leon pulled Jasmine into the hallway earning a few looks there way. I walked out of the classroom glancing in their direction as their argument seemed to be getting heated. I continued my walk to Leon's car waiting for him.

I sigh already getting bored as I see other student's leave in their vehicles. I pulled out my headphones putting in the earbuds playing music on my phone and started playing a game when my ear buds were suddenly jerked out of my ear.

"Hey!" I yelled looking up to find Leon standing in front of me with a bloody nose and breathing heavy. "Leon! What happened?" I asked with concern.

He walked around the car ignoring my question; I heard the car unlock as he opened the driver side door getting in. I quickly got in the passenger side.

He screeched out of the parking lot slightly freaking me out; he never drives crazy.

"Are you going to tell me what happened?" I repeated clearly showing I wasn't going to drop it without an answer.

He sighed, "Jasmine cheated on me and I just beat the shit out of the little piss ant." He replied angrily, squeezing the steering wheel.

Called it!

I didn't say anything else, he's still pretty steamed.

Leon pulled into an empty driveway; they must still be at work.

Leon parked the car, I grabbed my backpack before exiting the car with Leon. We walked up the steps reaching the door. I fished out my house key from my pocket that Samuel gave to me unlocking the door.

I dropped my backpack then gently grabbed Leon's wrist before he walked away, "Come on." Slightly confused he followed me to the nearest bathroom.

I let go of his wrist as he sat on the toilet lid; grabbing a washcloth I placed it under the faucet turning on the warm water. Once it was soaked I turned the faucet off wringing it out slightly turning to Leon.

Leon sat there quietly watching me as I gently raised his head up getting a better view of his nose. I slowly wiped the now dried blood off being careful, not wanting to hurt him, "Does he look worst than you?"

He smiled feeling proud, "Hell yeah he does!"

I giggled, "That's good."

He looked at me, "I think we should talk about everything."

I nodded, "If we must," I never pictured myself telling Leon anything about me but everything is changing so fast, "He was murdered when Mom was pregnant with me. I never met him."

"I know there's an article on him."

That's how he found out.

"Does my Dad know?" Leon asked.

I finished wiping the rest of the dried blood off throwing the wash cloth away.

"Yeah he does," I said turning to him, "Mom left it up to me to tell you but I didn't think it would actually matter."

He seemed hurt by my words, "Because I'm a huge dick towards you."

I nodded, "You've bullied me for three years Leon and now I don't know what to think. I never gave you reasons to hate me, did I?"

He stood closing the space between us he brought his hand to my cheek wiping away a tear that I didn't know slipped.

"No, you didn't. Dad was still married to my Mom when he met yours. I found out about it and instead of dealing with it with him I found out you were her daughter so I took it out on you. I'm so sorry." He said sincerely rubbing the sides of my arms to comfort me, "Can you ever forgive me?"

I couldn't believe it, Mom was seeing a married man? Has she lost her mind? And let's not forget Leon is asking for forgiveness.

I smiled at him, "Yes."

He returned a smile hugging me, "I'm so glad." He murmurs into my hair. "I noticed when I read about your father they never found his killer," Leon said slowly letting go of me.

"My Uncle thinks it's my Dad's ex and she might come after me."

"What does she want with you?" Leon asked curiously.

"I don't know. He doesn't talk about the murder neither does Mom."

"Aren't you scared?" He randomly asks.

"No, if she is the killer and wanted me dead she would have done it by now."

He nodded starting to walk out of the bathroom.

"Leon, wait," He stops walking looking at me, "I'm sorry for my mother's actions."

He nodded again leaving the bathroom.

I walked to the door picking up my bag heading to my room. I closed the door behind me I froze when I saw a guy going through my dresser drawers.

I screamed, Leon barged through the door almost breaking it.

Leon smacks his forehead looking like he forgot about something.

Looking at the guy now he's a jock. He doesn't really hang around Lewis because he was more of Leon's friend.

I glared so hard at Leon I could've lit him on fire, "What the fuck is Kyle doing going through my stuff?!"

"Uh, panty raid!" Kyle shouted holding up my damn neon pink panties.

"That's it! I'm throwing those away!" I started to walk over to him but he ran from me.

I growled at him.

"What the hell is going on here?" A male voice boomed.

Leon, Kyle and I turned to my door looking at the handsome male stranger in confusion.

"Who are you?" Leon glared walking in front of me like he's protecting me.

"Her bodyguard." He simply answers.

This must be who Uncle Alexander hired in his absence.

"I saw him," He pointed at Kyle, "Sneak into her room then I heard her scream." Whoops. "I'm making sure everything's okay."

"She's fine."

My bodyguard ignored Leon looking at me, I gulped under his stare.

"Is everything okay, Aqua?" He asked his tone gentle.

I nodded, "Yep, yeah, everything is a-o-kay." I gave him a thumbs up.

"Very well." He nodding as he walked away.

"Dude, what the hell does Aqua need a bodyguard for?" Kyle question Leon.

"Don't worry about it, man. Go start up the Xbox I'll be there in a minute." Leon said throwing up his hands, Kyle threw them at Leon catching them with ease; Kyle climbed over my bed walking into Leon's room.

Leon stepped closer to me, he was so close that when he brought his face to my ear his stubble brushed against my face, "Looks like the Jock won another round." He smirked disappearing.

And to think we had a heart to heart moment in the bathroom!!

I glared at the door where they just left.

What the hell?


"Oh shit man!" Kyle laughed, "Did you see her face?! HA, priceless!"

"I know it, man." I put the panties in my back pocket.

"Dude what are you going to do with them?" He asked curiously.

I thought about it, "I don't know but I'll think of something."

I told him about her challenging me.

Kyle punched my shoulder playfully, "Dude I think someone's got feelings."

"No, she's my step sister."

"So, I fucked mine."

I was grossed out, "Ew, dude, come on I didn't need to know that."

"Oh come on Leon, you're acting differently with her now before you wanted to crush her."

I mentally winced at his words but it's the truth but that was before I don't want to be that kind of person especially towards her.

"Dude, what's up with that whole bodyguard thing? What is she related to a famous pop star?" He snorted hitting my arm with his.

I nervously chuckled, "I have no clue man." I lied.

"Luke! You're here!" I heard Aqua through my closed door.

Kyle raised an eyebrow, "Is Luke her queer friend?"

I opened my door and saw Aqua hugging Luke, "Hey." I nod towards Luke as Aqua let go of him.

She pointed at me, "He stole those panties!"

Luke covered his mouth trying to keep his laugh in but it got the best of him, "Hahah! OMG!"

"Actually it wasn't me, it was Kyle."

Kyle stood beside me, "Sup."

Aqua rolled her eyes grabbing Luke's hand heading into her room slamming the door behind them.

I chuckled, "See ya later goth girl!" I called through her door.

I suddenly got another idea, "Dude wanna do another raid?"

Kyle smiled, "Lead the way, my man."

He followed me to the basement guessing that the box I saw that had classified written on it might be there. I wanted to look for it, for her.

I turned on the light, "We are looking for a box that has classified on it lets find it quickly."

"Alright man," Kyle said looking around with no questions asked.


"See what I mean?!" I paced in front of Luke as he laid on my bed.

"Damn this is very comfy!" Luke said ignoring me.

I texted Luke, I need him over here me being alone with two boys was wrong, yeah Luke is a boy but he's been gay ever since he can remember and he's my best friend.

I texted him my new address and he hurried over here.

"Are you listening?"

"Uh, maybe." He said laying on my bed running his hands over my blankets, "This is SO amazing I'm going to steal this bed."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, yeah."

I sat beside him.

"Sing to me." He said sitting up.

"Um, no."

He sat up, "Oh come on! You only sang a few times around me."

I sighed, "And?"

He pouted.


He jumped up, "Yesss!"

He walked into my walk in closet finding my guitar.

He handed it to me. I got into a more comfortable seating position with my arm over the guitar and my finger tips on the chords.

"Any request?"

"Miserable At Best but sing the best part, okay?"

I smiled, "Mayday Parade lets goo."

I started to sing while playing the guitar, "Let's not pretend like you're alone tonight."

"I know he's there." Luke sang.

"You're probably hanging out and making eyes."

"While across the room, he stares." Luke sang.

"I bet he gets the nerve to walk the floor and ask my girl to dance, and she'll say yes."


After what felt like hours of searching (More like a few minutes) we found the box.

"Jackpot!" Kyle cheered out holding the box.

"Thanks, man. Let's go back to my room," I said grabbing the box from him heading upstairs.

I set the classified box under my bed.

"So what's-" Kyle started to say but was interrupted by a song.

"I bet he gets the nerve to walk the floor and ask my girl to dance, and she'll say yes."

"Dude, did you hear that?" Kyle asked forgetting his question as I turned to him.

"Because these words were never easier for me to say or her to second guess but I guess that I can live without you but without you I'll be miserable at best."

It was Aqua singing.

Kyle and I walked slowly to her door, I opened it further seeing Aqua playing on a guitar and Luke sitting beside her.

Aqua had her eyes closed but Luke saw us standing there, he smiled.

I looked at Aqua she was really getting into this song.

"Ladada ladada ladadaoh ohhh."

Luke tapped her knee and she opened her eyes and gasped when she saw us.

"Um." She blushed as she handed the guitar to Luke rushing to the bathroom.

He went into her closet coming back out without the guitar, "You're the only other person that's heard her sing, even her Mom doesn't know."

"It's actually not my first time."

"These walls must be thin." He remarked walking over to the bathroom door knocking, "Aqua honey? Please come out."

"Yo bro," I turned to Kyle, "I'm outta here man, see you tomorrow and don't forget practice." He said shaking my hand leaving.

"Leon we're home!" Dad yelled.

"Okay!" I yelled back.

I looked over to where Luke was but he was gone.

I walked over to the bathroom door placing my ear near the door listening to Aqua and Luke whispering.

"Guys?" I asked wondering what they were whispering about.

The door opened I backed away as Luke came out closing the door behind him, "C'mon she wants to be alone, she's freaking out."

"I heard that!" Aqua snapped.

We left her room heading downstairs.

"Hey, Luke!" Rosalie waved at him.

"Hey, Rose!" He smiled at her.

"You staying for dinner?" She asked.

"If you'll have me."

"Of course! Sam got take out."

Luke rubbed his hands together, "Perfect."


We all sat around the table eating.

Aqua wouldn't look at me and for some reason, it's making me mad.

"So Luke how's school going?" Rose asked breaking the awkwardness, she kept looking between Aqua and me.

"Good," Luke replied with food in his mouth.

Rose sighed, "What happened?"

We all looked at her confused, "I'm a mother now spill."

Aqua quickly left the table without a word as Luke went after her.

Rosalie and Dad turned their attention to me, "Well?" Rosalie prompt wanting an answer.

"Well, the shock of seeing a young man going through her dresser might be the cause of it or as Alex puts it she's a seventeen year old female and that's all there is to it."

Rosalie, Dad and me looked at Aqua's bodyguard.

"You're taking Alex's spot while he's away?" Rosalie asked.

He nodded, "Yes ma'am, I'm sorry to intrude but I thought it was time to introduce myself, I'm Theodore Miles but you can call me Theo. I would have introduced myself sooner but I wanted to see how much trouble Miss Lambert," Now he wants to be professional. "would be in if I stayed out of sight so far no one has bothered her till today."

Rosalie was taken back, "You mention someone going through her dresser?"

Theodore nodded, "Yes. I believe your stepson was playing a prank, something about a pair of panties."

I shot a glare at Theodore, the shit?

"Go check on Aqua sweetie," Dad said to Rosalie, "I'll talk to Leon." He looked at me.

"Okay," Rosalie replied standing she walked to the stairs talking to Theodore they went together upstairs.


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