Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


4. 3

2 weeks later they were married, they decided not to have a wedding since they've both been married before I'd have to admit I was happy about that.

Alexander is still stuck in Hollywood he told me the lead was a bust but he still has some things to do and now he has to get his own apartment when he comes back because Mom and I are moving in with Samuel and Leon, sadly. Mom also informed me that Samuel knew the truth about Dad but Leon didn't, she said that was my choice. I don't plan on telling him anytime soon.

I packed the last box of my room, we are moving 20 minutes away from the crematory, which sucks badly for me considering Mom never goes. She has her own way of dealing with pain; never showing it. The only reason I know she still sheds tears for him because I've seen it when she didn't know I saw her. 

"You ready to go?" Mom asked standing in the doorway. Honestly, I wasn't but I know Mom deserves this. A chance to be happy again.

We got into her car letting the movers do all the work, which was pretty nice of Samuel to hire for us,

I fell asleep as we drove to our new home, it was ten in the morning on a Saturday, I stayed up all night reading least I finished the book.

"Honey," Mom pushed me gently, "We're here."

I slowly opened my eyes looking at the house before me, it was huge.

"Jeez, Mom where did you find this guy?" I playfully asked, still sleepy.

She giggled, "I know but it's not all about what the outside looks like, it's what's on the inside."

I got out of the car and took in the view of the other houses; we were in an expensive neighborhood for sure.

I looked at the car that Mom parked beside remembering it from yesterday it was Leon's car.

It's a Saturday shouldn't he be out and about?

We walked up the steps to the door. Mom brought out a key unlocking the door, "Baby we are here!" Mom called out to Samuel.

He walked out of a room, wearing an apron, assuming he walked out of the kitchen.

He smiled warmly at Mom, "Hey! Did the movers give you any trouble?"

"No, they were great." Mom said walking over to him pecking his cheek. I closed the door behind me.

"What are you making?" She asked noticing the apron.

"Tonight's dinner."

"I'll help."

They walked into the kitchen together then Samuel poked his head out, "There's a bedroom upstairs with a black door; I hope you don't mind but I hired a few people yesterday to make the bedroom look nice to your liking thanks to your mother's help of telling me what colors you like." He smiled.

Aw, that was nice of him.

"Thanks, Sam." I returned a smile.

"You're welcome." He said returning to the kitchen.

I walked upstairs and walked the hallway looking for a black door. At the end of the hallway, I found it and right across from it was a blue door that has STAY OUT written on it.

I rolled my eyes, such a child. 

I was about to open my bedroom door when I heard a banging noise followed by a girlish moan.

Oh my god is he really? That's so gross on so many levels.

The moans continue to get louder as I walked inside my room. 

I turned on the light, I was taken back by how beautiful my master bedroom is, the walls were painted black with turquoise splatter on the walls. My new king size bed matched the color scheme. A bathroom was attached to the room. I walked into the bathroom turning on the light I was greeted by a glass shower and a huge soaker tub. I groaned, I have died and went to heaven.

The banging sound brought me back to reality as it became more rapid at this point getting on my very last nerve. If I'm going to live here I will not tolerate this nasty shit.

I walked out of my room facing the blue door bringing my hand up I knocked on the door.

The banging stopped, "Uh, who is it?" Leon asked.

"Your new neighbor; look guys right now you're at a ten with the noise. I'm asking you politely to bring it down preferably to a zero."

"Aqua?" Leon guessed.

I rolled my eyes, "No it's the cookie monster yes it's me dumbass."

The door opened taking me by surprise. Leon stood there holding the door opened in his boxers. His defined muscles and abs glistened with sweat.

"Wasn't expecting to see you today."

I made sure to keep my eyes on his, "I wasn't expecting to hear to people banging but here we are."

He smirked at me leaning closer to me, "Who knew you were a little smartass." He said lowly not wanting Jasmine to hear.

"Trust me I wish my ass was smart," I replied lowly, "Now keep it down," I said loudly making sure Jasmine heard it.

"Ugh, shut up!" Jasmine snapped, "Come back baaaaby." She whined, wanting her lover back.

I rolled my eyes walking into my room.

"I'll try to be quite today but if I were you I'd suggest using your headphones next time." 

"Rigggghhht." I rolled my eyes slamming the door behind me



I closed my door surprised by Aqua and myself. 

What was all that about? Why did I get close to her like that? And her taking up for herself; maybe living with her I'll see a different side.

She was kinda cute.

Dammit no Leon you don't like this girl remember?

Then why the hell am I trying to be friends with her in a way?

"Hellooo babe, we need to finish," Jasmine whined snapping me out of my thoughts.

I closed the door turning my attention to Jasmine, "I'm not in the mood anymore." I said picking up her clothes off the floor tossing them at her.

She pouted, "Come on babe. Don't let her ruin our good time."

"Just leave Jasmine," I ordered walking to my dresser grabbing a shirt, boxers and a pair of jeans.

"Whatever," Jasmine said putting her clothes on as I walked into my bathroom taking a shower.

After my shower, I got dressed then walked into my room Jasmine was already gone. She climbed out the window as usual. 

I closed my window then stepped out of my room stopping when I heard singing.

I walked closer to Aqua's door, I heard bath water running as I peeked in. Aqua had her back facing me wearing the bathrobe that Dad got her; she had her long black hair tied up in a bun she started singing again and I was in awe. It's her voice, not a CD at all but her voice sounded familiar and she was singing a song I heard a few weeks ago when I drove her home when I took one of her ear buds.

"I know it gets hard sometimes," She sang as she walked into the bathroom, "But I could never leave your side," I heard the water turn off then the slight splashing sound as she got in the tub, "No matter what I say."

Then it hit me, she sounds like that dude Adam Lambert but her voice is more girly than his.


I gently closed the door and rushed back into my room and looked up this Adam Lambert.

They look alike....

I found his information on Wikipedia, it says he was married to a Rosalie (Maiden name Valentine) Lambert

Was?.... Aqua's Mom's name is Rosalie....

He was murdered.

I was shocked, who would wanna hurt him?

I saw a picture of Rosalie pregnant and under the picture, it said Rosalie Lambert, carrying Aqua Lynn Violet Lambert.

I stop reading and leaned back into my chair.

Aqua....she never even met her father.

Why should I feel sorry for her and her mother? Because of her damn Mom, my father cheated on my mother with Rosalie then my mother went to the loony bin. That was going on for three years and instead of taking it out on him I took it out on Aqua. I'm trying to be nicer to her but it's hard...

I heard a knock on the door.

"What?" I asked grumpily.

"Son help the movers with Aqua's stuff her mother already has them so busy." He said walking away.

I went downstairs outside grabbing one of the boxes. I looked down at the box through the tape I saw a bunch of little things but what caught me off guard was a pair of neon pink panties. Aqua didn't strike me as a pink person, obviously.

I saw a box that had classified written on it beside some of Aqua's other boxes. I reach over to peek inside but Rosalie came out walking over to me.

I dropped my hand smiling at her, "Hey Rose, do you need helo with anything?" I asked politely.

"No thank you. Just looking to see what else needed to be brought in." 

"Okay," I said walking back inside heading upstairs to her room. I shifted the box over to knock on her door.

"Come in!" She yelled.

I opened the door and sat the box on her bed she came out of the bathroom wearing a tank top and sweat pants. Her hair was still in a bun.

"I thought the movers are bringing the stuff in?" She question.

"Trust me I don't think they want to see neon pink panties; I know I didn't," I smirked at her.

She hastily walked over to the bed grabbing the box seeing it for herself, "Um..." She blushed quickly grabbing the box still trying to hide the panties. 

I walked over to my room grabbing a pocket knife; I walked back to her room handing her the knife, "To cut the tape." I explained to her.

"Thanks." She grabbed the knife as she did I felt her fingertips touch my palm, the contact sent electricity up my arm.

I left the room grabbing more boxes bringing them to her room.

Each time I saw Rosalie I thought of the picture of her carrying Aqua she looked so heartbroken but here she is now married and happy with someone else's husband.

I set the last box from the truck on her bed. Aqua worked fast putting her stuff away, right now she was working on her stereo. I looked at her dresser and smirked.



I rolled my eyes, "Leon I don't have time for this." I said working on my stereo.

"Oh, I think you do." He sounded mischievous.

I turned around and there he was holding those damn pink neon panties.

I gaped at him in horror, "Leon!"

I rushed over to him but he was taller than me, he held them high over my head as I jumped up trying to reach them.

He looked down at me, "C'mon goth girl reach for them." He dangled them high above me.

"You sonofa-" I fell into him taking him by surprise knocking him over.

I took that as my advantage and sat on his lap and reach upwards grabbing the neon pink panties.

"HA! I got them!" I looked down at Leon and he was looking at me; the closeness felt oddly nice. I stared at him for the first time with new eyes. I only saw him as a big bully but for some reason, he's trying to get along with me but teasing me like this is shocking. We stared into each other's eyes. 

He stretched his arms placing them behind his head propping it up a bit, "Anytime now." He smirked at me.

Right, I forgot I was still sitting on top of him. 

I quickly got off of him and opened my dresser putting the panties back where they belong.

Leon was standing now. What was odd I didn't find it awkward, what's wrong with me?

I faced him, "Score one for Goth girl." I joked turning around to work on my stereo.

"Are you challenging me, Miss Lambert?"

I froze, Lambert reminded me of Dad.

"Maybe I am."

I heard him scoff, "Game on, Goth girl, game on."

I heard him walk away, oh boy.

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