Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


3. 2


I groaned slamming my hand down on my alram clock shutting it off.

I sat up rubbing my eyes tossing the covers off of me and got dress then went into the bathroom to brushed my slight frizzy hair.

I put on some makeup then grabbed my My Chemical Romance bag and went downstairs smelling bacon and pancakes.

"Rosie you're making me fat." Alexander pouted laughing.

I sat next to him at the bar laughing with him.

"You're nuts." Mom laughed fishing out my food.

"That's why you love me baby sis. I can't believe they're sending me back to Hollywood." Alexander shook his head shoving pancakes in his mouth.

I felt sad, "You're leaving? Why?"

Mom gave me a look, she never liked me prying into his life mostly because it's about Dad's case.

"Just for reasons kiddo now eat up and let me take you to school," Alexander spoke in his Uncle tone.

I quickly ate then we left to school.

I stayed silent during our car ride but I want to ask him a million questions.

"Don't you be thinking because I'm leaving you are free to do whatever; I've hired someone to look after you till I come back." Not what I was thinking but darn, "You just won't be seeing him as much." 

"Why are you going there?" I asked.

"Well, apparently someone came out of hiding." Alexander talked like he had hope for this lead and I hope finds who that someone is.

He pulled in front of the high school, "Have a good day kiddo." 

"Try to," I mumbled getting out of the car.

"Aqua!" My gay best friend, Luke shouted running over to me.

Luke knows everything including Dad; the first time he listened to Dad sing he became a huge fan.

He smiled brightly, "Don't you know how to answer your phone."

I looked at my phone, sure enough, I had three texts from him.


He laughs a little as we walked inside into the cafeteria for him to get something to eat. After he got his tray of yucky food we started walking to our table I bumped into someone, I looked up it was Leon.

He glared at me shoving me slightly any harder he could've shoved me to the floor, "Watch it goth." He hisses storming away meeting up with Jasmine.

I steady myself, blushing a little from embarrassment, probably noticeable on my really pale face, "S-sorry." I mumbled to his back.

Luke was already eating by the time I got to the table.

I sat down beside him.

"Aqua you really need to watch where you're going! I still don't understand to this day why he and the whole football team bully you like crazy."

"It's now even worse." I blurted out quickly explaining to him the dinner. 

"My damn! That sounds rough how long has your Mom been with this guy?" Luke muffled eating a banana.

"Three years and I just found out yesterday."

I heard the chair beside me pull out scraping on the floor the table got surrounded by jocks.

"Tisk, tisk, little goth girl." The football caption Lewis mocked placing a hand on my thigh, my body tightened at his grip.

"What the hell do you want?" I asked through gritted teeth.

Luke was ready to pounce on him when Lewis noticed him, "Gay boy go take a hike."

"I'm not going anywhere dickface." Luke retorted as one of Lewis followers place his hands on Luke's shoulder pulling him out of his chair by his shirt making him stand abruptly. Luke's chair fell catching everyone's attention including a nearby teacher.

"What's going on here?" One of the female teachers questioned making her way over to the table.

Lewis flashed her a smile and she was dazzled by it, "Nothing just talking to my good friend Aqua, ain't that right?" His removed his hand from my leg wrapping around my shoulders showing the teacher we are good buddies.

I lowered my eyes as I heard the teacher walk away.

"Come on Aqua," Luke said grabbing my hand pulling me up.

We quickly walked out of the cafeteria, I glanced around to see if anyone was paying attention that's when I saw Leon looking at me with an unreadable expression. I realize he wasn't with them at the table, the first time he wasn't involved when he's the one that normally starts it.


I mentally sighed, I'm in my last class; Study Hall which combines 20 kids from different years. Sadly, Jasmine and Leon happen to be in the same class.

The Study Hall teacher is engrossed by the book she's reading to notice that half the kids are texting.

I work quietly on my homework.

Jasmine stood walking up to the teacher's desk grabbing the hallpass she left, she's the cheerleading caption; she always gets by with everything. If that was me I would've gotten a detetion for not asking and probably another one if I didn't ask right.

"Psst," I heard Leon whisper behind me, "Hey you," He whispered again but this time poking my shoulder gently.

I jumped hitting my knee under the desk, I quietly hiss from the pain.

"Scaredy cat." Leon quietly chuckled.

I turned my head slightly over my shoulder not wanting to draw attention, "What?" I whispered harshly.

"Did you get the same text?" He whispered.

"What text?" I whispered back.

He didn't get time to answer me because Jasmine returned. She placed the hallpass back on the desk and returned to her seat. 

She sat back down beside Leon, "Did you miss me?" She whispered to him.

I rolled my eyes sneaking out my phone sure enough there was a text from Mom.

Big news tonight love you!

The bell rang and all the students left in a hurry.

"I'll talk to you later, babe," Leon spoke to Jasmine.

She left the room as I took my time putting my stuff in my bag.

I felt a pair of eyes watching me the whole time.

Once finished I looked at Leon as I placed the strap of my bag over my shoulder, "Can I help you?"

He rolled his eyes, annoyed, "Dad told me to bring you home."

Thanks Mom for the heads up.

"I'm not going home," I mumble.

Leon was about to protest but the teacher cut him off, "Guys?" We turned to our teacher, "I would like to leave."

I nodded, "Of course."

I hurried out of the classroom with Leon hot on my trail, "Goth girl stop, now come on."

I stop dead in my tracks Leon running into me. I turned angrily, "If you call me goth girl again-" I've been dealing with the stupid nickname for three damn years.

"Goth girl, goth girl O where O where is the goth?" Lewis mocked swinging his arm over Leon's shoulder. Lewis's followers laugh.

I crossed my arms annoyed, "Leave me alone!" I hissed at all of them.

He smirked, "Now why would I do such a thing? Now Leon why didn't you join us this morning? Why the sudden change of heart you're the one that hates her the most."

I don't know why I was shocked by Lewis's words maybe because I've never done anything to Leon.

Before things got worse I turned on my heel leaving heading to the cematary.

Once I arrived I saw a woman dressed in all black at Dad's grave. I stayed a little behind her not wanting to be noti-

"I know you're there. I can hear you breathing." The woman spoke staring at the headstone.

I walked beside her, "How do you know him?" I asked her gently as she placed flowers on his headstone I notice she's wearing gloves.

"Let's say I'm an old friend and you?" She asked curiously as she looked at me.

I debated on what to tell her, I've never seen this woman before in my life and suddenly she's here at my father's grave.

"Same." I lied to her but I can tell she was smarter than that.

"Don't lie to me." She spoke in a motherly tone.

"I'm his daughter Aqua." I blurted out, Alexander is going to kill me. I can't toss that word around lightly.

Her smile sent chills down my spine, She brought out her hand, "I'm Lilly."

I shook her hand to be polite, "Nice to meet you."

She dropped her hand taking off her big sun hat her caramel hair fell down framing her face. I got a better look at her face when I saw her red lips my face went paler than what it already is.

She looked towards the gate of the cematary, "Looks like we have company. See you around Aqua." She smiled putting on her sunglasses and sun hat walking away.

I look at the rich looking car pulling in wondering who it could be.

Leon got out of the driver side of the car jogging over to me with a teasing smile, "Your skin is pale white, you hang out in graveyards, you wear all black and you always looked depressed. I know what you are." Leon spoke like Bella in the forest scene from Twilight; it's surprising he even knew what Twilight was.

I went along with it acting like Edward.

I got closer to Leon, close enough to smell his cologne, "Say it. Out loud. Say it!"

"Goth girl."

I glared at him as he roared with laughter.

"I-I'm sorry I had to!" He spoke still laughing.

I shook my head, "I don't understand you since my freshman year of high school you've bullied me and got your whole football team to bully me but now three years later it's been different ever since last night." I suddenly snapped at him.

His laughter stopped. I stared into his blue eyes; I can tell he was battling something inside of him probably on what to tell me but instead of getting an answer he turned walking to his car.

I angrily sigh walking behind him, maybe if I did do something wrong least he's trying to move past it but that's the thing I've never done anything to him.

I got in the passenger seat as he got into the driver seat.

I put my ear buds in listening to Three Days Grace.

My ear buds got yanked out of my ear. I growled at Leon, "Listen, goth girl I'm trying to play nice with you now what are you listening to anyways?" He put in one of the ear buds and I put in the other, the song called I Hate Everything about You started playing and I smirked.

We listen to one more song's then one of my Dad's song came on.

"Who's this?"

I looked at him, "You don't know who Adam Lambert is?" I wonder if he would freak out if I told him we were just at his grave.

"Nah." He said as we pulled into the driveway.

I noticed an extra car parked beside Mom's, it must've been Samuel.

I grabbed my ear buds back and hurriedly exit his car and he did too I think we're both anxious to see what our parent's had to say.

We walked in on Mom and Samuel making out.

"Mom!" I yelled embarrassed, they broke a part quickly, Mom blushed and Samuel looked awkward.

She stood and I looked at her ring finger.

I looked at Leon as he looked at me, he saw it too.

Leon, the big bully changing his ways is going to be my damn step brother.

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