Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


12. 10

5 months later

"Hey Uncle, it never gets easier...does it?" I wiped away a fear tears as I placed flowers on Uncle Alexander's headstone, "You shouldn't be dead. You should be here alive chasing me around making sure I don't get into any trouble or watching out for mom."

I remember when I returned home after the kidnapping when mom told me about what Lilly had done to Uncle Alexander. I couldn't believe it I didn't want to believe it.

It crushed me.

"Hey, baby." Leon greeted me walking up to me.

I smiled at him, "Hey."

We've never talked about what happened or what's going on with us. Every time we're alone with each other I want to talk about it but the words dissolve on my tongue. 

"I'm sorry for coming here on your big day I just wanted to talk to him."

"It's okay, I know you miss him," Leon said gently rubbing my back.

"I do, a lot." I sniffled, "But this is your day."

Leon shrugged, "It's just graduation it's not a big deal."

I lightly smacked his shoulder, "Don't say that! It's not every day you graduate."

"Yeah true. Are you ready to go? If you don't want to leave yet it's okay."

"It's fine I'm ready."

Leon brought out his arm I intertwined mine with his then he led me to his car.

I couldn't help but glance at dad's headstone as we walked by his grave.

Ever since I found out about everything I don't bother going there anymore. There's no point to mourn knowing he's alive and well. Speaking about him, I hardly talk to him. He's always traveling with Laura. I believe a part of him wants to show up at our house one day to see mom again to take her back as his but he knows he shouldn't; I guess things are better unsaid.

Leon opened the passenger side door for me, "My lady," He bowed slightly.

I giggled, "Thank you my kind, sir." I played along getting in the car.

He gently closed the door walking around to the driver side getting in.

"How's Theo doing?" Leon asked taking off.

After we returned home from Hollywood Theodore closed dad's case for good and kept dad's secret from everyone. After the closing of the case, he got hired to protect Mackenzie Tucker an 18 year old model in Los Angeles. I'm just glad to finally have my freedom again and I'm offically safe.

"Good he seems to be liking his job," I answered

"Good." He replied as we arrived home mom's car was gone and a car I didn't recognize was parked in her spot.

Leon parked behind his dad's car.

"Who's here?" I asked Leon getting out of the car.

"I think my uncle is." He answered as we closed the doors of the car walking inside the house.

A man walked out of the kitchen he stopped dead in his tracks looking at us. 

"Well hello, there cutie." He winked at me.

I awkwardly waved tucking a piece of hair behind my ear as Leon closed the door behind me.

"Seriously Leo? She's your step niece lay off." Leon rolled his eyes.

Yesh seems like the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Leo walked over to me gently bringing my hand up to his lips he gently kissed it, "Let me properly introduce myself; I am Leo, Sammy's younger brother."

"Um, nice to meet you," I said awkwardly as he let go of my hand.

Leon was glaring at him.

"Calm down, just having a little fun." He laughed as he started walking away but stopped himself, "Just to clarify," Leo turned slightly looking at me, "How old are you?"

"I'll be 18 in a few days," I answered earning a look from Leon. 

I shrugged at him, what's the harm?

"Just perfect." He winked continuing his walk into the living room.

Leon was still looking at me.

"What?" I asked I didn't do anything wrong.

"Nothing, just nothing." He mumbled walking upstairs.

And they say girls are complicated.

I took a few steps forward hearing the door opened behind me mom and Violet walked through the door laughing.

"It's little Aqua!" Violet squealed as she attacked me in a bear hug, "it's been too long!"

Since my 18th birthday is coming up Violet decided to come down from Hollywood.

"Hey, Vi! It's good to see you!" I hugged her back.

"I'm SO excited for tomorrow! We are going to go shopping!" Violet let go of me clapping her hands.

I smiled, "Sounds like a plan."

"Good you're back." Samual walked up to Mom kissing her cheek, "Let's get ready its almost time for the ceremony."


"Uhh, I don't think this is my scene," I repeated to Leon as we stood in front of Kyle's house with a graduation party going on inside.

Everyone (mom, Samual, and Violet) thought I should tag along with Leon

"So? Come on Aqua live a little." Leon encouraged tugging on my arm a little.

"I do live a little at home with a ghost book; oooo!" I mocked a ghost.

Leon playfully rolled his eyes, "No baby, that's not living that's being a bookworm."

"And there's nothing wrong with that." I crossed my arms stomping my foot ending the conversation.

"Does little goth girl need some motivation?" Lewis smirked shoving Leon aside, "Let me help with that." I took a few steps back worried of what he's going to do. He picked me up tossing me over his shoulder I squealed out of surprise.

"Lewis!" I squeaked as he brought me inside Leon was behind him.

"Come on man that's not funny let her go!" Leon ordered.

"Sure thing." Lewis dropped me my butt made contact with the floor.

"Ow." I hiss rubbing my back end as Leon helped me off the floor then shoved Lewis.

"That wasn't cool man!" Leon yelled gaining everyone's attention as he got in Lewis's face.

Lewis buffed out his chest ready for a fight, "What are you going to do about it little bitch?"

Leon's answer was his fist hitting Lewis's cheek.

"Hey, hey! Not cool!" Kyle shouted as the music stopped; he stood in between Leon and Lewis, "Look you both are my bros I won't kick you guys out but this shit ends now!" He yelled looking between the two. Wanting to help Kyle out I grabbed Leon's arm tugging it.

"Let's go get a beer."

Leon nodded shooting Lewis a death glare before walking away with me.

"Turn the music up!" Kyle hollered.

The music started up and the crowd went back to whatever they were doing before the incident.

We walked into the kitchen to the bar with a cooler on it.

"One of these days I'm going to kick his ass so hard he won't even remember his name," Leon mumbled.

I sigh pulling two Bud Lights out of the cooler I handed one to Leon, "Just chill out. He's a dick its not hard to see that."

He grabbed the beer popping the lid off taking a swing, "I don't see how you can look the other way about it." Before I could say anything he stopped me, "Nevermind."

I popped off the lid of my beer taking baby sips, "There can I go home now?"

Leon chuckled, "Nope."

Kyle walked up to us putting his arms around Leon and mine's shoulders pulling us close to him, "There's my two little trouble makers!"

We laughed.

"He started it!" Leon defended himself.

"Yeah, yeah man," He turned his head more to Leon whispering something in his ear.

Leon shoved him off of us, "Screw off man." He rolled his eyes but smiled a little.

Kyle laughed hard, "See you guys." He walked off flirting with a few girls.

Curious I ask, "What did he say?"

Leon whispered making sure no one heard, "He said I get it you gotta protect your girl."

It was my turn to roll my eyes, "He's foolish."

"As I live and breath it's my bestie!" Luke smiled happily to see me, "I thought I'd never see the day Aqua Lambert at a party."

I was surprised to see Luke here, "Me at a party? What about you!"

Luke fake gasped dramatically placing a hand over his heart, "Aqua, babygirl that's slightly offensive."

I playfully rolled my eyes, "Whatever." I looked to see Leon being dragged away by Kyle going to talk to more girls.

"Now what is this shit you're drinking," Luke looked at my beer, "yuck have I taught you anything?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." I laughed walking out back watching people jump into the swimming pool.

"You're not trying to get drunk are you." Luke noticed.

I titled my head, the last time I drank was at Luke's house when all that went down.

"Aqua Lambert I double dog dare you to drink the rest of this fireball whiskey." Luke dared handing me his cup.

I looked around at the drunk teens laughing and dancing. Why can't I be like that? Just be free of everything living with no regrets (at the moment) just enjoying me, myself and I.

Well, this summer is going to be different from my other summers.

I'm not going to be home cooped up with a good book, well not all the time but anyways from this drink on things are going to change.

I switched my beer with his cup raising it a little, "You know what? Starting with this drink I'm going to become a new Aqua! I'm going to start speaking my mind, I'm going to try new things and start enjoying myself. I've been through so much bullshit I deserve this."

Luke nodded his head in agreement, "I'm already loving the new Aqua!"

I put the cup to my lips drinking the whiskey, it burned going down my throat but that didn't stop me from drinking it.

"Look at my new Aqua goooo!!" Luke cheered me on.

I finished off the whiskey grabbing my beer from Luke I chugged it too.

"Damn, who knew you could handle your alcohol," Lewis remarked watching me.

I stopped drinking my beer looking at him, "I can handle many things." I slurred a little.

Am I...am I flirting with Lewis?

Lewis smirked at me, "Care to-"

"Hell to the motherfreaking no." Luke interrupted Lewis.

I giggled, "Luke," I looked at him, "you should know I'm not into garbage even when I'm drunk."

Oh, thank goodness.

Luke busted out laughing gaining a few looks.

"I wanna dance!" I whined dragging Luke away from a pissed off Lewis. We walked into the living room dancing between bodies that moved off track with the beat.

Luke and I started dancing wildly.

"This is actually fun!" I laughed, "This is probably the second best decision I everrr made!"

"What was the first?"

I stopped dancing, "Forgiving Leon," I murmur with a yawn.

Luke looked behind me with his eyes wide I looked at him confused then turned looking to the spot he was staring at.

Through the dancing teens, I still saw him locking lips with a random girl. They were heatedly making out as he pushed her gently against the wall then picked her up she wrapped her legs around his waist.

I absentmindedly reached my hand up touching my lips, I remember our first kiss when I cut him loose from the chair but he only did it just in case something were to happen. I guess this is what happens when you don't talk about things.

I rubbed my forehead feeling uneasy, "I'm going outside." I walked out the front door Luke followed behind me.

I took a deep breath of the fresh air.

"I'm not sure what all went down with you and Leon over time but if he's hurt you really bad say the word and I'll go kick his ass."

I gave Luke a small smile, "It's not like that. We haven't talked about me and him but I'm not worried about it."

Luke wrapped an arm around me, "Keep the confusion and whatever shit that went down between you two with the old Aqua. If you want to fool around with him as the new Aqua do it and if you want to experience new things do it just don't think too much into it. "

I looked up at the sky, "You're right."

"I'm always right."

We laughed together. 

Take a good look world at the new Aqua.


What do you guys think about me writing a story about Mackenzie and Theodore? ^-^ Please leave your thoughts in the comments!


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