Everything Has Changed (SEQUAL TO WOULD YOU BE MINE?)


Everything is changing for seventeen year old Aqua Lambert. Her mother is getting married, her step brother is Leon Reed her bully the past three years and now there's a mysterious woman hanging around her father's grave.


2. 1

"Hey, dad.." I sat down in front of his headstone like I do every day (when I can get away), "School was long as usual." I spoke quietly picking at the grass, "I manage to get here without being seen by Uncle Alex for some reason he thinks he's got to be up my butt all the time." I smiled a sad smile.

"I'm sadder today than usual..."

"Aqua what did I tell you about leaving without telling me?"

I quickly stood to turn to Uncle Alexander, I groaned, "Seriously? Can I not have a moment to myself?" I crossed my arms huffing in annoyance.

Alexander rolled his eyes, "Your mother is worried sick about you! I know you're mad or whatever at her but don't take it out on me too."

I drop my arms sitting back down, "Yeah I know. I still can't believe it."

Alexander sat down beside me placing an arm over my shoulders, "I know kiddo but knowing your Dad I think he would be happy for your Mom. He wouldn't want her life to be put on hold."

"It's not even just that Uncle, why do you and Mom feel the need to watch my every step, you guys make it seem like there's something dangerous out there."

  "Aqua, there is something dangerous out there that has red lips and pink colored fingernails." He mumbled.

"What are you talking about?" I asked confused wanting to know more.

He heavily sighs, "Will you promise not tell your mother and be a good lil Aqua for her if I tell you?"

I nodded wrapping my arms around my legs bringing them closer to my chest.

"Whenever your Mom started dating your Dad he had a crazy ex that would do anything to see your mother in pain. I have suspicions this ex of his killed him and I believe she'll come after you next. Your mother was forced to change her identity and move here to keep you and her safe." Alexander explained rubbing his temple, "Your Mother is going to have my ass for this." He mumbles to himself.

I took in his words, "She doesn't even know where I am or what I even look like."

"She can always find out; that's why it's my job to keep my darling niece safe and sound and your Mom too. Now want to discuss the other topic?"

I looked at my dad's gravestone the words 'Adam Lambert' stood out to me, "If we must." I mumbled.

"I think you should consider what all your Mom has been through and let her be happy it's been so long for her but knowing her she couldn't do this without hearing it from you."

I glanced at Alexander, his sunglasses hiding his eyes, "Since when did you become a counselor?" I lightly laugh breaking the seriousness.

He shook his head smiling, "Since I had to be a bodyguard of a seventeen-year-old female teenager with raging emotions." He laughs.

I playfully shoved him. He stood extending his hand for me as I grasp it. I'm glad Alexander is my Uncle and best friend, he really knows how to make me feel better.

"Let's head back now." We got into Alexander's car heading back home.

"Thank god you guys are back I've been worried sick!" Mom said worriedly hugging me tightly.

"Mom." I groaned.

She let go, "Right sorry. Please tell me you're okay?"

I nodded and thought about what Alex said, he's right she does deserve happiness, "Mom I'm okay with it. I think you should do whatever makes you happy." I forced a smile, I didn't like it I always used to having Mom, Alexander and in spirit dad.


"Of course."

She grabbed me into another hug and I saw Alexander giving me a thumbs up behind Mom.

"I'm inviting him and his son over for dinner tonight! Ooo how exciting!" Mom hurried into the kitchen.

"Thanks, kiddo." Alexander ruffled my hair I swat his hand away mumbling "Whatever."

I went half way upstairs when I heard Alexander speaking, "She is so much like Adam."

"You're telling me, she has his fire and voice they could be twins."

I continue up the stairs to my room, I feel like every time they talk about Dad I'm missing out on something they know about.

I decided on doing some homework and listening to one of my Dad's CDs on my stereo.

An hour later I heard the doorbell ring and Mom calling me, "Aqua! Dinner!"

I closed my notebook sighing heavily trying to get myself mentally prepared for this, maybe he has a little son. I left my room keeping positive thoughts heading into the kitchen the food smells great.

"Honey come here I want you to meet Samuel."

I walked over to the door, he was pretty handsome for Mom, they look good together.

"Hiya." I awkwardly waved at him.

He brought out his hand, "Hey you can call me Sam."

I shook his hand, "Okay."

He turned to look at his car in the driveway, "Come on son!" He yelled out there then turned back to us.

"Sorry, he's not happy with me."

Mom shared a knowing look.

The passenger side door of the car opened, "Dad this is stupid." A guy whined shoving his hands in the pocket of his jeans.

My eyes widen at him as he made his way up to the door standing beside his Dad. It was one of the senior jock guys from school that makes fun of me because I'm 'sad little goth girl'

I glared at him and felt myself getting disappointed, I was expecting a little one.

We didn't acknowledge each other but I could tell he remembered me.

"This is my son, Leon." Samuel introduced Leon.

Leon ignored me and I did the same.

The atmosphere became heavily awkward.

Mom smiled warmly at them, "Let's eat."

We went into the kitchen I sat down then Leon sat near me on the end of the table.

Mom and Samuel were placing food on the table.

I glanced at Leon when no one was looking, he had his phone out texting probably his plastic looking girlfriend Jasmine.

"Okay guys," Mom said setting the last thing on the table then sat on the end and Sam sat near her, "That's the last of it."

I poured myself some tea and started digging in, same with Mom and Samuel.

Samuel looked at his son, "Lee please put the phone away."

Leon loudly sighed and shove his phone in his pocket then crossed his arms, Samuel rolled his eyes at him.

"So, Aqua do you guys go to school together?" Samuel asked making conversation with me before putting a big bite in his mouth.

I grit my teeth, "Yeah, I've seen him around."

Leon looked at me, "Me too, goth girl."

I tighten my fist under the table glaring at him; the only reason why I haven't torn his head off is because of Mom, she would be upset if we didn't get along.

He ignored my glare then poured himself some tea.

"You going to eat son?"

He shook his head, "Mind if I watch TV?" Leon asked Mom.

"No that's fine, honey can you show him how it works?" Mom asked looking at me.

He stood, "I got it." He said rudely walking into the living room, turning on the TV to Family Guy.

I finished my dinner quickly wanting to get this over with, Samuel is a great guy for Mom. I can tell he really cares for her but Leon I have no words for.

I set my dirty dishes in the sink then kissed Mom's temple, "I'll be in my room," I looked at Samuel, "Pleasure meeting you."

He smiled, "You too."

I hurried into my room, closing the door behind me.

I looked at my clock, it read 8:30.

I grabbed my book and laid comfortably on my bed, a little after three chapters the door opened I peeked over the book, it was Mom.

I set down the book, "Hey did they leave?"

She nodded, "Yes, how do you feel about them?"

I knew my opinion mattered to her so for my Mom's sake I didn't say anything about Leon being a bully to me but I made happy comments about Samuel.

She was happy, "Good."

She kissed my forehead, she was going to bed, I looked at my clock it read 10:30.

She left closing the door behind her and I changed into my pjs and fell asleep.

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