Would You Be Mine? ~Adam Lambert~

I was 17 when I ran away from home. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was a druggie. That's what happens when you live in Hollywood. I never got to live a normal life. Dad made me drop out of high school to get a full-time job that's where I met my best friend Violet, which wasn't so bad but my father would beat me every night; mom would be in her own world.

Where are my manners? My name is Rosalie Valentine and I'd like to tell you a story. It's a great story full of love, friendship, anger, violence and a pop star. You may know him or not. He changed me and my whole world. Before I met him I pushed everyone away. I didn't know how to love but he, he showed me.


16. 16

I stood there looking at his casket. Tears rolled down my cheek. It was a bright sunny windy day. 

I was holding Violets hand and Alexander stood beside me.

Other people were here too. I didn't know them.

"Now may Adam Lambert rest in peace." The priest finish.

No one here knows who I am. Since the killer could be after me and my daughter I had to change my last name even dyed my hair.

I put a rose on his casket and stood by Violet and Alexander. They slowly lowered the casket in the ground and buried him. I cried so hard. Violet was holding me so I wouldn't fall. Everyone left leaving Alexander, Violet and me alone.

I nodded and went over to his casket. I put a hand on it.

"We owe it to him to find whoever did this," I said out loud for them to hear.

"Rose I've been working closely with the police on Adam's case, I want to ask you a few questions please," Alexander spoke rubbing my back.

"Yes of course." I looked at him holding back the tears.

"I think you were followed by someone when you went to see doctor Cooper. Did you or Violet see anyone?" Alexander asked breaking out a notebook and pen.


"Do you have any thou-" Alexander's phone ringed he answered it.

"Holy shit no way." He spoke into the phone, "I will get on it. Send me the picture of the suspect to my phone thanks." He hung up the phone looking at us.

"They finally got a video of June 20th when you went to see doctor Cooper, not long after you guys left a woman wearing a big sun hat came in talking to the receptionist." His phone ding. He quickly opened it, "it's hard to make out the face wait that signature." His face went pale as I looked at the picture.

"Who is it?" Violet asked looking worried.

"It's Lilly Ginger. That's her signature."

I handed back the phone walking to his car they followed me closely, "Better go get that bitch." I told Alexander.

"You know I will. Come on let's bring you back to the hotel."

We got into the car Alexander was driving while Violet and I sat in the backseat. I played with my wedding ring.  

"What's the baby's name?"  

I smiled a little, "Aqua Lynn Violet Lambert."  

"Aww. Violet after me?"

 I nodded and started out the window rubbing my belly.

Aqua, I'm gonna raised you the best I can. Your gonna be mommy's princess.

I smiled.  

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