Would You Be Mine? ~Adam Lambert~

I was 17 when I ran away from home. My father was an alcoholic and my mother was a druggie. That's what happens when you live in Hollywood. I never got to live a normal life. Dad made me drop out of high school to get a full-time job that's where I met my best friend Violet, which wasn't so bad but my father would beat me every night; mom would be in her own world.

Where are my manners? My name is Rosalie Valentine and I'd like to tell you a story. It's a great story full of love, friendship, anger, violence and a pop star. You may know him or not. He changed me and my whole world. Before I met him I pushed everyone away. I didn't know how to love but he, he showed me.


10. 10

June 5th

"Violet I'm glad you made it!" I ran over to her when she walked through the big doors of Adams house.

I hugged her then let her go. Adam was waiting with me. He put his eyeliner on spiked up his hair and wearing a black shirt with a suite coat over it and black slacks. 

I walked Violet up to Adam.

They shook hands, "Nice house man."

He nod, "Thank you."

She looked at me, "You really moving in?"

I smiled and nod.

Alexander came over to me. 

"Ready guys?"

"Yes sir!" I smiled.

He smiled back.

We all got into the limo. 

I didn't really need much just some clothes and pictures. 

We made it to my house in like 15 minutes. All of us got out of the car. I was standing at the bottom step of my house. I was scared so badly I was shaking a little. Violet was beside me holding my hand.

I looked at her, "You are strong Rosalie don't let this monster scare you." She whispered.

I smiled a little.

I walked up the steps and open the door. As I walked inside Mom wasn't there but dad was walking downstairs.

"What the hell are you doing back?" He spat.

I looked away, "I'm here to get my stuff."

He laughed harshly, "If there's any of your shit left."

I shook my head, "Where's mom?"

"Like I care."

He had a bottle in his hands than threw it at me but he missed and hit the wall.


 Violet, Alexander and I were waiting outside for her. I heard something shattered.

"I'm going in."


Alexander passed me a gun. I put it in front of my waistband of my slacks. I walked up the steps and went inside.

"Get off of me!" I heard Rosalie yell.

"Cmon you little bitch Daddy's hungry!"  Some person yelled.

I grabbed the gun and ran upstairs. 

Rosalie screamed for help and I heard a smack. I ran down the hallway and went inside a room that I believe was hers. It was a mess clothes thrown everywhere and her posters off the wall her vanity was thrown to the ground. I saw a bed he was on top of her trying to get her cloths off her. She was kicking and struggling. 

"Hey!" I yelled.

I aimed the gun at him.

Rosalie stopped struggling.  Her dad raised his hands up.

"Hey man I was just having a little fun ya know."

I was disgusted, "She's your daughter."

"Cmon man p-put the gun done. You can have her just please don't shoot."

"Get off of her now."

He quickly got off her and stood by the edge of her bed. She got off the bed and stood behind me.

No way was I gonna let this monster hurt her.

I walked closer to him.

"Hey, hey what are you d-doing?"

"Get down on your knees."

He dropped to his knees. I looked at Rosalie. 

"Leave now."

She nodded and ran downstairs.

I pointed the gun at his head

"Please have mercy"

I laughed harshly, "Me? Have mercy? I bet Rosalie begged repeatedly in her head when you beat the living shit out of her. Then you try raping your own daughter you're a heartless bustard."

"Adam, you okay?"

I looked up, it was Alexander.

"Alexander!" His father gasped.

"This isn't my place."

I gave the gun to Alexander and he walked over to him. He put the gun to his head.

"Hello father. Enjoy hurting my sister huh? Well guess what big shot this is gonna change."

He pulled the trigger.

His brains blew all over Rosalie's bed.

Alexander looked at me, "I'm gonna hide the gun. You take the girls and get outta here."

I nod grabbing a duffel bag that I assume Rose started packing before that animal attacked her. I ran quickly downstairs and out the door slamming the door behind me. 

Violet looked up. She was holding a crying Rosalie.

She glared at me, "We heard a gunshot. The hell happen in there?"

"Get in the car now."

Violet open the back car door and let Rosalie in then herself then I climbed in.

"Give him your address," I told Violet watching Rose sob she made her way over to me holding onto me tightly.

Violet returned to her seat as I raised the glass up between us and the driver.

"What happen?" Violet asked seriously.

"Alexander shot Rosalie's father."

Her mouth dropped, "Oh my..."

We were in front of Violet's house.

I looked at her, "Let her stay here for a few days. I'll come back when things are better."

She nodded and looked at Rose, "Um Adam?"


"You got some carrying to do."

I raised an eyebrow and looked down at Rosalie, she was sleeping soundlessly. I smiled. She's so adorable. 

Violet got out first then I slowly got out with Rose then picking her up and carried her in bride style. She cuddles up to my chest. She felt so warm and fit there perfectly. I walked up the steps and Violet opens the door.

"You're lucky my parents aren't home."

"Guess I am. Where's your room?"

She walked upstairs I followed behind her making sure Rosalie didn't hit her head on the railing.

She passed two doors then stopped outside a black door.

"Well, you're very colorful."

She glared at me and open the door, "Set her on my bed."

I nodded and she walked away. I walked inside Violets room and gently laid Rosalie on the bed.

"Violet."  She mumbled.

"It's okay Rose."

"There's something I wanna tell you." She grabbed my hand, "You're gonna say I told you so but I'm falling for him...I know... My whole thing about fairytales aren't real are crumbling Vi..." She yawned. 

I smiled at her words, she's falling for me? As much as I want to stay I couldn't. I quietly left before she woke up. I walked downstairs running into Violet.

She crossed her arms, "What's gonna happen?"

I shrugged, "All Alex said he was gonna hide the gun. I'm going to call and see where he's at."

She nodded, "Don't worry about Rose. I'm going to watch over her."

I nodded and left her house. I got into the limo telling the driver to take me home then called Alexander.


"Hey, Alex where you at?"

"Your house. Is Rosalie okay?"

"Yeah man. She's asleep. I'm leaving her at Violets till we get this straighten out."


I hung up the phone and looked at the duffel bag.

I grabbed it and looked through it. It had a bunch of pictures of her and Violet. Her mom, dad, brother, and her. A bunch of writings, one caught my eye. As I read it more, it was a song called I Am Only One.

I put it all back and got out of the car holding the duffel bag. I ran up the steps of my house and open the door. 

Alexander was inside sitting on the steps.

"Where's the gun?"

He was looking at the ground, "In the lake."

One of my maids walked over to me.

"Linda put this in Rosalie's room."

She grabbed the duffel bag and headed upstairs.

"Tomorrow you should go get her. I need to say goodbye. I'm leaving."

I was shocked, "What? You can't leave."

"I have to. Till everything calms down."

I shook my head, "Are you positive?"

He stared right at me, "I trust you." He smirked, "Don't make me regret it."


He stood leaving.

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