Finding Pan

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever.


5. The Seashell Necklace

The Seashell Necklace

We left the hideout to set our adventure to save Pan. We have no idea where he is and have no plan on how to retrieve him once we do find him. Cameron took the lead through the forest with tink by his side. They argued on directions once in a while and Cameron kept smiling and Gracie and I. Gracie was holding my hand taking in all the magic in the forest. The glowing flowers, mystical animals, gigantic colorful mushrooms and many trees and vines. We have been walking for an hour and don't know where we are.

Gracie- Cameron are we almost there?

Cameron- um. Yeah. Just through these leaves... and we should be there.

Me- be where?

Cameron ignored me and I could see why. We went through the hanging leaves and entered into a unicorn land. There were so many unicorns around and they were beautiful creatures. Cameron lead us through them carefully to the other side and we were finally to water. The overview of the water was crystal blue, two full rainbows in the sky and no boats. The beach was covered with rocks. You could barely step anywhere without stepping on one. The rocks started moving. The all moved towards Cameron but why are rocks moving? They popped open and they were creatures. They were trolls! Gracie and I looked at each other with amazement. They didn't talk but Cameron seemed to be communicating with them somehow.

Cameron- amazing! The trolls said that there was a boat here earlier but it traveled of towards the mermaid lagoon.

Gracie- mermaids!

Me- how do we get there?

Cameron- good question. Tink anything?

Gracie- she said to take dolphins?

Cameron- correct but we just need to.... ah here.

Cameron picked up an actual rock and threw it into the water. We waited for a minute, and then a flock of dolphins appeared at the shoreline. Cameron told us to get on a dolphin and they will take us to the mermaid lagoon. Thats pretty neat. Gracie grabbed my hand and we were riding a dolphin underwater. Somehow we were able to breath but I didn't ask questions on why. The underwater scenery was amazing. There was a huge palace and many mermaids swimming around along with other fish and sea creatures. Cameron kept looking over to me with this huge smile on his face. We arrived on the shore and there was the boat. We finally found where Peter must be. We just needed a plan to get over there and get Pan back.

Me- so... any ideas?

Cameron- we could fly over.

Gracie- let's do that. Then we can fight the pirates off and get Pan free. Then live happily ever after.

Cameron gives Gracie a forced smile but pulls me to the side. He needed to talk to me about something without Gracie though. He ran his hands through his hair before giving a sigh that we might not do anything. I looked into his deep green eyes, took his hand and give him a warm comforting smile.

Me- what's wrong?

Cameron- nothing. Just Gracie's plan.

Me- what wrong with it. Isn't that how it always plays out. There's a fight with the pirates then we win and live happily ever after. The end. Right?

Cameron just stared at me like I was crazy. I think I was crazy at this point but not crazy enough for a flying man to think I am dilutional.

Cameron- I wish it was that simple now. Hook.... Hook came back and wants to kill pan. Most likely he will get us before we can save him and who knows what will happen then.

Me- ok. Well let's just think. What is Hooks weakness?

Cameron- he can't stand Pan. And Pan always ends up beating him. Now ... he's gone.

Me- don't say that. Pan is not gone and you have the same ability that pan has. He taught you to fly and fight. What more could there be!

Cameron- I wasn't raised here you know. I know that there is so much more to that. I came here cause my parents were pushing me to grow up so fast. I couldn't handle the pressure and one day....I just woke up here. Pan taught me how to fly and fight pirates and to never be afraid. Everything is an adventure. You either take it for what it is or not at all.

Me- wow. My parents are pushing me too. All I wanted to do was never grow up and stay Gracie's age forever. But now I see why I want to grow up. Gracie looks up to me. She wants to be exactly like me when she grows up. I'm like... I'm like her pan..... just promise me something.

Cameron- anything.

Me- promise me that you will never give up on what you want, not what someone else wants. It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do. That is the secret of happiness.

Cameron- promise. And will you promise me something in return?

Me- what will that be?

Cameron- never take this off.

Cameron placed a necklace around my neck. It was a beautiful seashell. I feel like it is a symbol of never growing up. Always stay childlike. It fits perfectly and I would never take it off.

Me- I promise. Now let's go save pan.

Cameron took my hand I grabbed Gracie's. Tink hovered over us and sprinkled pixie dust on us and we went flying through the sky off to save Pan.

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