Finding Pan

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever.


3. The Mysterious Tree

The Mysterious Tree

A couple hours passed and we finally had cake and food. We went down to the beach and were heading back to get ready for the movie and then for the camp out. Gracie loved to hang out with me and before we left the beach I was teaching her how to have good balance.

Me- ok, go on your tipi toes and put them close but not to close to each other.

Gracie- I can't do it.

Me- don't say that.

Gracie- why not?

Me- because if you say you can't then you can't but if you believe in yourself you can fly to the stars.

Gracie- hey what's that?

Me- what's what?

Gracie was pointing towards the woods and said she saw some kind of light coming from there. I didn't see anything but before I knew it Gracie was running into the woods at night.

Me- Gracie wait up! Don't lose sight of me!

More like don't lose sight of Gracie. She kept running and I almost lost sight of her but she stopped at a tree. It wasn't a tree like the others around it. This one was thicker and looked more fake than the other skinnier trees. Gracie walked up to the tree and found a key whole in the tree. Not something typically in a tree. She looked around for a key. This is crazy and not real. There's not really a key to fit that key whole. Right? Someone probably just cut something that resembles a key whole in the tree to fool people like us.

Me- Gracie this isn't a good idea. We should start to.....

I stopped because I thought I heard something. Maybe someone. I got kinda scared but then a soft whisper came in. "Just think of happy thoughts and you will fly." I didn't know what it meant but Gracie seemed to haven't heard it. I feel like it was telling me to take the adventure behind what this tree could be hiding. I started to look around for a key and found a pile of leaves. It was there. It was an old fashioned key and very dim looking key.

Gracie- hey you found it.

Me- I don't know if this is such a good idea I mean a tree with a key slot and an actual key.

But I heard the whisper again saying the same thing. "Just think of happy thoughts and you will fly." I saw the look on Gracie's face. She wanted to go on an adventure. It was the face of a child wanting to find pirates and become a princess.

Me- would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?

Gracie- yeeey! Let's go... You open it.

I approach the tree with curiosity and a happy thought that I will find adventure and feel like a kid again. That gave me hope. I am running away from reality to go fight pirates meet princesses, talking animals and ably to fly away from my future. I open the door and it's pitch black. It looks like an endless black whole.

Me- ok let's jump.

Gracie- but what if we fall?

Me- but what if we fly?

I heard that voice again and grabbed Gracie's hand and jumped. Shock and fear went through me but something was telling me to jump. We screamed and it seemed endless. The bottom was approaching as Gracie and I saw a light. This was it. We were going to die because I forced us to jump. I told Gracie to believe you can fly and you will touch the stars. She listened to me and I had to listen to my self. I figured if I was going to die I would die believing I could fly. I did. I believed I could fly and we finally reached the light. We hit the clouds like a soft pillow.

Me- dear god, that was crazy. Gracie are you alright.

Gracie- I think I'm fine. But....

me- where are we?

We look over the cloud to see a blue crystal ocean surrounding a green topped island. There was a pirate ship to the left of the island, a huge castle like building to the back and a rock farther away from the island to the right side. It was like falling into a dream world. I think it was a dream. It was increasingly and impossible at the same time. The only problem is that we are stuck in the sky on a cloud and have no way of getting down.

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