Finding Pan

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever.


4. The Last Lost Boy

The Last Lost Boy

Gracie- that's the light I saw in the woods.

Me- oh. Um do you know how to get down?

Gracie- how should I know. You pulled me down here.

The little light was right in front of us. I think it was a fairy. But it can't be. There are no fairies in reality! Yet again I don't think we would be able to sit on a cloud in reality either so. It is a dream world. I hit my head on a tree chasing Gracie into the forest and this is all a dream, that seams really, really real.

Gracie- the fairy said to fly.

Me- um we can't fly we are people! only fairies and Peter Pan can fly!

Gracie- her name is tink and she said to trust her.

Me- as in tinker bell?

The fairy nods and I have completely lost it. I take Gracie's hand and the fairy sprinkles us with pixi dust.

Me- remember faith, trust and pixi dust. Think of a happy thought and believe in yourself that you can fly.

Gracie- let's go!

She jumps and I follow her. It was Exhilarating flying though the air just like Peter Pan and tinker bell. Gracie never let go of my hand. We followed tink to where she was leading us. It looked like a secret hideout. In a tree. (How ironic). The forests was just as magnificent as above. Magical creatures live about and mystical nature only seen in dreams and fictional stories. Tink took us into the tree and we went down this really fun slide to get inside. The place was really big for a tree hideout. It looked like no one was their anymore.

Me- hey tink does anyone live here anymore?

Gracie- she said that all the lost boys left many years ago but one stayed with Pan.

Me- how come you can hear tink and I can't?

Gracie- she said that I am still a kid. And your...

me- not. I know.

I was kinda depressed about that so I went to go sit down on a hammock. I can't believe that I am in the presence of a fairy and can't even hear her because I am grown up. Tink went to sit on my shoulder.

Gracie- she said to not feel bad. Pan also was going to give up being a kid.

Me- really? Why on earth...well, why would he do that?

Gracie- she said that he fell in love. He wanted to go back to reality where he would have parents that cared for him, get to be in love and experience the choices he would have to make.

Me- wow.i don't think I know anyone who wants to make choices like deciding the future and planing out your whole life in two years.

It started to get really depressing when no one said anything. Tink went over to her little house and just sat down. Gracie came next to me and held my hand. I never truly noticed how other people look up to me like Gracie does. She is so much younger than me and wants to be just like her older cousin. I guess there is a perk to growing up. From the corner of my eye I saw a boy coming out from behind a sheet. He looked like he belonged here. He had dirty blond hair and covered in filth. Grace tugged on my shirt with curiosity and fear for the Mysterious shadow.

Gracie- Lexi who is that?

Me- I don't know. Tink?

Boy- don't be alarmed. I am not who you think I am.

Me- pan?

He started to walk out of the shade and closer to us. He was very mysterious.

Boy- my name is Cameron. I am the last lost boy there is.

Gracie- where is Pan?

Cameron- he left. He was going to leave this place to go back to reality. Until...

me- until what?

Cameron- until the pirates captured him.

Gracie and I were both shocked. Pan never gets captured from pirates. He saves everyone from pirates. Now there is no one left to save him.

Cameron- there is no one left to help him other than me and tink. I can't take on pirates by myself!

I started talking to myself in a whisper saying "if you say you can't, you can't. But if you believe in yourself, you can fly to the stars."

Cameron- what did you say?

Me- if you say you can't you can't. But...

Cameron- but what?

Gracie- but if you believe in yourself you can fly to the stars.

Cameron- you can help.

Me- what? Me?

Cameron- both of you. You can help me and tink find Pan and get him back.

He seemed to eager. He seemed.... child like. You could see in his eyes that pan is like his role model. Cameron looks up to pan just like Gracie looks up to me. I didn't want to let Gracie down when sh gave me that exact face Cameron was. He wanted to go on an adventure. I got up with more confidence and ran to stand on a table.

Me- let's go on an adventure to save pan.

Cameron and Gracie got so excited, jumping up and down running around the room. Cameron went to a back room to grab supplies. I seriously didn't know if this was a good idea or not but what could go wrong.

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