Finding Pan

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever.


6. Saving Pan

Saving Pan

Flying through the air holding my 8 year old cousin's hand and watching a boy fly to fight for his hero. The ship was approaching and Cameron hesitated to continue but he looked at me and went straight for the ship with no fear. We really didn't have a plan other than find Pan, get him and try not to die. There were no pirates on board and no sign of pan. My nerves were starting to tense and I was starting to get nervous myself. We landed in a beam and waited to see if anyone was in the cabin. Five pirates came out of a door and nearly startled me to death. I jumped back but Cameron caught me and gave me a look saying that we can do this. A couple more people came out and there was Pan, tied up in the cabin to a pole. Hook was nowhere to be seen though. We came up with some kind of plan and went for it. I was first to go cause a distraction. I flew down into the middle of all of the pirates. Using all my will to do it I finally said something.

Me- the reason birds can fly and we cannot is simply that they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.

They all looked confused and stared at one another. I started to run around the ship and they all ran after me. I grabbed a sword I found on the ground and turned to face them all.

Me- who is willing to fight me. A girl.

I was standing perfectly still starting them down. They all paused and didn't know what to do because even though they are pirates they don't just fight a girl unless the boss tells them to.

Me- what afraid?

I heard a strong deep voice, but not from the crowd in front of me but from behind me. I was completely petrified because I knew exactly who it was. Hook.

Hook- I will fight you.

I slowly turn around to see a tall man in a red overcoat and leather boots. His hair was long and he had a death stare on me. He Slowly moves closer to me and I just stand there with my sword not really knowing what to do.

Hook- who are you?

Me- ...... I am.... um

Hook- what is you name?

Me- ... my name is Lexi. And I am here for Pan.

Hook just gave a chuckle and smiled. He didn't move any closer. He knew I was intimidated.

Hook- he left a little girl to do his work. Funny.

He had me I didn't know what to do. I lost my stance and went down in shame. I stood there for a minute while he laughed at me. I picked up my head and was not going to let him push me around.

Me- no I am not a little girl. I am a grown up.

They all gasped because all grown ups are pirates.

Me- I make my own choices and don't let anyone push me around and tell me what to do. I am a woman who knows what she wants. And what I want is for you to release Pan. Now.

Hook looked at me with shock and he seemed he didn't know what to do. But he gave a small chuckle then stared at me.

Hook- did anyone else come with you?

Me-..... no.

I have him a strong answer but he didn't seem to believe me.

Hook- get her.

I hesitated to run and two guys came behind me and grabbed me holding me still not able to go anywhere. They caught me. Hook came down to my level and was deciding what to do with me. From the corner of my eye I saw Gracie flying quietly into the cabin where Pan was being held. She was inside before Hook turned to the door. He paced in front of me playing with his hook.

Hook- boys you know what to do.

They tied my hands in front of me and made me walk the plank into the water. I really didn't know what to do. He had a sword to my back and I had to jump. I walked forward and jumped. I jumped right into Cameron's arms. The crowd was shocked that he was here. We kinda had our moment. He was carrying me princess style in his arms and untied my hands. I soon realized we were flying and grabbed his neck. He chuckled and placed me back on the boat in the middle of all the pirates.

Hook- don't just stand there kill them!

Cameron- you ready for this Lexi.

Me- I am so ready. Let's kick some pirate butt.

Cameron and I are back to back fighting off the pirates, but there is way to many of them. One pirate is mocking me saying a girl can never fight for herself. I fight back and say that one girl is more useful than 20 boys. We can't keep up. One pirate takes a low blow to my leg. It hits me. I fall to the ground and start crying out in pain. Everyone stops and looks at me. The guy who hit me starts to feel really guilt for hitting a girl and making her cry. I catch him off guard and start fighting with all my might. He ends up falling over the side of the boat swimming away cowardly.

Me- OK. Who else wants to mess with me?!?!

I hold up my sword and Cameron just stands there stupidly staring at me like I am the coolest person he knows. I signal for him to come over here and he is finally out of his trance.

Cameron- .... right. Who else wants to fight us!?!

They all place their swords down and jump over board. Only Captain Hook is left. He slowly claps for our victory mockingly. Coming down the stairs towards us but neither of us let our guard down. He seemed to have disappeared during our fight but he just came out of the..... wait.

Me- no!

Cameron looks at me like I'm crazy.

Hook- no, what?

Me- ... nothing.

Cameron- it's two against one Hook. Give up?

Hook- Cameron. So nice to see you. How is you mom doing?

Cameron doesn't move or answer but I am getting a little curious on why Hook wants to know how his mom is. I lower my stance a little and just stare at Hook.

Hook- what. Are you going to ignore your own father?

Me- what?

Cameron doesn't do anything but look ashamed.

Me- what does he mean Cameron?

I ask with a force in my tone and he just sighs and stares into my eyes. He sees them start to tear because he lied to me. He was one of them. Was? Is?

Cameron- its true. But I can explain.

Me- go ahead. Give my your explanation.

Cameron- he is my father but he was pushing me to kill Pan and destroy everything good on this island. The unicorns would be meat, the trolls would be servants and the fairies would be his light. I didn't want any part of that and neither did mom. We left Neverland when I was little. My mom was pushing me towards things at an early age I also didn't want in my life. So I ran away. I ran away to the only person I knew would want me.

Me- pan.

Cameron- right. He didn't want me at first but thought I could be useful and soon asserted me with the other boys. The other lost boys soon left with Wendy but I stayed with Pan.

Me- oh. I'm so sorry Cameron.

Hook- oh boo hoo. Let's just get this over with. Or else your little friends won't last very long. He motioned to the back and pan and Gracie were tied up. There goes the plan. Time for plan B.

Me- let's do this.

Cameron- I ... can't do this.

Me- what? What do you mean, you can't or won't.

Cameron- I'm not Pan. He fights Hook, not me.

Me- if you say you can't you can't but if you say you will then...

Cameron- I can fly to the stars.

Me- will you fly to the stars or sink to the bottom of the sea.


me- you can't breathe underwater. Just think of that.

Cameron smiled toward the ground in my response and shook his head.

Cameron- ok. I'll do it. I'll do it for Pan.

Cameron faced Hook and fought his father to save my cousin, Pan and me. I ran over to Pan and Gracie and freed them. Cameron was putting his life in danger to save us. His fight with Hook took a good 2 minutes and now Hook had Cameron on the side of the boat. He pushed him over and he was gone. He didn't come up. Hook turned to us with his victory smile until Cameron flew over Hook. He surprised him with a rope he tied his hands with. He grabbed the rope and pulled him into the air. Hook looked petrified because this was it he was finished.

Hook- come on cam. You wouldn't do this to your father would you?

Cameron- you have never been, and never will be my father.

With that hook was dropped into the water never to be seen again. Pan flew so exited towards Cameron and they were so excited to see each other totally forgot about us. I was checking to see if Gracie was all right and no scars.

Gracie- Lexi. I'm amazing.

Me- great. I think it's time though.

Gracie- really. Do we have to leave so soon?

Me- we have been here for nearly a week! Don't you miss your mom and dad?

Gracie- I can live without them.

I frown at her enthusiasm to stay but we really need to leave.

Pan and Cameron heard everything and were also kinda sad. Cameron looked sad for a different reason. I pull him aside to tell him everything.

Me- we have to go.

Cameron- why? You can stay here. With Pan. ... And me.

Me- you don't know how much it hurts me to leave you.

Cameron- do you mean that?

Me- of course I do! You have made this adventure the most thrilling moment in any girls life.

Cameron- I'm just really glad we didn't die.

Me- dying is an adventure but to live is the biggest adventure there is. You just have to chose the right path.

Cameron- I'm glad you chose this one.

Me- I almost didn't! There was this whisper telling me "just think of happy thought and you will fly".

Cameron- really? Who was it?

Me- don't know.

Cameron- tink. It was tinker bell!

Me- I can't hear tink though. I'm.... grown up.

Cameron- you can't hear her hear but you can hear her in your world because there you still embrace being a child at heart.

I just smile at the thought that I am not totally grown up yet. I will always stay a kid at heart telling stories and believing in fairytales. Cameron came closer to me and smiled at me. He lifted my chin toward him and kissed me. It was magical. We released and I went into hug him.

Me- thank you.

Cameron- for what?

Me- reminding me that I am still a kid inside. I can still go on adventures and believe in fairy tales.

We walked back over to Gracie and pan. Gracie went to hug Cameron's leg not wanting to leave. Cameron grabbed her and went down to her level to talk eye to eye with her.

Cameron- you know how Hook was my dad right?

Gracie- I do now.

Cameron- well I also had a mother. She loved me so much and wanted everything for me.

Gracie- my parents want that for me too.

Cameron- but I ran away from my mom and now I miss her warm hugs, fresh baked cookies, or dinner cooking when I got home from school, and even when you don't want to believe her, she is always right.

Gracie- I love my moms cooking.

Cameron- if you came here how would you think she would feel?

Gracie- she would miss me terribly.

Cameron- I missed my mom terribly but Pan raised me as his own son. I never had a mother who truly loved me enough to come and find me.

Gracie- I understand.

Me- I think it's time to go Gracie.

Gracie- ok. But can we come back again.

Cameron just smiles at her and sprinkles pixi dust on us. Gracie grabs my hand and I hold on to Cameron. We fly off to the second star. That second star to the right, shines in the night for you, to tell you that the dreams we have really can come true. We were back in the park near the tree we entered. Cameron kissed me good bye. He turned around and was going to disappear until I grab his hand crying.

Me- I changed my mind. Don't say good bye! Take us back to Neverland!

I could see in his eyes that he didn't want to leave either but he had to. This is my world and Neverland is his world now. It just can't be. He looked at me and grabbed my hands.

Cameron- never say goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting. I never want to forget you.

Me- neither do I.

Cameron left us there in the forest alone and dark. Gracie was sleeping on a leaf pile close by and I joined her. Cameron watched us fall asleep then fly away back to Neverland where he belongs. He will never be sent to bed because he will wake up a day older. Before I fell into a deep sleep I heard Cameron whisper in my ear. "You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I will always love you. That's where I will be waiting". Then I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up and the sun was risen and it was morning. Gracie was still sleeping next to me. I figured it was all a dream. We were to tired to go back to the movie and stayed in the forest on the way back from the beach. I had myself convinced until I saw that tree. There was no key whole and no door but was the same tree. I went to get Gracie and noticed something bouncing around my neck. It was a Necklace. It was a Necklace with a Seashell on the end. I smiled to myself and tucked it into my shirt. I went to get Gracie up.

Me- Gracie! Gracie! Wake up! wake up! It's morning!

Gracie- what happened?

Me- the most incredible night happened!

Gracie- hey your necklace. OH my gosh!

Gracie and me were so excited and didn't really know why. Some other kids came into the forest to look for us. One kid came in who really doesn't like me.

Jake- hey I found them! Where have you two been al night. Everyone is so worried.

Me- we had the most amazing night Jake you would never believe us.

Gracie- we went to Neverland and fought pirates and saved Pan and lexi fell in love with lost boy!

I couldn’t stop Gracie quick enough but Jake just laughed at us.

Jake- haha very funny story you told her. Now let's go back to the park.

Gracie- but it's...

me- we will meet you back there.

Jake- fine but hurry up. Pirates. Pathetic.

Me- now Gracie I know that last night was real but other people might not believe us. So just kinda keep this adventure between us. Okay?

Gracie- okay. What happened with you and Cameron?

I stood up kinda sad about him leaving but knew he was where he needed to be and I was where I needed to be. Dreams do come true if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life, if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

Me- if it is meant to be he will. Come back. If not then...

I look at the star and think "second star to the right and straight on till morning" is the way back to Neverland. I look down at my necklace and notice it's not just a Seashell but a locket. I take it off and open it to find a note written inside. It said " so come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, in Neverland.

- Cameron

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