Finding Pan

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever.


2. Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

People say that fairytales are not real and theirs no such thing as happily ever afters. Well maybe there right. Or maybe they keep choosing the wrong path, that could lead them in an amazing adventure, that could change their life forever. The day started off as any other day. My parents were bickering and my older brother and sister got frustrated and just left. We were going to meet up with the rest of our family for my cousin Gracie's birthday party. She is turning 8 and is the only cousin that I actually hang out with. She loves to listen to my stories and I also give her some tips on gymnastics. We finally left after 2 hours when my parents finally stopped fighting. It took us thirty minutes to get there and it was at some park surrounded by trees and the ocean on one side. We pulled into a parking space and I saw Gracie. She looked beautiful in her sundress and new sunglasses. She ran over to my car and hugged me.

Gracie- hey Lexi I am so glad you're here!

Me- I'm so glad to see you! Hey, are you getting taller or am I shrinking? How old are you now like 5, 6?

Gracie- hey! Im 8!

Me- what! No way you're that old! Grandmas walker is over there let's go get it for you cause your knees might give out soon.

Gracie- hey. I can handle it just as fine as you can.

Me- I don't know can you beat me to your mom over there.

Gracie- sure I can. watch.

Before I could say another word she was off running towards her mom at the food table.

Me- hey no fair!

I run after her and soon catch up. She has a huge smile on her face and I just couldn't let her lose on her birthday. I drop back a little but then sprint right behind her and pick her up in my arms and try not to knock the food table over.

Gracie- I totally would have won that if you didn't pick me up cheater.

Me- cheater! Me! You bolted off ahead of me.

Gracie- it's my birthday. I get a head start.

Me- ok fine. You win.

I started to talk to Gracie's mom and the rest of my family for a long time. They all said the same things; oh my your getting so tall?, are you driving yet?, your getting to be such an adult?, how's high school going with those hard honors classes?, your turning into such a fine young lady. Two hours of talking to the adults about politics the environment and how I should be thinking about my future. I don't want to grow up! I want to stay Gracie's age forever. No more stressing classes, thinking about my future career, and the other things that happen as a teen(you know what I mean). I just want to stay young forever and have no worries. Watching Gracie play with the other kids reminds me how simple life was back then. Do I chose playing blocks or playing hopscotch. Now it's do I chose a close college or far college?, what type of college?, what do I want to major in?, what do I want to minor in? I barely know what to wear in the morning yet again chose what my life is going to be. I was done with the grown up talk and left to go play with Gracie. She was on the swings by her self.

Gracie- hey Lexi will you play with me?

Me- of course! Where did everyone else go.

Gracie- I don't know, but can you tell me a story?

I go to sit down on the swing next to her.

Me- ok what one shall I tell you.

Gracie- make up something new.

Me- ok. Let's see. Well once upon a time there was a princess who never wanted to grow up. Her life was perfect as princess, but her parents kept pushing her to becoming queen and she needed to set an example for her people and needed to do all this work as queen.

Gracie- what did she look like?

Me- well she had long blond curly hair, gorgeous pale skin, and sparkling blue eyes. She had the most outstanding dress designs anyone had ever seen. Ok where was I. Oh she didn't want to take over for her parents so she ran away. She ran to the beach where she usually goes to get some air but this time was different. There was a ship close to the shore. It was an older ship.

Gracie- was it a pirate ship?!

Me- yes. It was! It was a pirate ship and they did not look friendly. The prince came running after her and knew where she would run off to. The princess didn't think much of the boat though so just ignored it. The pirates started to come closer to shore and soon they were on the beach with the princess. The prince saw the princess being dragged away.

Gracie- oh my gosh! The prince should go help her!

Me- that's what you think. The princess takes matters into her own hands and starts to fight off the pirates. Her heels are considered some kind of weapon and she manages to escape. But one pirate is left and he has a sword. The prince finally helps and tosses the princess his sword and goes to get the other two attackers. The pirate says to the princess that he was going to kill her, but the princess comes back and says...

Gracie- to die would be an awfully big adventure!

I smile because I always end with that line. It's one of her favorite parts of the story. Gracie stands up and starts to pretend fight with me. She is the princess and I am the pirate trying to kill her. Gracie pins me to the ground and holds her sword to my neck.

Gracie- any last words pirate before I kill you?

Me- I think their serving cake now.

Gracie- really?!

Gracie looks over to the food table and I catch her off guard and pin her to the ground.

Me- ha. Never lose your focus. Now any last words before I kill you?

Gracie looks disappointed so I started to tickle her sides and she couldn't stop laughing.

Me- what, you can't even take being killed seriously. Your going to die and you are laughing about it!

Gracie- hahaaaahaaah!!! Stop Lexi haaaahaa I can't take it!!

I finally stop and pull her into my lap.

Gracie- that was fun.

Me- I know. Just never grow up Gracie. Stay like this forever.

Gracie- when I grow up I want to be just like you.

Me- what if you don't grow up. I like that idea better.

Gracie- all children grow up, except one.

Me- and who might that be?

Gracie- Peter Pan!

Me- ah yes the boy who can fly and fight pirates.

Gracie- just like you.

Me- what?

Gracie- just like you in the story. The princess.

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