The V Card

At St James school, the students have created a annual event called the V Card. Where every student in Year 9 receives a V Card and the challenge is to either lose their virginity or collect as many as possible. Now in Year 11 Ellis Claire still has her V Card but only has eyes for one boy in particular. Her best mates twin brother Robbie Hedrick one of the popular boys in school. All he seems to care about it girls and sex and his hot girlfriend Naomi Camp. To Ellis's surprise after a game of Truth or Dare at Jessica's and Robbie's house, the truth comes out and it may ruin everything for everyone around them.


2. Prologue


The V Card


"Have you heard about Romaine Bloodworth?" Jess asked so excited as she blurted out the new hot piece of gossip of the school. I shuck my head and proceeded to eat my lunch whilst listening to bad touch by the bloodhound gang. 

"She lost her V card to Chris Kringle" she tried to whisper but everyone else around us heard and start to gossip about it. God I swear this girl has no common curtesy and can keep a secret. 

"Well that's her problem isn't it Jess?" I finally answered her not really caring about the gossip at all. 

"Oh c'mon Ell don't be such a sour puss, we both know you love a bit of gossip like the next person" I rolled my eyes and decided to scroll through Facebook instead. I noticed that she was the talk of our year group chat which doesn't surprise me cause once someone loses their V card the whole school knows about it. It's basically an epidemic at this school. Let me just fill you in... 

At the start of Year 9, everyone is given a virginity card aka the V card and your challenge is to either lose it or have collected the most virginities by Year 11. No the school doesn't promote sex it's just something us (the students) have taken upon ourselves to create and turn into a little game. I believe my cousin Jack and his mates created this game and that was over 4 years ago as he's now in university and in a happy and stable relationship, so yeah this is pretty much the whole deal. So basically in Year 9 I'm sure like 20% of the whole year had lost their virginity due to this stupid challenge which has turned all the lad into jerks and sex obsessed pricks but it's also turned the girls into slag and boy obsessed loonies. Me on the other hand, still happens to have my V card and I don't intend to lose it or get rid of it till I'm out of this hell hole and it's no longer a little game to lose it. I swear my parents hate me because no way if they knew about this would they have put me in this school, but if they did know then they wanted to know if I could break under the pressure of the stupid challenge well guess what mum and dad I'm in Year 11 and I'm still a virgin!!! 

"Ellis! Ellis!!! For god sake Ellis" Jess yelled at me breaking me from my thoughts well more like talking to you guys but she doesn't need to know that... well you're in my head! Oh god I'm now talking to myself. What the fuck is wrong with me? Am I going loonie? I think I am? "Ellis, your blanking again" she said throwing a chip at my face which happened to land in my open mouth. 

"Sorry I was thinking about something" I smiled and ate the chip. She giggled and looks in the direction of my eyes which I didn't even know was in a direction as they were blurry and unfocused.

"Haha... you were thinking about Robbie wasn't you?" She asked causing me to blush. I rolled my eyes and continues to look down my newsfeed. She threw another chip at me and I just growl and look up at her. I see Robbie standing behind her with his hands on her shoulders. 

"Hey ladies?" He smiled causing my cheeks to heat up slightly. 

"Hey Robs, Ellis was just drooling over you again" Jess said without thinking causing me to boot her calf under the table, she groaned in pain and started to rub her leg. That's what you get for telling your twin I was drooling over him you little shit! 

"Hahahaha why doesn't that surprise me?" He giggled and winked to me before leaving the table and going back to his mates. 

"What was that for?" 

"You told him I was drooling over him! I swear to god every time he's around you tell him embarrassing facts about me! Your supposed to be my best mate Jessica" I pretty much yell at her but only loud enough for her to hear. 

"He's my brother Ellis, I'm going to tell him weird shit about you! Plus, you've been drooling over him since year 7, just ask him on a date already!"

"No! As he'd turn me down plus he's going out with the local bike remember" 

"Please don't remind me, even though it would be weird I'd rather you go out with him then little miss STI" 

"Well I'm glad I have your vote of confidence" I giggled and finished off my last few chips before, standing from my seat and taking my tray to the bin. As I reach the big a hard shove comes from the left and right of me. Great! 

"Ellis, Naomi doesn't approve of you eyeing up her man. So if she catches you doing it again she's going to end you okay!" Twiddle one says, I roll my eyes and continue to put my tray contents into the bin. 

"Did you hear us Ellis!" Twiddle two pipes up.

"Yes I heard you but why don't you get your master to come and tell me herself or do you always have to do her dirty work for her cause she as we all know she doesn't like getting her hands dirty unless it's to do with sex" I spat out sourly and walked away from them. I went back to my seat and sat down with a huff. "I swear to god I can't stand them or that witch !!" I growl into my hands. Jess wrapped her arm around my shoulder and just laughed. 

"Well if it's any consolation, Robbie is yelling at Naomi for send her minions to you" she said causing me to look up and blush. He always seems to protect me when it comes to Naomi and her minions but yet he always stays with her to make her happy. I don't get it sometimes. 

The first bell rang, which meant end of diner and back to learning crap I don't need to know like how to create a chemical reaction. When I'm god earth am I going to use a chemical reaction in acting? When? Never! That's when! I sling my bag over my shoulder and link arms with Jess as we walked out of the canteen. "Ellis, Jess" his deep, sexy voice called from behind us. We stopped and turned round to see Jackson and Robbie running towards us. Jess start to melt at the sight of Jackson, and I had to hold her up right before she fell to the floor. "Hey!" I replied loosely trying to remain calm. 

"Jess could you do me a huge favour!" Robbie asked and she soon tensed up and I could tell she knew what he was going to ask. 

"No I will not lie to mum where you are after school! She starting to suspect thing and when she's find out you're not the only one who's gonna get into shit for it" she yelled. 

"Jesus calm down Jess, he's only going to Naomi's to give her a good dicking" Jackson joked and gave Robbie a high five.

"Your disgusting" I groan and start to walk away. 

"What's that supposed to mean" Rob asked, I continue to walk down the hall, whilst answering his stupid questions, leaving Jess to deal with him and his ridiculous best mate.

"You're fucking a STI wriggled slag... work it out" 

I finally walk into Mr Hayhurst's class and take my seat at the front, pulling out my notebook and pens. "Good afternoon, Ellis" he smiled and I smiled back saying good afternoon. The class soon piled in and starting making a racket and a fuss about homework and gossiping about Romaine and others who have just recently lost their cards. Statistically about 85% of the entire of my year have lost their cards and the 15% who haven't been either nerds, losers or just people who aren't stupid enough to give it to any hillbilly in this year (like me and Jess). It's beyond madness to think that my cousin Jack had created this stupid game and now it's like a ritual at this school. Well it's goes to prove how much a trend can effect the entire school let alone the local schools around us. Apparently they've started on this trend too. 

Jack would definitely be happy to hear that when I next seen him that's for sure. 

"Right class today we'll be learning ratio and how we solve ratio equations" sir began to speak. 

"Who knows how to start a ratio equation off?" He asked and I put my hand up, he smiled and looked around the class to see no one actually paying any attention. 

"Ellis, how do you work out the equation then" 

"You add the 4 and the 2 together which is 6, you then you divide the amount by the 6 to get the value of one, then you times the value of one by 4 which gives you part one then you time the value of one by 2 which gives you the second part." I answer with a huge smile on my face, I heard someone mutter the word nerd from the back of the classroom but I brush it off and write down everything I've just said into my book. 

"Well done Ellis that is correct, can you all please write that down into your books please" Mr Hayhurst's asked. 

The lesson pretty much flew by because it was only me answering the questions and paying attention to what was going on in the class. I swear my year is going to fail at life only because they pay more attention about gossip then they do actual work that will help pass their GCSE's at the end of this year. My phone buzzed as I walked out of maths into the very crowed and busy corridor. I unlocked my phone and noticed it was from Robbie.

Robbie *.* -  Are you okay? You seemed a little pissed off with me earlier ? X

I quickly typed back a reply, smiling like a hyena as I walked down the corridor. 

Me – Yeah I'm fine, don't worry about me. Did Jess give you an ear full ?? X

I locked my phone and continued to my final class of the day... Drama ! I love drama as I always wanted to be an actress since I was little and I know it's not much of a huge career choice but I really want too go into musical theatre. I practically skip to class and take my seat in the middle of Jess and Robbie, I can tell she's still pissed off with him. "Has he still pissed you off?" I asked quietly making sure Mrs Pan didn't hear me curse. 

"Yes he has! It annoys me that he expects me to keep lying to mum so he can go screw that tramp" she spat out and I giggled slight at what she called Naomi.

"I can hear you! And she may be a tramp but she's what keeps me popular! Would you rather me go out with Ellis and loose all my mates" he said raising his voice, making me wince slightly when he brought me into it.

"Yes actually I would! Maybe then I'd get my brother back and you'd actually be happy instead of always arguing with her" 

"Oh grow up Jess ! Your only acting like this because Jackson doesn't notice you but instead thinks of you like a sister" 

"Take that back right now Robbie!!" 

"It's the truth and you know it !!!" I sat and watched these two argue at each side of me causing the whole class to watch in amazement. I have witnessed them arguing quite a lot but not many people in this school have and well when they argue it's definitely a sight to see. Jess stood up from her seat and walked over to Robbie, pulling him up from his seat by the scruff of his collar. "You take me for fucking granted! I'm your twin sister and you treat me like utter shit !!! I honestly don't see what Ellis sees in you but all I see lately is you turning into a fucking Jerk who cares more about screwing girls then he does hanging out with me and Ellis !!!" Jess yelled whilst crying. It was the first time in months I've see Jess let out so much emotion. She let go of him and stormed out of class, Robbie fell back onto his seat and look extremely shocked. I stood up and ran after her! I swear there is more going on then I know. I walk down the corridor to mine and Jess's secret hide out, where muffled cried could be heard. I slide into the gap and took a seat next to her. "You going to tell me what the hell that was back there?" I asked and she shook her head then laid down and rested her head on my lap. 

"He's changed so much El! I'm losing my brother to the stupid game that is the V card epidemic" she spoke quietly.

"I know he has but he's now popular and has friends. He seems happy now !" I explain with a sigh. 

"Remember when it was just me, you, Rob and Jackson that summer back in Year 8 when we went to my grandads cabin in Cornwall" she asked and I laughed at the memory of us back in year 8. 

"Rob and me was so tight back then and that's when you discovered how sweet Jackson could be and how much he cared about you" I said with a smile, running my hands through her soft blonde hair, I noticed her hazel brown eyes look up at me with a smile. 

"I also discover how much I actually liked Jackson too" 

"That's when Rob saved me from being kissed by that fat, pimple infested jackass" 

"Haha yeah, he said he was your boyfriend and kissed you to prove it to that lad" She said wiping the tears away from her eyes, sitting back up. We talked a little more about the past and how much we actually miss it just being us four but as we got older Robbie and Jackson become hotter and hotter, whilst me and Jess slowly developed ! Not going to lie Jess is absolutely stunning with her blonde hair and brown eyes plus she's tall and has a great body, me on the other hand I'm quite small, big hips/butt, black hair and blue eyes. I've never really been pretty so I was shocked when Jess and I become best mates. We eventually walked back to class and collected our things, as it was end of school. Robbie and Jackson was sat waiting for us, Robbie looked pretty damn upset, his gorgeous hazel eyes were all red and puffy like he'd been crying. "I'll give you all a few minutes to talk" Mrs Pan said leaving us in the auditorium. I took a seat next Jess which was about two seats away from Robbie and Jackson. 

"I'm so sorry Jessica, I never meant to make you feel like total shit! I'm not going to meet Naomi today. Me and Jackson thought it would be a good idea for us four to hang out like we used to and make a regular thing of it again !" Robbie explain and I started to smile. 

"Your forgiven and I'm sorry for lashing out at you! I love you Robbie and I don't want to lose my brother to a slag that's all" Jess said and stood up. Robbie followed her actions and they walked toward each other, he wrapped his long arms around her small frame and kissed the top of her head.

"I love you to sis" he said and smiled at her. 

"So what are our plans today then?" Jackson asked but he already knew what we was going to do! 

"SLEEPOVER" we all screamed in sync!! We grabbed our things and ran out of the school and into Jess and Robbie's mums car. 

"Hey Mrs M, long time no see!" Jackson smiled and greeted their mum. 

"Omg Jackson! Haven't you grown up into a handsome young man?" She smiled and pulled him into a small hug before she started the car.

"Well it's lovely to see you Robbie" she smiled and kissed his cheek. 

"you saw me earlier mum" he laughed and rubbed his mums kiss of his cheek. 

"I know but it feels weird seeing you after school that all, seat belts on and I'm guessing your having a sleepover like old times ?" She asked and we all nodded our head with the worlds biggest grin on our faces. She started the car and pulled away from the school parking lot. 

"Turn on the music Robbie!!!" Jackson yelled and turned the radio. When Jimmy eats world's the middle comes on, instantly we all began screaming the lyrics on the top of our voices 

"It's just takes some time,

Little girl, you're in the middle of the ride,

Everything, everything will be just fine

Everything, everything will be all right" we scream, even Mrs M or Joyce as she like me to call her was even singling along with us. 


You know they're all the same,

You know your better on your so don't buy in, 

live right now,

Just be yourself,

it's doesn't matter if that's good enough for someone else" we kept singing, honestly we sounded like drowned rats but in all honest, we didn't care because we was having a good old laugh well that was till Robbie's phone started to ring. He turned the volume down but me, Jess and Jackson continues to sing. Robbie answered and it pressed his black iPhone to his ear.

"Hey princess...I'm not going to be able to come over as I'm hanging out with my sister and Jackson....Yes Ellis is going to be there because she's my sisters best mate and my friend too...Naomi stop crying, I'm not leaving you for Ellis, she's just a friend... I promise....I love you.... Okay talk later" he hung up the phone and turned the volume up again. I stopped singing and looked out of the window, I noticed Robbie was looking at me from the corner of my eye but I just ignored it, I felt Jesses warm hands take a hold of mine and give it an understanding squeeze. I turned and smiled to her just as her mum pulled into their drive way. I grabbed my bag, unbuckled my seatbelt and climbed out of the white Mercedes. Jess followed after me and we waited a few minutes letting the boys walk a head a little. "I heard everything Robbie said to Naomi in the phone. I wanted to punch him and I will later I promise" she smiled and pulled me into a tight embrace. 

"I love you Jess" 

"I love you too but let's go get ready to have a great sleepover !!!" She beamed taking a hold of my hand and running up the drive and into her house pulling me along with her. I quickly texted my mum and told her I was staying at Jessicas for the night which she was totally okay with as perusal. I slipped out of my black ballet pumps and ran upstairs to Jess's room where I pulled out my batman pj's and started getting undressed. I heard Jess's door open, I continued to undress, pealing myself out of my school shirt and jeans. "what if I was Robbie?" Jess said letting me know it was her who came into the room. 

"Well I'm pretty sure I would have screamed and been extremely embarrassed" I reply as I kick my trouser of my foot. I pull on my shorts and vest top and tie my long black hair into a tight pony tail. I watched in awe as Jess decided what pjs to wear, this wasn't normally her it because Jackson is here she always wants to make an effort or at least grab his attention. "Well let's be honest it wouldn't be the first time he's caught you with your bra and knickers on show" she reminded causing my cheeks to turn bright red.

"We promised to never speak of that dreadful day!" I groan at her and head for the door.

"You should have never told me then" she giggled as I left her room. I saw Robbie walking out of his room without a top on and his long pj bottoms fixed firmly on his hips. His abs look amazing especially with his golden brown skin tone. I diverted my eye quickly making sure he didn't catch me staring but I'm pretty sure it was too late. 

"Did you enjoy your good old stare?" He asked and I blushed.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled.


"Because your with Naomi and I shouldn't really be looking as you're my best mates brother"

"That's true but I can't say I didn't look when I caught you on in your underwear" 

"Oh shut up ! You didn't look at all, you laughed" I sigh and walk downstairs feeling a little upset. I entered the living room and sat next to Jackson who was wear army pj bottoms. I got snuggles up under the quilt and laid my head on Jacksons shoulder. Jess walked in and she could tell something was wrong so she sat next to Robbie but sat typing on her phone. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket in my shorts.

Jess XD – what has he done now ? Xxx

I typed a reply.

Me – he brought up the bra and panties incident and well he laughed at me remember xxx

She was quick to type back 

Jess XD – I remember, I swear he doesn't have his brain connected sometimes xxx

Me – I think that too xxx

I locked my phone and it pinged again, I unlocked it thinking it was Jess but instead it was Robbie.

Robbie *.* - I'm sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to laugh when I saw you in your undies, I just don't know what to do, I'm sorry I brought it up El x

I locked my phone and didn't reply, Jackson put mean girls on and we all sat reenacting the whole film, I playing Regina which was always my favourite part, Plus I knew her lines off by heart. After mean girls was white chicks and we all sang the song when it came on we all screamed the lyrics at the TV and was up and dancing like complete lunatics which if you filmed it would have been hysterical. Joyce made us pizza and brought it to the living room, and left as she need to go finish of some work in her office which was upstairs so we promised we'd be a little quieter. 

After we watched a few more movies we decided to play a game of truth or dare which couldn't be that bad. I hope! "Jess truth or dare?" Robbie asked her. 

"Dare" she smiled confidently. Robbie pondered the thought of what her date could be. About a few minutes later he finally spoke. 

"I dare you to kiss Ellis on the lips". I gasped and so did Jackson but Jess stood up from her place and walked over to me before smacking her soft plump lips against mine. She pulls away a second later and goes back to her seat, my mouth hung open and my eye were wide as the moments of what happened reply in my mind. My best friend just kissed me for the first time ! What the actual fuck ? I noticed Jackson adjust himself slight, causing me to blush and Robbie to burst out laughing. 

"Dude you totally didn't just get hard over that little kiss" 

"N...nope" Jackson stuttered. Boy really confuse me sometimes.

We all did random dares and truths which was a right laugh expecially when Jessica has to try and do a sexy dance which wasn't sexy at all. "Okay your turn Robbie... Truth or Dare?" Jessica asked breaking me from my train of thought.

"I choose Dare"

"Okay.. I dare you to... do 5 minutes in heaven with Ellis" she brushed out, causing me to glare at her as my mouth hung open.

"Why me" I stated, folding my arms over my chest, "plus he has a girlfriend".

"Oh cmon you've always wanted to kiss him again especially after that trip to grandads cabin".

"Cmon Ellis don't be a prune" Jackson butt in.

"Fine but only if Robbie wants too" 

"I'm down" he said, standing up and walking over to me. He held out his hand causing me to blush and smiles (yes I blush easy). I took his hand and stood up. We entangles our fingers and he took my upstairs to his room and closes the door behind us. This should be good...

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