The V Card

At St James school, the students have created a annual event called the V Card. Where every student in Year 9 receives a V Card and the challenge is to either lose their virginity or collect as many as possible. Now in Year 11 Ellis Claire still has her V Card but only has eyes for one boy in particular. Her best mates twin brother Robbie Hedrick one of the popular boys in school. All he seems to care about it girls and sex and his hot girlfriend Naomi Camp. To Ellis's surprise after a game of Truth or Dare at Jessica's and Robbie's house, the truth comes out and it may ruin everything for everyone around them.


4. Chapter 2

Chapter Two - Oh Dear 


So I've in be in school for about 20 minutes and I'm already shitting myself. Jess and the lads are walking behind me whilst I walk ahead watching everyone staring in my direction. For the past couple of weeks school has started to allow us to wear our own clothes instead of the shitty uniform... thank god !! "Ellis! Slow down!! It's not a marathon" Jackson moaned.

"Oh shut up !!! You'll be okay as you're in the rugby team so you should be used to fast pace" I spat back very sassily.

"Not the only thing I do fast pace" he said and I could tell he was smiling his little ass off. I soon heard a loud grunt and a hiss. I could tell Jess jabbed him in the gut. 

"Ouch! Robbie that hurt dude!" Jackson groaned causing me to turn round and look at the very proud look on Robbie's face. Oh my bad.. it was Robbie who did it instead. I let out a chuckle and let a pleased smile appear on my lips. I watched Robbie's expression change in the space of a second... the clatter of heels against the school floor seconds later caught my attention. I quickly went and stood by Robs side and clenched onto his arm for dear life. He placed his hand onto mine and rubbed the top of it with his thumb. "You'll be fine, El I promise" he whispered only loud enough for me to hear. 


"You say that now but if she finds out I'm dead" I mutter as I start to fill with dread and regret. Just as I say that the evil bitch and her minions step into view. Oh fuck! 

"Aweee look at little Ellis clenching to my boyfriend for dear life... better let go before I end you !!!" Naomi snapped harshly.

"She doesn't have to let go Naomi ! As we're over !!! Like completely done for good and for everyone's information I'm with Ellis now and anyone especially your little clones try and hurt her you'll have me to deal with !!! Okay!" Robbie spat out very loudly for everyone to hear, I feel Robbie remove my hand from his shoulder and tangle our fingers together. 

"You can't do this to me !!! Robbie !!! You're supposed to love me !!' ARG !!!" Naomi called as we began to walk away from the crowd of students. I could hear her stamping her heels onto the floor, throwing some sort of childish tantrum. I let out a huge sigh of relief and I feel my heart beat slowly calm down. "Jesus" I sign with a smile on my face. 

"One down and loads more to convince" he whispers and kisses the top of my head. I blush and feel his hand squeeze mine. I know this is a fair relationship but a part of me wants to think that maybe he does actually want to be with me. Silly... right! 

"What are you on about?" Jess looked at me confused. 

"Wait... I said that out loud" I asked.

"Only the silly right part, so what was you on about?" She answers with a half hearted smile.

"Oh nothing just thinking out like" I laugh and decided to stay quite after that. We continued down the corridor to my locker which was next too Jess's and I turned the dial. I pulled my locker open and took out my time table. Maths greats !  I grabbed my books and slammed my locker shut and spun round to face everyone. I notice Jess and Jack had disappeared. 

"Where they gone ?" I asked Robbie looking confused. 

"They said they'd meet us in class" he smiled and placed both hands at either side of my head against my locker. 

"Well we better get going to class then haven't we?" I asked with a little frightened. 

"Don't be scared, baby" he said huskily as he leaned closer to my face. Kiss me ! Kiss me! My brain screamed. Robbie's face was close enough that I could feel his warm breath fanning my lips. My heart began to race at the closeness of us, even though we've kissed today and yesterday, I don't think I could ever get used to this. 

"Are you going to kiss me?" I asked quietly for only us to hear.

"Maybe or I might leave you craving me" he taunted. I rolled my eyes and pouted slightly. 

"Aweee does El want me to kiss her" 

"If your going to be like that then no I don't but I thought we was keeping u-" I snapped before Robbie's warm luscious lips connected with me causing me to stand shocked. I quickly recovered myself and began to kiss him back, gripping my books tightly. Robbie slipped his tongue into my mouth which caused me to gasps and moan slightly. 

"Miss Claire and Mr Hedrick what do you think you're doing ?" Mrs Kyle shouted from down the halls. We pulled away instantly and blushed covered my cheeks as I tried to hide my face. 

"Nothing illegal Mrs Kyle" Robbie replied with a cheeky smile.

"Fornicating on school premises is breaking school rules!" She scowled. My body tensed as my grip on my books tightened. 

"We was having a kiss there is nothing wrong with that" Robbie said, moving his hands from my lockers and turning round to face Mrs. 

"Ellis go to class and Robbie you'll come with to my office" she said forcefully, looking between us too. 

"Okay" I muttered and began to turn away when a hand gripped my wrist.

"I love you Ellis" he said with a bright smile.

"I love you too" I lied and leaned up and pecked his lips. I turned on my heels and stalked down the corridor and upstairs to my maths class.


At the beginning of maths everything seemed to go smoothly as it could, me and Robbie was the talk of the class and of cause I was getting quizzed about stuff that i had no idea how to answer. Everything just seems to to fall into place for this plan to actually work. Thank god. Robbie eventually came to class after Mrs Kyle lectured about the school rules on kissing in the hall. Thankfully for me his seat was next to mine so we held hands and helped each other out with questions and equations we didn't quite understand. Jess was fascinated by the new maths teacher that she couldn't see the obvious flirting that Jackson was throwing her way. "Jess are you blind" I whispered behind me. 

"No why?" She asked confused. I pointed to Jackson and made the flirting face we use to signal each other when someone was flirting with us and she just made an o shape with her mouth. 

"I hadn't realised with the hot new substitute teacher" she blushed and focused her attention onto Jackson. I carefully watched as Jackson and Jess flirted but I noticed her attention would occasionally drift to Mr Michaels which I knew was never a great sign. I felt a warm hand grasp mine and place it onto their leg, tangling my fingers with his, taking my attention from Jess, I looked up at Robbie with a bright smile and laid my head onto his shoulder. 


Classes seemed to fly by not only because most of them were revision lesson but I'm sure me and Robbie were the only ones actually doing some work. "Robbie, why are you and Ellis such a cute couple?" Jess announced whilst in the cue for dinner.

"Maybe because of how cute El makes it !" He beamed causing my face to heat up. I know this relationship is fake but cmon this feels so real which isn't good for my heart because I swear it's going to explode from crushing so hard on him. 

"Hey! It's not all me! You make this relationship cute too" I smile playfully slapping his chest. My phone beeped causing my to focus my attention to that, it's a text from mum.


Mummy bear 🐻: when was you going to tell me about you and Robbie ???? Xxx


I quickly typed back a reply.


Me: when I got home ? How do you know ? Xxx


Mummy bear 🐻: how can I not find out when Jess plastered it all on Facebook and then proceeded to ring me after she found out xxx


I looked at Jess and showed her my phone screen. She plastered the I'm innocent look on her face and I knew straight away it was her. "Jessica what are you playing at !!!! You told my mum !!!!" I snapped, causing Robbie and Jackson to pay attention to this convo. 

"Yes but only because I couldn't hold my excitement any longer and plus me and your mum has always thought you too would become a thing eventually" she beamed and o could tell she was proud of herself. I rolled my eyes and went back to texting my mum. 


Me: sorry I wasn't the first to tell you xxx


Mummy bear 🐻: it's fine dear invite them all round for tea including Jess's mum, could do with a good old chat to Amanda xxx


Me: I'll ask them xxx


I locked my phone and shoved it back into my pocket, I asked them to dinner and told my mum they'd love to including Jackson. We walked further down the line till the smell of pizza and chips filled my nose make me more and more hungry. I took a tray from the pile and began to slide it across the counter. 

"Ellis what would you like?" Jenna the cater asked.

"Usual please Jen" I smiled and lifted up my tray, she placed a slice of pizza, small bowl of chips and a bottle of apple juice onto my tray. I thanked her and continued to the tills. I watched the cashier type in my items on the till and told my to scan my finger. Here at St James we use a finger scanner to pay for our food and it comes out of a bulk of money our parents put onto the system each month, it's a great way to track how much your kids are spending but also to know they aren't spending it on cigs or other stuff like drugs and alcohol. I leave the cafeteria and head to garden to find an empty table. 


I scan the grounds finally finding a table at the far side of the garden, I raced over to it and placed my tray down. I sat on the concrete slab that stuck out from the table which is supposed to be the chair, and looked around for Jess, Jack and Rob. "Where are they?" I whisper to myself. 

"Here baby" Robbie said from behind me, his brown almost black hung in front of his face as he leant over and kissed my forehead. 

"I thought you'd left me then" I fake pouted trying to be cute. 

"I'd never leave you princess" he said as he placed his tray next to mine and took a seat.

"Cmon guy some of us actually would like to eat and not be out off of their food" Jackson complained. 

"Shush! It's cute that my brothers found happiness with my best friend! What's not to love?" 

"I'm glad I have your approval sister" Robbie smiled and wrapped a arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer. I really have no idea how anyone could say this relationship is fake even though it is because from an inside view it looks so bloody realistic. We're flirting, laughing, being cute, doing couple thing what's not to fault us. To be perfectly honest if someone could point out any part of our relationship that looks fake I'll give them £20. 

"Oy!!! Robbie!!! Ellis !!!" Said a oh so familiar scanty voice. 

"Oh here we go" Jess muttered, I turned in the direction of the no so wanted voice and watched as Naomi and her clones stalked in our direction. 

"Let me handle this" Robbie said standing up from his seat. Naomi and her "followers" stopped right in front of us, me staying firmly in my seat watched the scene unfold.

"You and me need you have a word !!" Naomi screamed at Robbie and he shuck his head laughing.

"Oh yeah we do!! Where would you like to start ?" He replied to her with a huge grin on his face. 

"How on earth can you break up with me and get with that low life?" Naomi spoke, a little calmer this time. 

"Because your nothing but a self-centred, hypocritical, lowlife herself who doesn't have anything better to do then cheat on her boyfriend with another guy and then go an blame everything on your boyfriend!!" Robbie said clenching his hands into a fist and trying to keep his cool. I gently rubbed my hand against his one of his fists trying to calm him down. I felt his body relax as his hands retracted back to normal, I tangled my fingers with his and rubbed my thumb along the back of it. 

"I never cheated on you !!" Naomi screamed and stomped her feet.

"Yes you did with Finley Homes" he said calmly as he looked away from her, I've seen him hurt but the hurt I could see in his deep blues eyes broke my heart like she did with his. 

"Oh!" She gasped and looked at the floor.

"I think it's about time you and your skanky followers pissed off" Jess said bluntly causing Naomi and her clones to turn on their heels and left us alone at our table. I stood up and wrapped my hand around Robbie and pulled him into a tight hug. "You okay Rob?" I asked stupidly. Why do people do that, when it's  obvious that when someone is upset or distraught but we still stupidly ask if there okay. I felt his arms wrap around me and his head lean against my shoulder and into the crack of my neck. "I'll be okay princess" Rob laughed and squeezed me tightly and kissed my neck, causing me to bite my lip. Oh god that felt nice. We pulled away from each other and we smiled at each other. "Oh your food is going to get cold" Jackson yelled trying to steal my pizza, I quickly slapped his hand away and i watched as he rubbed the back of his hand whilst I smiled with a happy grin. I sat down and shoved my pizza into my mouth making sure to rub it into Jackson face. 


We sat and talk about random shit during dinner and before we knew it, it was time for class again. I shoved my tray onto the stand waiting for Jess. I gave her the I hate PE face and she just laughed at me and linked her arm into mine. "Be happy we get to watch Robbie and Jackson play rugby whilst we ditch Tennis like always" she pointed out and I nod my head in agreement. We left the garden and headed to the rugby field to sit on the edge of the hill to watch the boys rugby team. Hopefully they actually pay attention and don't fuck about like usual.

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