The V Card

At St James school, the students have created a annual event called the V Card. Where every student in Year 9 receives a V Card and the challenge is to either lose their virginity or collect as many as possible. Now in Year 11 Ellis Claire still has her V Card but only has eyes for one boy in particular. Her best mates twin brother Robbie Hedrick one of the popular boys in school. All he seems to care about it girls and sex and his hot girlfriend Naomi Camp. To Ellis's surprise after a game of Truth or Dare at Jessica's and Robbie's house, the truth comes out and it may ruin everything for everyone around them.


3. Chapter 1




Chapter One - His Plan

Why Me? 

Why the fucking hell is it me ? 

What have I done to deserve this ? Nothing that's what ! I haven't done anything to deserve this but yet I've been dragged into it like a silly little game. I can't believe I actually agreed to it as well. I walked into Jess's room and ruffles through my bag to find my purse and I opened it. I saw the golden card with the word V-Card written on it with my name underneath. I pulled it out and put it in my back pocket, I shoved my purse back into my bag and immediately left Jessica's room. I knocked on Robbie's door and walked right in, I threw the card in his direction and sat on the edge of the bed. "I seriously don't know why you thought I would be a great idea but I honestly don't think it will work" I spat out.
"You will because we both know Naomi can't stand you and well you're one of my best mates Ellis" he smiled and for some random reason, started to pull my shirt over my head which I reluctantly pulled back down. 
"What are you doing ?" I asked sternly trying not to freak out.
"Do you want to make it look realistic or fake when them two catch us?" He asked and I pouted and pulled my shirt off leaving my bra on. I lifted up the quilt and shimmed my shorts off to notice Robbie only in his boxers now. Holy lord ! 'Your going to hell Ellis for this' ! I climbed into bed next to him and waited till we could hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

Robbie quickly leaned over me and placed his soft lips against mine. I followed his action and moved my lips gently against his, feeling his hands explore my body. I run my hand into his hair remembering this is what they do in movies. I let out an unexpected moan when he bite my lip which caused me to blush. The kiss soon become passionate and hot when we heard the door slam open and Jessica and Jackson walk into the room. "Oh My God" I heard Jessica gasp. I quickly pushed Robbie off and hide my face under the quilt. 
"Ellis what was th .... oh!" He said catching a glimpse of Jess and Jackson stand right in front of the bed. 
"Dude!!! I wasn't expecting you to bone Ellis not with Naomi on the scene" Jackson pipped in earning and slap in the gut from Jessica. 
"Yeah it kinda happened" Robbie said earning a elbow in the gut from me.
"Seriously is Ellis just some little joke !! You took her virginity" Jessica screamed, causing me to show my face fully from the quilt. 
"Jessica ! Don't get mad but I let it happen... you know how much I like your brother and well I had this urge to kiss him and it lead to more" I lied and felt Robbie's arms cuddle around my pulling me closer to his chest causing me to giggle, remembering when he used to do this all the time when he was scared of a horror movies. 
"I honestly don't know what to say but I need to get out of here" She said leaving the room and storming down the hall. I grabbed my shorts from the floor and pulled them on under the quilt and grabbed Robbie's top and shoved it on. I ran down the hall to Jessica's room and knocked on the door. "Hey... can I come it?" I asked and I heard a muffled "come in" from the other side. I opened the door and walked into her room. I saw her laid on her bed with her head buried into her pillow. I walked over to her bed and took a seat at the bottom of it. "Jessica let me explain about what you just witnessed" I say but I hear her laughing and chuckling into her pillow. I pull a puzzled face when she turned round with a huge smile on her face. 

"Ellis !!! I'm okay with you hooking up with my brother it just now mean no more Naomi !!!! And her clones !!! " she said jumping up onto her feet pulling me up with her and we began jumping up and down on the bed singing no more local bike and her clones. Jackson and Robbie came walking in looking at us like we had five heads. 
"Sis, look I'm sorry that I..." Robbie said before Jessica cut him off.
"Like I said to Ellis, I'm okay with you too being a thing if you are as I love you both so much and I'm happy for you too but what are you going to do about Naomi?" She spoke.
"I'm ending it with her because I've realised who I want" he said with a smile and winked in my directions. Even thought I know all this is fake but oh my god it doesn't stop my heart from melting on the spot. We stop jumping on the bed and climb off it with the help of the lads. Robbie wrapped his arms around my waist and gently placed me on the floor but not before placing a kiss upon my lips. I blush and hide my face in his chest. "You such a good actress Ellis. Keep it up and you may get a treat" he whisper into my ear. What does he mean by treat?? I'm not some animal? He pulled away and tangled his hand with mine as we headed back downstairs. 

We watched a few more films before Jackson and Jessica was fast asleep on the other sofa, cuddled up asleep. "I've always wondered why he never asked her out?" Robbie says as he lays the blanket over them.
"Wait your telling me... Jackson likes Jessica" I say speechless.
"Yes! Couldn't you tell" he looked at me confused. 
"No! Not really he always seemed quite off with Jessica" I said quietly.
"He's doing that for my sake he thinks it wrong that he likes my sister with us being best mates and all. Just like you do with her. You've never tried anything with me because your looking out for Jess... until now" he explained, I scoffed and turned off the tv and lamps. I stood up and walked over to Robbie, taking phones from his hand before he could take a picture of them asleep. 
"Your just mean" he pouted as I left the room. He followed and closed the door behind us. I gave him his phone back and began to walk up the stairs. 
"I don't get why you asked me to do this? I hate lying to Jess... let alone the whole school" I say quietly trying to not wake anyone up.
"Because after everything I've done wrong and how much I've hurt you over the years, your still in love with me and I trust no one more then I do. Plus it will hurt Naomi more when she finds out even though she's been cheating on me since the beginning." He explains with a quite content smile on his face. I smiled and turned in the direction of Jessica's room when Robbie grabbed my hand and pulls me into a passionate kiss. I kiss back but pull away after a couple of seconds. "I thought we didn't have to do that till people was around" I asked confused. 
"We do but I just felt like doing that then, Night Ellis" he said with a cheeky smile and went to his room. I turned round and went into Jessicas room and crawled into her bed. Today has been nothing but confusing I pray it's all a pissing dream and when I wake everything is back to normal. 

I woke up to piercing sunlight in my eyes and the alarm blurting in my ears. I slam my hand on the snooze button and wake up to someone arm across my stomach. I turn to see Jess had found her way into bed at some point last night. "Thank you for turning that off" she grumbled and rubbed her eyes. 
"Your welcome... what happened last night ?" I ask still not sure if last night was real or not.
"You fucked my brother that what" she said sitting up whilst looking down at me. 'God dammit it was all real last night then'. I groaned and rolled back over. "Does that mean I have to deal with STD riddled rodent today in school?" I asked knowing full well. 
"Yep but atleast you have Robbie now" she beamed down my ear.
"If only you knew" I mutter into the pillow.
"What was that?" She asked pulling me round properly.
"I said yes that right" I lied and sat up looking at my bag at the other side of the room. I pushed the quilt off of me and sling my legs over the side of the bed. I stretch my arms and trugged sheepishly over to my bag. I grabbed my tooth brush and paste and headed to the bathroom. 

As I reached the door, Robbie opened his bedroom door and ran over just in time to claim the bathroom. "Seriously Robbie" I yelled right before he closed the door.
"Fine.. we can share" he says as he opened the door and pulls me into the bathroom. He closes the door behind me, turning the lock so I couldn't recoil out of it. 
"Thanks, I guess" I smile slightly and squeeze the toothpaste onto the brush. I turned the tap on and began to brush my teeth, I felt his arm snake its way around my waist causing me to blush intensely. 
"Seriously Robbie?" I ask again with the tooth brush in my mouth.
"We have to practice acting like a couple you know... plus it means me stopping at yours as well just to keep up appearances" he gloats. 
"I thought the reason you came up with this fake dating idea is so that you could sleep around whilst pretending to go out with me so you could win the stupid V card epidemic?" I blurt out quite loudly.
"Shush!!! We don't wanna ruin the plan" he says trying to hush me down. I roll my eyes and go back to brushing my teeth. 

After a couple of minutes, I rinsed my brush and swirled my mouth with mouthwash, spitting it into the drain of the sink. I wiped my mouth and headed to leave the bathroom. Robbie's hand grabbed my wrist and spun me round so I could face him. "Don't forget to keep this lie up to everyone! Please Ellis ! I'm begging you" he said causing my heart to flutter and my cheeks aglow. 
"I promise... it's gonna be hard lying to everyone though... and what about Naomi? I'm gonna have to deal with the wrath of her today?" I sign and look down at the floor.
"No your not honestly... I'm going to be with you all day anyway as I have you in all of my lessons today except Rugby but I'm sure 'fake' girlfriend will come support me" he said lifting my chin up and grinning at me. I rolled my eyes again and giggled.
"I'm sure I could do that" I smiled and turned round to face the door. He let go of my wrist as I unlocked it. 
"I shouldn't be too long now and ask Jess what plans are on getting to school?" He said as I walked out of the bathroom. I headed down the hall to Jessicas room and opened the door. "Robbie wants to know how we're getting to school?" I ask her as I put my toothbrush back into my small travel bag. 
"Walking as mum has gone to work early?" She smiled as she finished up her eyeliner. 
"Okay, Robbie's done in the bathroom now"
"Good as I've been dying for a pee since I woke up" she laughed and ran out of her room. I peeled off last nights clothes and underwear, before quickly putting on clean knickers and matching bra. I raided my side of Jessicas wardrobe for my spare clothes only to find that the little minx had been wearing them. So I grabbed my ripped skinny jeans and white cotton off one shoulder crop top, and shoved them on. I fasten Jess's white platform sandals to my feet and wrapped a grey scarf around my neck. I applied a light amount of make up and brushed my hair before putting on my grey beanie. I looked at myself in the mirror for about a couple of minutes and decided wether or not I looked okay. "You know, I've never seen you look so girly" Jessica laughed as she pulled her pastel leather jacket on. I heard Jackson calling us from downstairs so I grabbed my things and headed out of the room. 
"I won't be two minutes" Jessica smiled as I left the room. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Jesus Ellis, you look hot as fuck" Jackson said as I walked into the room. 
"Hey! That's my girl" Robbie smiled and winked at me before walking over and wrapping his arms around my waist and lifting me off my feet in a cute hug. I swear if this was real and not fake I'd be jumping for joy. 'Don't lie you are screaming on the inside'. I plastered a huge smile on my face as I wrapped my arms around Robbie's neck. "I'm your girl now am I?" I blushed and smiled at him wildly.
"Well that is when I break up with Naomi but your the girl I really want and I realise that now " he says and my heart just pings at the sound of them words. I wish he really meant that as honestly then words would mean the world to me but obviously they are false like this act I'm having to put on. He finally puts me down and places a soft kiss on my lips then turns to see Jessica in aweee and Jackson making a pretending to vomit face. "You guys are sooo cute" Jessica gawked causing me to blush even more. 'Jesus calm down Ellis or your going to look like a right beetroot'. I rolled my eyes and went and sat by the counter next to Jessica. I couldn't help but wonder if she knew Jack liked her but then again she wouldn't believe me if I told her. I checked the time on my phone and saw it was half past eight. "Guys shouldn't we be setting off for school?" I asked and they all mumbled an incoherent yes. We all grabbed our things and set off to school, allowing Robbie to lock the door behind us. 

Jessica and I decided to walk in front because the lads always seems to walk ever so slow on the way to school and well we hated being late. I heard Robbie's ring tone blurt out and I felt a sudden ping of guilty and worry. "Hey Nao......what's up?..... I should be there soon.... listen we kinda need to talk ....... great, I'll see you in form.... yes you too.... bye" he spoke. Fear struck my vein and every inch of my body felt like I was betrayed myself and all I stood for. 'Stop worrying and have a little fun'. That would be nice if I didn't have a squeaky clean rep to keep in check.

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