4. 4

On monday, on my way to school. I met Louis. We started talking. He was a real cool dude. He suddenly pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. For some reason, i didnt pull away and kissed back. His lips were soft and this kiss....there was no lust in this kiss. I felt love

Finally he pulled away, he wanted to go again. But i stopped him.

'Louis, why?'

'I like you'

'But why me?'

'You are unique from other girls.'

'Well i think i like you too but i am not ready for a relationship.'

'I could make you so happy. Please, just for me'

'Harry likes me and i could ruin your friendship'

I then run. I dont want to go to school. I get home and take some money. Then i run to the airport and find a way to get a ticket to the next plane to SA. I get the ticket and wait for my flight. I then leave....

I am NEVER coming back.........

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