Cry Baby

"They call me Cry Baby" // This is a story based off of Melanie Martinez' Album Cry Baby and all the songs on it :) I hope you enjoy! :)


2. Cry Baby


 Sniffling, I wiped my nose as I watched the tears fall from my chin. They fell like raindrops as they splashed onto the hardwood floor. It felt good to cry. Crying is my therapy, it always has been. No one has ever understood it. I've always just been a "Cry Baby" who only thinks with her heart and is too sensitive to think with her brain. I say fuck you. I'll never know why crying is shamed on, they all think I'm weak for crying. I think they're weak for letting the world tell them when and where to cry. I'm different. I always have been, but I'm glad to be different, who wants to be all the same? Everyone, I guess. 

 I took a deep breath and gathered myself together, wiping the leftover tears stained on my rosy cheeks. Standing up, I dusted off my skirt with my hands and smiled at myself in the mirror straight across from me. It was a petty smile, but it was all I could muster. I turned from the mirror and walked out of my room and down the old creaky stairs. I tried to step quietly, knowing my mother would hear. 

 "Don't you know I'm trying to sleep?!" She yelled from downstairs. I made it to the bottom and looked at the mess that my mother is lying on the couch. Her hair is a mess, strands and pieces sticking every which way, her dress stained with liquor, her necklace missing a few pearls. Last night must have been rough. When I went to bed her dress was light and beautiful, her pearls shiny, and her hair all done up nicely. She held a bottle of some liquor I haven't heard of. 

"Sorry, Mother." I apologized as she rolled her eyes and took a drink before she rolled over to face the couch. I made my way to the kitchen. Part of me hoped I'd see my Father at the table reading a newspaper, but when I came in, he wasn't there. He's never home anymore, and I know it's not his work like he pretends it is. Sighing, I opened the fridge door to find nothing. I closed my eyes as the tears welled up inside. Why is this my life? I choked out a sob as I fell to the floor. 

 "For fuck's sake! You don't always have to be such a Cry Baby!" My Mother yelled. Her words just made more tears come down, but I tried to keep my sobs quiet. Failing, I ran back up to my room, slamming my door shut and jumping on my bed to cry for the second time this morning. 

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