Being daryl dixson's daughter

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Daryl dixson's daughter? Well I do, my names Cassie and I do the same thing every one else does I fight walkers and everything else. So read this story to see what it's like being Daryl's daughter.


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Negan and his men grabbed the boxes and left Alexandria. And everybody started walking around. I looked to my left and saw Carl walking with Enid.

I felt a strike of jealousy. "I fell like Carl sees me as a "sister" or something." I said in my head and started walking. While I was walking Daryl was talking to rick and they were saying how I might be time for "war" with Negan. Then rick said "we don't have the people, we don't have the weapons we just...." Then

Daryl started talking again. And I decided to walk away again. "I miss Ron, but I understand he had to die for Carl and all but in my eyes he was nice we use to talk all the time we would share secrets and everything." I signed and said "that's not gonna happen again Callie so get over it."

I looked around to see what to do and I saw Morgan practicing with his stick. I walked over to him and he said "hey" I said "hey um, do you have time to maybe teach me how to do it?" Morgan looked at me and said "sure" I grabbed the second stick he had and Morgan said "so your going to need to put your hands in the right position and lock your arms in the right position and then look directly at your target." Then i took in what he said and followed what he was doing. Then he said "you have it right but your not putting your hands in the right place a lot of people can't get it at first I couldn't even get it at first." Then I said "who taught you how to do this anyway?" Then Morgan said "a good friend of mine who ended up passing."

"Oh, sorry to hear that."

Then Morgan said "but let's not get caught up in that let's keep practicing."

"Okay I said as I held the stick."

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