Being daryl dixson's daughter

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Daryl dixson's daughter? Well I do, my names Cassie and I do the same thing every one else does I fight walkers and everything else. So read this story to see what it's like being Daryl's daughter.


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I know I haven't been updating for forever but I'm back now

I walked over to Negan to see what he wanted. Then Negan said "look at you! Looking all bad! So Rick was telling me that YOU are Daryl's daughter! That's just amazing!" He had a huge smile.

"What do you want?" I asked becoming impatient. Then Negan said "whoa! Chill with the attitude!" Then Negan said "I just can't get over that Daryl has a daughter now that's just surprising. Okay now you can leave."

I walked away and back to my dad Daryl. Negan kept talking to rick and Rick said a few things to Negan. Then rick walked away and everyone followed. He walked towards the back of our storage room and brought out boxes. Then rick said "here's your stuff now leave." Then Negan said "usually i will stay around and enjoy the place but not today, because I'm pretty busy today.

I know this was pretty short but there will be more. Sorry it was short.

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