Being daryl dixson's daughter

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Daryl dixson's daughter? Well I do, my names Cassie and I do the same thing every one else does I fight walkers and everything else. So read this story to see what it's like being Daryl's daughter.


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Sorry it took a while for me to update.... Anyway, on to the story....

Rosita finishes telling me about how her and michonne (sorry if I spelt her name wrong) were fine. That's when a big BOOM went off. I looked out the window to see Alexandria's running outside to see what's going on. I looked a little to my left to see that it was a big truck coming into Alexandria. "Oh no, don't tell me negan is here last time we had this big war and Sasha died and everything now what does he want!!!"

Rick said "I guess that's my cue to go outside and see what's going on." He got up and walked outside. Negan got out the truck and said "we'll, we'll, we'll look at all of you pathetic people! You all took terrible! Did ya miss me?" Everyone rolled their eyes. And negan smiled and said "I love this! Dwight take some of the people and put them on the ground on their knees!" Then Simon came out and whispered something in Negans ear.

Then negan said "where's Rick! I wanna talk to him right now!"

That's when I said to Rosita if the two wanted me to stay with them or go outside to see what Negans doing. That's when they said "it's fine, go outside to see what Negan's doing."

"Okay" I said and I walked outside. My dad Daryl looked and me and pointed and negan and rolled his eyes. I laughed. Rick and negan started talking and i started talking to my dad for a while I said "so, what is he here for now?" I said then he said "what he's always here for. TROUBLE."

"True, I said." And then negan stopped talking to Rick and negan said "you! The girl next to Daryl! Come here!"

"Uh-uh" I said in my head but I was so nervous. "What did I do"

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