Being daryl dixson's daughter

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Daryl dixson's daughter? Well I do, my names Cassie and I do the same thing every one else does I fight walkers and everything else. So read this story to see what it's like being Daryl's daughter.


2. page 2

What happened pretty much was i had a lot of information and it was long but my page deleted then I made it again and it deleted again so this time I'm just gonna summarize what happened

Maggie and Cassie go to hilltop and get the map from Jesus then Cassie and Enid walk to Alexandrea to give the map to Daryl. While their walking Enid finds a backpack and a bomb explodes in it. So Cassie pushes her in a wheelbarrow. When they get their, that's when we learn that Cassie sorta likes Carl and doesn't like Enid because of it. Then Daryl and Cassie have a conversation. Then Cassie goes to the infirmary and she checks on michonne and Rosita. Then what she sees next shocks her.

I know, it was way better when I wrote it but there will be more pages and I hope you liked me summarizing I know it sucked but it will get better and I will try for it to not get deleted.

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