Being daryl dixson's daughter

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be Daryl dixson's daughter? Well I do, my names Cassie and I do the same thing every one else does I fight walkers and everything else. So read this story to see what it's like being Daryl's daughter.


1. chapter 1

I was walking with Maggie to see if we could plant some more plants at the hilltop. Maggie then touched me on the shoulder and said "hey, Cassie I think right there's a good spot." I looked at the spot "eh, I guess that will do." I'm pretty much just like my dad I'm stubborn, I'm strong, and I'm a survivor. Also we look alike also we both have brown hair but mine is long and straight. And we both have blue eyes. Maggie said "follow me." So we went into the planting spot and she bent down and started digging. The sun was beating down on my face so I said "need any help with that?" Maggie looked at me and said "sure, could you grab that bag of seeds for me? Then could you help me dig this hole?"

"Sure" I said as I grabbed the bag of seeds and handed it to her. Then I heard a walker. Maggie was about to get up but I said "it's fine, I got it." I stood up and stabbed it in the head with a knife. "I'm happy we have you in the group, your a great fighter just like your father." Then I smiled and said "well I'm pretty sure when you have your child they will be a good asset to the group as well."

"I hope so" Maggie said while digging. "I'm almost done, mind if you help me finish up?"

"Sure" I said as I patted the dirt onto where she planted. Then we both got up and she said "ready to go back? Jesus said he should have the map ready."

"Okay" I said.

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