a girl name Cerise Hathaway inherits her aunt powers after she dies in battle. cerise now has to use her newly develop power to protect earth and learn how to control phoenix and the dragon's flame. She also has to keep it a secret ,hang out with friends ,do homework and, fight.


1. prologe

Cerise P.O.V.

  It was a normal day I was off to school with my best friend Dinah.

 ''So I got our costumes for Halloween i'm going to be a vampire you're going to be a witch." She said tapping her hand on the wheel to the beat of the music."Seriously?" I asked looking at her. "What? It will be awesome you'll see."

   *In history class*

 If Mr. Ozera mission was to bore the class to death because it was working. "The civil war started in...'' I didn't hear the rest because Dinah was texting me:

 Dinah: So boring

 Me: I know

 Dinah: I have an idea

 Me:  Dinah don't please 

Dinah: = )


 I covered my hand over my ears waiting for Dinah to hack into the school secrurity system. "Done" I heard Dinah whisper. A second later the fire alarm rang with very loud buzzes "Okay everyone line up single file... Be quiet students.'' Mr. Ozera said leading all of us outside."Dinah I don't know how you do it but that is awesome." I said looking at as she bowed.

That was yesterday.

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