The End...

(My life story) Becca is a 12 year old girl. She thinks that the world would be better without her. She has a pretty good life, though. She has a sweet boyfriend, plenty of friends, and is liked by a lot of people. Then, why did she want to die?


2. The Start

    I was at my friends house. I woke up to Jana, my friends mother, shaking me. "Becca, someone is here to pick you up." I was confused. I was supposed to be picked up at 3 o'clock pm. I got up, gathered my stuff, and walked outside, after saying my farewells. I saw Terri, dads new girlfriend, and her sister, BB.  "Hey, sweetie. Come on. We are gonna run by Aunt Jessica's house first, then, we are gonna go home." I agreed, and got in the car. "Whats going on," I asked. "Wait til you get home. Maw-Maw is gonna tell you."  We got to Jessica's house, and  I went upstairs, to play with the boys. I heard Allen, my oldest brother, yell, "What the hell, man?" That's not fucking fair!" I knew something was up. I wanted to go downstairs but, I reasoned with myself not to. After a few minutes, we left. When I got home, I saw that Chase, my other brother, was at home. Now I was really freaking out. Chase shouldn't be home. I had thought that I was in trouble or something. I asked Chase if he knew what was going on. He had said that he didn't know either. My grandma called for us to come into the living room. We sat  down. My grandmother already had tears in her eyes. I was so confused. "Well, you both know my brother, your uncle David--" "Wait, who? Which one again," Chase asked, looking at him I replied, "You know, Uncle David, Aunt Judy, Trey, Budder, and Amie." H let out a little"oh," before my grandmother cleared her throat, catching our attention, she continued. "Well....... Amie passed away last night." My eyes started watering a soon as she said "passed." I heard Chase start sobbing, then it hit me. Amie was dead. "How," Chase managed to whisper. By then, Maw Maw was sobbing, "She killed herself...." With that I ran out the back door. I ran down the steps, out of the back gate and down to the deck. I sat down, my feet touching the water. I felt an arm around me. "Come on, Becca," Chase said softly. We went back upstairs.

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