The End...

(My life story) Becca is a 12 year old girl. She thinks that the world would be better without her. She has a pretty good life, though. She has a sweet boyfriend, plenty of friends, and is liked by a lot of people. Then, why did she want to die?


1. Prologue

                   "Becca. Are you ready to come see me," My dad said, through the phone. Through gritted teeth I responded, "Yes. I can't wait to see you, Mommy, Chase, and Allen." I hated the way the words came out of mouth. What I really wanted to say was, "I don't want to move to stupid Texas! Or call your slutty girlfriend 'Mom!' I hate you," But I restrained. I heard my brothers yelling in the background, so my dad said his farewells, as did I. 

           Later that day, my Grandma Debra asked me if I wanted to say the night at her house with my cousins, Lilli and Jasmine. I said yes. She said that we could have like a goodbye slumber party for me. I asked my Maw-Maw, my grandma that I had grown up with, and she said that it was okay. Since, Grandma Debra in the same apartment complex as we did, I was allowed to walk over there. It wasn't very far, but it felt good. 

 We had an amazing time. We made our own tiny cupcakes, and icing for them. We also made some homemade ice cream, with a strange thing that Grandma Debra found at the store.  I had an amazing night. Until the next day. Maw-Maw called. We were going to stupid Texas tomorrow. 



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