The End...

(My life story) Becca is a 12 year old girl. She thinks that the world would be better without her. She has a pretty good life, though. She has a sweet boyfriend, plenty of friends, and is liked by a lot of people. Then, why did she want to die?


3. Going Home? Alabama?

      ¨Becca, baby, I have to tell you something. In a few days, we are going home.. But only to visit. You know that your Aunt Melissa is about to have her babygirl, and she has Gabe and Lilli. So we are gonna go help out a little bit.Okay?" I was shocked and very excited to hear this. I couldn't  answer because I was smiling so  much. ¨Yay!" I went outside and told Chase and Allen. They were, of course, pissed that they couldn't go. I went inside and started packing.


     We stayed at Bri´s house, for a few days, so they could take us to the airport. I was so excited. I hadn't been on a plane in a few years. I was mainly excited because I was going to see my Uncle David. He was my favorite uncle, by far. He was funny and sweet. And him and I always played video games together. He always spoiled me too.  We had gotten in the car, and when we stopped every time,  I thought how much I was gonna miss my friends. But, I pushed that feeling beside, overwhelmed.  When we finally got to the airport, Bri got out of the car to help MawMaw and I get our bags. Arabella, Bri's daughter, was crying. She must've thought her mom was coming with us. I let out a giggle. MawMaw and I walked into the airport, and went through customs.We boarded the plane.  I was excited as ever.

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