The End...

(My life story) Becca is a 12 year old girl. She thinks that the world would be better without her. She has a pretty good life, though. She has a sweet boyfriend, plenty of friends, and is liked by a lot of people. Then, why did she want to die?


4. ----Fast Forward-----

    I logged onto Facebook, seeing that Kaitlyn, my bff, was online. It was my last night in Alabama. I asked if I could go see her for a minute. The response was yes. I walked to her house, only right down the road. I was 11 so, it was fine. As I was walking, I thought about what I was gonna text her. I knew she thought that I was in Texas. I was already outside her door when I texted her, 

  Hey. Go outside. Front porch. Now.

 I heard her footsteps coming down the stairs, and I hid behind a tree. "Becca? Are you out here," I heard her say. She walked past the tree, and I jumped out at her. "OH MY JOSH! BECCA!" She pulled me into a bear hug. I laughed, "Chill, bruh, I gots to breathe." Kaitlyn pulled me up the stairs, and then into her kitchen. "I need some tea. Right now," I commented, grabbing a glass out of the dishwasher. "Mine or mom's?" I laughed, she knew the answer. "Yours, as always. Oh, and whats the wifi password, again?"

     We spent hours laughing and taking about everything. I got a text saying I had to go home. Kaitlyn and I started crying. I was gonna miss her so much. Then, we ended up laughing some more, mainly because we were 6th graders crying. I gave her one last hug, said goodbye one last time, and then left.



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