The Failed Assassin

The Failed Assassin BY,Hannah Vickery ONE of the best assassins out there gets hired to simply kill this one girl before a secret gets out. A deal he cant refuse. Without asking any questions he sets out and tracks the girl down but runs into some ..Difficulty.This ain't no love story nor Frozen sing along but a road to follow and a map to remember!


1. Prologue

Thunder echoed over the clearing but no rain fell casting dull light from the moonlight that seeped through the trees. A guard in the watchtower watched as two shadowy figures faded in and out of sight as though he was focused on one spot too long.He shook his head to help clear his vision.

"I think my eyes are officially tired." He muttered as he looked back to only see shadows and quiet forest lining the clearing around the towers walls. He swept his gaze once more as an unknown figure hidden stock still in a dip in the field, his cloak hiding the armor beneath from the moon's light that threatened to reveal the young king.

He continued silently relying on the shadows and crickets to help silence his footfalls and his horse that he left in the trees. This was the enemy’s territory. Their land that they have trained and killed on. He had to tread carefully.. The young king stood under the tree’s gazing up at the castle. He simply was here to do one thing. To send a warning. A warning to show that his threat is no fear even if it means burning it to the ground. Well let him come, we will already be gone.

He stood against the wall as he dug his daggers into the wall where it dipped or cracked, placing each foot carefully in the crevices. He could just make out the pale curtains as they drifted peacefully to and fro with the cool breeze that swept quietly throughout the lands on this night. This night the warlord lost his daughter. This night the people of Perdido disappeared into the night across the ocean.


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