1. Meg and Sophi


I park my car outside the house of the party I was forced to go to. I was dressed in a full, high waist, blue skirt that ended above my knees. I wore a matching halter top in a pink, blue, and green floral pattern. I rang the door bell and it was answered by the sixteen year old girl that the party was for. Her red hair was in a messy bun and she was in jeans and a crop top. "I said to come in normal clothe-" I cut her off. "Since when have I been normal? After suffering an accident, walking with a prosthetic leg everyday, finding out that cello is no longer an option for me, knowing soccer will never again be a pastime, totally normal. " I said in a voice dripping with sarcasm and scorched with accusation.


Her eyes were so full of pain, pain that was unyielding to other feelings for the two years that it had existed. She had never tried, never tried to let in the emotion that was knocking on the door to her heart. Her words stung me, but I knew where they were coming from. Meg was my best friend from the start. We did everything together. Cello, soccer, we were even in the same accident. Im the one that made it out unhurt.

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