Disjointed Poetry

Random disjointed poetry I write to get rid of emotions and pain and to speak words I can never speak out loud.


2. Poem Number Two




I remember vaguely

The moment that we first met

And we spoke of the strangest things

Hopeful strategies

And when applied

I saw you


The start of forgiveness

Redemption for bad actions

Waves of emotion take hold

Its like a journey home

On a public bus

Transporting through the darkness

Though things are looking up


I get off and say my polite 'thanks'

I feel the rain against my face

Running down like tears I want to cry

But the taste of them

Is sweeter than reality


​ I walk down the path

Get into the car

Driven home on a cold winter night

The rain wet the road

See lights ahead of us, it's a car out of control


I notice as I'm going home

Breathe in sharp

My thoughts are shallow

Minds eye flickers to you

Dreaming slowly

Drinking tea by the riverside

Dispose my cup in a bin nearby

Watch you walk a long long way

                        Maybe I'll talk some day

                                                                       Preaching assonance

                                                               Stop being a hypocrite and just talk

​                                                                  to him

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